Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Look at me... I am on the big picture box!

Not showing my best behavior however. The mean doggies on the other side of that bush were saying some pretty nasty stuff to me, so I had to put them in their place. However, daddy had a pretty good grip on me. I am much better now. I dont need to wear that red thing around my head anymore.

Now mommy told me to make sure you understand that I am not REALLY a star. But mommy is trying to make me one. She is still a bit upset that I wont stop fighting with that big mean Golden Boy behind us. She said something about that man who whispers to dogs needs to pay me a visit.
So she has been putting me on the big picture box and fiddling with all types of buttons and things. Something about making a "tape"? What the heck is that?
Im not so sure about this whole visit thing, but mommy seems to be anxious for it to happen. Dumb Max got to see him once at a special visit. Max barked at him and the man and his son waved back at Max. Guess he couldnt be all that bad.

We will have to wait and see

~~ BARK! Sasha the princess


Anonymous said...

maybe she's going to send it to hollywood for a movie? :-)

Mango said...

You're just doing your job with those dogs all trash mouthing you. I have the same problem on walkies.