Sunday, May 5, 2013


Sir Lancelot

On Thursday, May 2, we made the much hard decision of saying Good-bye to our handsome boy. The previous weekend he started panting and licking a lot, which seemed to show he was in pain, and one spot on the end of his last surgery line seemed to not be doing well. Rather than subject him to more probing which also causes him to go lame at the vet, we felt it was best to let him rest. 

My heart breaks as I try to pull up the few good memories we were able to have during the much much too short of time he was with us. Many friends have encouraged us, reminding us that we gave him a good home and tons of love during this last part of his life and he knows that. Yet, it is still hard to accept that we had way too little time with him. I want to be angry, but no where to shoot those bullets, so I just keep praying that he knows we did what we thought best for him these last 5 months.

We know he is now playing with Sasha and Max and many other furries that went ahead to Rainbow Ridge.

Run, sweet Lancelot, Run!! WE LOVE YOU!!

"The pain now is part of the happiness then."