Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Mommy and Daddy said I sit funny. When I need to sit, I always back up then sit down. Sometimes mommy teases me that I need to "sit like a lady". But I am not a lady, I am a doggie. At least that is what I hear from Ms. T.

Dont I look like a happy pup?

When I lay down, it feels better to keep my leg stretched out next to me. Sometimes after walking, running or laying for awhile, my leg gets a little sore. But I know how to get around it. When I run, I keep both back legs together and they support each other. Nothing is going to slow me down.
I love when daddy loves on me like this. When mommy saw daddy loving me, she had to pull out the flashy thing again. And I was so glad to be loved on that I smiled for the flashy!


What? did someone say cheese? where is the cheese? I want some!!



meemsnyc said...

That sounds so cute, how you back up to sit. Sweet.

Mango said...

Nothing beats a big old hug from daddy. I think you sit just fine.