Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Look at me... I am on the big picture box!

Not showing my best behavior however. The mean doggies on the other side of that bush were saying some pretty nasty stuff to me, so I had to put them in their place. However, daddy had a pretty good grip on me. I am much better now. I dont need to wear that red thing around my head anymore.

Now mommy told me to make sure you understand that I am not REALLY a star. But mommy is trying to make me one. She is still a bit upset that I wont stop fighting with that big mean Golden Boy behind us. She said something about that man who whispers to dogs needs to pay me a visit.
So she has been putting me on the big picture box and fiddling with all types of buttons and things. Something about making a "tape"? What the heck is that?
Im not so sure about this whole visit thing, but mommy seems to be anxious for it to happen. Dumb Max got to see him once at a special visit. Max barked at him and the man and his son waved back at Max. Guess he couldnt be all that bad.

We will have to wait and see

~~ BARK! Sasha the princess

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Daddy has started digging again. I just dont get it, he always yells at dumb Max to not dig, then he does it himself. Sort of confusing. We got to watch him dig a big hole. But he never buried anything in it. Max keeps looking for a bone, but there isnt any.
Dig, Dig, Dig, he just keeps going and going.

However, he did leave a nice green spot.... perfect for....
ME!! The Princess now has her Royal Moat!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Mommy and daddy dont let us sleep on the Master's Sleeping Pad or in the Masters Lair. So when special occasions arise, we jump on them, literally!
This time mommy and daddy slept in the big room with the fire box going all night. So they let Pedley and me come up and give mommy snuggles.
Mommy and Daddy's bed is really high. I cannot jump on it, which they say is a good thing. So when mommy calls me to give her snuggles in the morning, I have to stand on my tippy toes to get my front paws up near her.
When we visit mommy's mommy, we all got to sleep in the big big home on wheels outside. I get my own bed to lay on. Here I am guarding my ever special bone!Here mommy was trying to share my bed with me. I should have tossed her off, like she does me!

This is my real bed at home. When I first came to live with mommy and daddy, I kept hurting my tail. So Ms. T told them to wrap a wad of towel around the tip and then wrap it all up. I felt pretty odd walking around with a ball hanging off my tail. But it helped and my tail doesnt get hurt anymore. It is all healed now. See it laying on my foot? I am glad they didnt shorten my tail like some other doggy peoples do. That is sad and scary!Now I cant beleive mommy is putting this picture on here. I really dont sleep with my teddy like this, my bone maybe, but not my teddy. Mommy actually snuck in on me while I was sleeping and put him between my paws. Teddy passed on last year. He lost all his inards.
BARK! Sasha the princess!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sad and Happy Story

First the sad story.... Mommys friend the bunny and dog owner just told us about a bad bad doggie toy that hurt another doggie. We are all sad for the doggie and want to make sure no one ever gets hurt again. Tell your peoples NOT to get you this toy:

Chai the doggie got his tounge stuck... then the most aweful thing happened. You can read Chai the doggie's story below:

Now the happy story...

Our same friend shared this story with us, which just goes to show, we dogs will always come through for you peoples! We live for YOU! So please take good care of us and love us as we love you!
BARK!! Sasha the Princess and Max the Dude! PAW!
Note from Mommy--- Please make sure to pass Chai's story along to all owners can be aware of this. How AWFUL!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Paw! Max here. Last night I stayed very close to mommy as I could smell the meats she was cooking. Sitting in the kitchen door gives me a birds eye view as mommy was cleaning up her mess.
" Mom, whatcha doin? No, dont clean that stuff out. I will gladly lick it clean for you. "
" Mom, no!!! Mom, dont toss it in the sink. Nooooooooo! "
" Oh, whats that? " Oh, I guess my patience wore her out. What is that she is pulling out of the cupboard? It smells so yummy! "Mom, is that for me?"
"Sit? I'll sit! I'll do anything for one of those. Hey Sash, look what mommy has for us!"
"Yum a treat! Sorry, no time to pose and see me eat this thing. GULP!"Oh, figures, the Princess allows the perfect shot with the flashy thing. Always the SHOW OFF!
mmm... Thanks Mom! Max the Dude! PAW OUT!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Mommy has been obsessed with this funny looking thing lately. We dont know what it is, but it makes a nice humming sound that lulls us to sleep.

When she goes into the off limits room to make the machine hummmm, I go into alert mode to make sure the lair is safe. But instead of my barks alerting her, she makes me go into the off limits room with her and lay down behind her. And even worse, she lets that dumb pup sit just outside the door so he can see me on restriction. How humiliating!

I hope this thing doesnt distract her from our migrations. I will have to keep a close eye on it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is our favorite side of the resting room. We know when mommy and daddy go to this corner, our favorite thing is about to happen!

Dumb pup Max still cant calm down for mommy and daddy. He whines and circles them. They have to tell him lots of times to "sit", which really frustrates daddy. See why he is such a dumb pup? Me? I sit right down and look mommy or daddy in the face and wait patiently for them to put the red thing on me. Sometimes I get excited and leap for joy, but I sit as soon as they tell me too.

Max has gone through many different color things around his neck. When he first came to stay, he had to wear the thing that I used to hate so much. It goes around his nose and behind his ears. He doesnt like it too much either. Then they tried a black one like mine. Mommy said it was called a Martin Dane...whatever that is! Then they got something from that man who whispers to doggies. It covers his neck several times. Mommy seems to really like this on him when we ride with her on the big thing with wheels that goes as fast as us! All his neck things seem to have taken up the whole wall now.

As for me, I just wear the one red Martin Dane with my pretty black and red rope thing hooked to it and I am a good girl on the Migrations. I dont like when mommy or daddy make it tight on my neck when I get too excited, so I try to behave. But is sure is hard when those other barkers are in the area.

Mommy and Daddy call this the harness wall, and I always hear mommy telling Daddy to harness the horses.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Pedley had been gone to his new FOREVER home for awhile. I really enjoyed having mommy and daddy to myself again. Then they got the call from Ms. T. and into the green machine we went again. I heard Daddy say "I hope we can get a Mastiff this time". But I guess mommy said no, because that is not what came home with us.
After waiting in the green machine alone for awhile, Mommy and daddy let me out to meet Gigi. She was different looking than me and Pedley. Mommy said she was a Saaaant Bear Nard. She seemed nice enough when we met, but coming home with us was a little different story.

After we got home, I didnt like having another girl to share mommy and daddy's love with. And when I tried to boss her around, she just ignored me. Oh, the gaul she had! She would just walk by me and give me her tail. Everytime I heard mommy say she was so sweet it made me so jealous.

After awhile I couldnt handle it anymore. While mommy was watching the square picture box one night, I decided to make my move. Gigi was laying next to mommy's chair, ignoring me as usual, when I pounced. I jumped on her and started to show her who was boss. I didnt know mommy could move so fast, and honestly I didnt mean to do it, but, but... oh, this is so hard to talk about. Mommy put her hand near Gigi's neck, andbefore I knew what happned... I really, honestly, truly, cross my heart, didnt mean to... bite her. Mommy screamed and daddy came running. By time daddy arrived, that Gigi girl had me pinned down, while mommy was looking at her hand. Daddy took Gigi off me, and dragged both of us to our safe places. I could sense a really bad energy everywhere. Mommy had a different smell. Then both mommy and daddy left our lair for a long time. When they got home, mommy was real tired and went right to bed. I dont remember if she even petted me or not, but I was real sad that I hurt her.

After that, I left Gigi alone. She showed me who was boss. So I shared everything with her. Daddy even walked us together, and mommy stayed home for a long time after that with white stuff wrapped around her big fat finger. People would always ask us what kind of dog she was, and I thought, "Duh, one with 4 legs a nose and ears! What other kind is there?". But then mommy and daddy would say she was a curly short hair Saaaaannt Bear Nard. She had a funny bark too!

Not too long after the "incident", Ms. T called and said a family wanted to see Gigi. Daddy took her to Ms. T's and she didnt come back. Ms. T said she found a forever home. I was glad to be by myself again. I dont want to share mommy and daddy with another girl.

PS- the best part of the incident was how happy mommy was when daddy brushed her hair and washed those things in the water in the yummy room. I guess the bite wasnt all bad then.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


PAW! Max the dude here! The Princess has been hogging the puter latley. I tossed a bone and she ran to get it, so I only have a few minutes.
Mom came home last night and took my collar off me. "Hey, whats up mom?" I started to get worried, but then she put it back on me and said "You are NOW legal Max". I'm not sure what that meant, but since she said it in her MOMMY voice, it must be good. So this must mean they are going to keep me? BARK, PAW, BARK, PAW!! I am a happy dude!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This weekend, mommy took me out in the Green Machine again. We left dumb Max behind. I was so happy to ride with mommy alone. As soon as we got close, I knew where we were going. It is the place that has all the good smells. I even took a class there. I know to be a good girl when we go in, and ignore the other doggies. But we didnt go all the way in. Mommy took me to an area where I could hear other barkers. Then a lady came out with something sharp in her hand. Mommy asked me to sit, but I wasnt sure why. Then the lady came at my paws with the sharp thing. Even scarier her nails were way longer than mine! I tried to pull back, but mommy held my paws, as the lady used the sharp thing on my nails. I didnt like the feel or the sound and kept trying to back away. Mommy kept petting me and telling me what a good girl I was. Finally the torment ended, and mommy took me into the big store and let me pick out my own bone. She bought one for dumb Max too. I even got a little treat while mommy was handing the lady a peice of plastic before we left.

When we got home, mommy pulled out the bones and gave them to me and Max, while daddy was pushing the big noisy thing around our territory. We were so distracted with the bones, we didnt hear a sound.
Later that day, daddy crawled into a hole under his big safe place, then disapeared. I was so worried about him. Where did he go? So I had to investigate. The hole was big enough for me to follow him, anbutd he and mommy kept yelling at me to STAY! So I just put my head in the hole and kept watch on him. He seemed to be ok, but wiggled around a lot.
When he came out, he had another suprise for me. I heard him shout "Look what I found?!" and out he came with ANOTHER bone! WOW, Another bone!! How lucky can a girl get? 2 bones in one day! I brought it into the house to show mommy. but she took it away from me and ran water over it. She said something about it being "dirty". It was just like I liked it. Then she gave it back to me and I went into the house to chew on it alone. I told you I LOVE BONES!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Christmas 2005- When Mommy and daddy brought me to my forever home I was so surprised to see a tree in their big room. Most people have tree's outside their people home, but not mommy and daddy. A couple days later they started hanging things on it. They kept a close eye on me whenever I was around it. It's not like I am a dumb boy that would pee on it or anything.

A little while after I settled in, they came home with these red things and put them on my head. Since I didnt want them to send me back to Ms. T like the others did, I humored them. You can tell how excited I was by this whole experience.

Boy, I was real skinny back then!

Christmas 2006- You can imagine how excited I was when they brought out those red things for my head again a year later. Ok, is this going to happen every year? They left them on my head without keeping an eye on me, so I chewed them, hoping to get rid of them for good. I already know Mommy and daddy love me, and arent going to let me go, so I can get a little bossy now! And when that flashy thing came out, I didnt like it one bit.

But if it gets daddy to pay attention to me, I will wear the dumb things. They said something about me looking like one of Santa's deers? Whatever that is!

I didnt see them last year, so maybe they are finally gone for good!


Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday something happened to the air. When mommy got home and let us out of our safe places it was HOT! Even mommy started complaining how HOT it was and called daddy to hurry home and find out what was wrong. Max and me just kept drinking water.

Mommy said they didnt have time to "fix it", whatever that means, and they left. But they did put an air pusher in front of our beds, so we stayed cool. When mommy and daddy got home it was even hotter. Mommy pulled out the flashy thing to give me evidence to show to all you doggies in the cool area's.

After that she gave us the cool treats. They dont have any flavor but they are fun to crunch and leave on the floor for water to form. Max first likes to take his and go lay down and sniff, lick then chew it. Then he drops them on the wood floor for daddy to discover at night when he steps in a puddle.

They fiddled with the white thing on the wall and finally the air started to be cooler again, so we all went to sleep.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Mommy and Daddy said I sit funny. When I need to sit, I always back up then sit down. Sometimes mommy teases me that I need to "sit like a lady". But I am not a lady, I am a doggie. At least that is what I hear from Ms. T.

Dont I look like a happy pup?

When I lay down, it feels better to keep my leg stretched out next to me. Sometimes after walking, running or laying for awhile, my leg gets a little sore. But I know how to get around it. When I run, I keep both back legs together and they support each other. Nothing is going to slow me down.
I love when daddy loves on me like this. When mommy saw daddy loving me, she had to pull out the flashy thing again. And I was so glad to be loved on that I smiled for the flashy!


What? did someone say cheese? where is the cheese? I want some!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is our favorite stop during our evening walk/run. Daddy got his bike fixed, so he rides with us now too. After a few laps around the big school yard, we stop for a refreshing drink.

I just love to jump on the spraying water. Mommy and daddy usually get wet while they stand nearby to make sure I dont drink too much.
Dumb Max finally learned how to drink out of running water. Now he likes it too!
We always leave our big paw prints behind. It still amazes mommy how big they are.