Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the Doc says...

I am feeling a wee bit better. I have been able to eat some more food and get lots to drink. While mommy and daddy ate dinner, I went and layed out in the back pair a dice. With the running water and cool grass I was able to relax. Mommy said the furrie doc called with good news. He said the tests came back good and that my kids knees and live hers are working just fine, so I will be ok to take medicines to help my legs. He said the issue I am having is a reaction to the rimadyl stuff, so he is now going to have mommy give me something called diramax. My friend MOOSE takes that for his knees too, so mommy is hopeful it will help me. The doc said that I have to wait 3 to 4 days for all the other stuff to get out of my in test ums before I can have the new stuff. He also told mommy to feed me some hooman food with chicken and rice. I have heard my other friends have had this and liked it. So mommy is making me some right now. The doc said it will help clear up the problem I have had. I hope it helps soon cause my bum is real tired, sore and stinky. I have had 3 baths today, and mommy is ready to take me out for another.
BARK! Sasha the Stinky Princess

I dont feel good

I have been having a lot of accidents at night, so mommy has been sleeping in my lair with me, to let me out if I need to go. Daddy said he misses mommy, so they decided it was time for me to visit the furries dokdoor. Daddy pulled out the new ramp for me... And into the big green machine I flew!

The new ramp fits a lot better for me. The one daddy made for Max was a bit too big and I couldnt lay down comfortably with it near me. And mommy likes the new one cause she can actually pick it up too. So off we went for a ride.

Wait, what is this place I have never been here before. Am I getting my pawnails trimmed again? But you dont expect me to get up on that table do you?

Ok, I am ready for my paw-d-cure. Where's the clippers?
Then to my surprise, someone else came in, and stook something in my bum. I didnt like that too much, but mommy petting me made it not so bad. Then he pressed all over me. It was a bit sore when he pressed on my back, and then he started pulling my leg. Whats this all about. Never had this before. Then he took me away from mommy and daddy and the rest is a secret. But I didnt really like it too much. When I finally went back to mommy and daddy I was real sore. Too sore to even empty myself out. We went home and mommy took me for a walk, and kept telling me to "go, go, go". I was so tired, I didnt know what she meant. So we went home. Daddy took me out back and said "go, go go", but I didnt know what he meant at first, then when I emptied myself, mommy and daddy cheered. Mommy got to sleep in her own bed.
But then it happened, more stuff came out, and more stuff and more stuff. Daddy woke to find all the stuff. He took me for walkies and the stuff kept coming out. My bum is now sore and it feels like stuff wants to come out, but there is nothing coming out. And I dont really want to eat dinner. Mommy tried everything, but nothing smelled good except a treat. I dont like how I smell right now either. Mommy keeps washing me, but it is sore, so I try to get away. This morning mommy said "No more MEDS!". I finally got a little hungry after mommy mixed some yummies in my food, so I ate. But stuff is still trying to get out.
~~~I just dont feel good. BARK! Sasha the sick princess!~~~
Note from mom: The good news: The vet said Sasha's hips are GREAT! He took xrays and said her spine is degenerated (did I say that right?) but it is slowly happening with time. He was more concerned about the arthritis in her knee's. So he did a liver test and said we could start on Rimadyl and would have the test results in a couple days. After the xrays, he warned she may be a bit sore, but after the meds kick in, she will start feeling better. More good news is that if she is able to continue on them, she may have a lot more time of life than we were expecting, even years. Bad news: The side effects of the meds hit right away. So I took her off first thing this am, and the vet confirmed to keep her off and we talk tonite about the Liver results. He said we have to wait 3 days to get it out of her system until he can prescribe something different. My poor girl. Her bum is red and stinky. I can barely keep up with washing it for her. We just keep the door open for her to go out when she needs to. She must have gone outside every half hour last night. Hope this ends soon. Our dryer is broke, so we have things drying all around the yard now. For once I am thankful for the hot Redlands summer heat! Max was on Rimadyl during his last days and had no problems. But it is a dog by dog case. We will have to try something else. More updates to follow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad about Redlands- Part 1

My friend Tucker is doing STAYCATION stuff. Which means instead of going on a real long trip, take short little trips and be a turist around your own territory. Since mommy and daddy don't really want to go anywhere right now, with me being an old ladee and all, mommy decided it would be fun to make all of you turists in our town. So....
Our first stop on the tour is God's Four Corners. This is on the corner of Olive and Cajon, major streets in our town.
It is called this name because it has a church on every corner except one. And that corner USED to be a mortuary. So they used to say, one way or the other you would end up at this corner of town.
This is a really pretty church. It was one of the first churches that came to our town in the early 1900's. Mommy say's of course it has been revised a few times.
This is another view of the same church. See the big big tall Palm tree's? We have these all over town. You will be seeing them often.

This is the local Catholic church, behing the Baptist church. They are so close, they almost look like the same church.

This was the first church in our town, in the 1800's. It used to be real little, and only a block from where we live. But it grew and grew, so when the town made a downtown area, the church moved here.
This is the front door of that church. Mommy say's it looks like something from another country. Very stately.
This is another view of the first ever church. It still looks like an older church. See the top where there is a bell (left side)? It still rings. In fact there are at least three churches that ring their bells, and if you are around town you can hear them.

This is the 3rd church on the corner. It has been modernized a lot as you will see in the next pichure.

See that big circle window? Mommy thinks it looks horrible. With all the other churches looking more historic. But behind it, the rest of the buildings match the rest of town.
This building used to be a mortuary. A while back another company that owned it, modernized it. But just recently, a historic company bought it, and turned it back to it's original look. Mommy says it fits perfect in town. See those big tall tree's again?

This is an old house just next door to the old mortuary. It has been turned into a Lawyer and Dentist office. Daddy did some work on this house, so we had to take a pichure of it. Mommy wanted to get the tall tree's in the pichure, but she is so far away you cannot see me and daddy in the pichure. But if you look real close we are there, in front of the steps.

Now I am pretty tuckered. It has been hot here in Redlands, and that was a lot of walking around the corners, crossing streets. So I gotta go home and get some yummy ice treats that mommy promised me for being such a good girl.

Thank you for joining us on our tour. See you next time. BARK! Sasha the Princess

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wash Day

Mommy said on THIS DAY everything will be washed. So mommy washed all the hooman fur in the machine and washed all the hoomans seats out back. Then me and her got down to some deep cleaning of the princess. Now I hear a lot of doggies do not like this "washin' thing", but I know I will get a good rub down afterwards, so I learnt to towelerate it. First mommy gets me all wet. Since my tung could not stay in my mouth, getting wet felt real good. Then she rubs me all over from head to tail. She massages and rubs like there is not tomorrow. She doesnt even mind if she gets wet with me. Now that is a good mama! Then the good part comes. A rubdown with the hooman cloth. Oh, it feels so good. "A little to the left mommy! Oh yes, right there!"

She doesnt miss a spot. She just rubs and rubs. I just sit and moan and groan.

She makes sure my ears are super clean. I like this part a lot. She said I look like a hooman baby wrapped in a towel.
What do you think?

Personally, I prefer this pose.
Looks just like this one...
Then after we got all dry, Daddy started washing his machine. He has not washed it once since he got it. We were worried it might fall apart when the dirt left it. So mommy and I layed in the grass and watched him.
And watched some more...
We made sure he didnt miss any spots.
Yep, we just laid there and watched and watched. Mommy doesnt lay around with me often, so we had a nice relaxing Dog Day together.
After all that hard work, mommy and daddy washed themselves, then left me to nap the rest of the day. Getting clean is hard work.
BARK! Sasha the CLEAN Princess!