Thursday, August 21, 2008


Paw! Max here. Last night I stayed very close to mommy as I could smell the meats she was cooking. Sitting in the kitchen door gives me a birds eye view as mommy was cleaning up her mess.
" Mom, whatcha doin? No, dont clean that stuff out. I will gladly lick it clean for you. "
" Mom, no!!! Mom, dont toss it in the sink. Nooooooooo! "
" Oh, whats that? " Oh, I guess my patience wore her out. What is that she is pulling out of the cupboard? It smells so yummy! "Mom, is that for me?"
"Sit? I'll sit! I'll do anything for one of those. Hey Sash, look what mommy has for us!"
"Yum a treat! Sorry, no time to pose and see me eat this thing. GULP!"Oh, figures, the Princess allows the perfect shot with the flashy thing. Always the SHOW OFF!
mmm... Thanks Mom! Max the Dude! PAW OUT!

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Mindy, check out my post and join us in boycotting FourPaws and i'm thinking about what else I can do...