Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mommy said I must have been a very good supervisor, because both her and daddy's projects turned out bootifully. I was finally allowed back into the room daddy was working on, but it is now super slippery. This is how it looks now. Daddy say's he can see his face in the floor now. And he promised me now, that he will not be so mad when I leave those big presents behind. He says that now the floor is protekted from those accidents. I gave him a big face lick for caring for me.See that tiny little red thing in the middle of the floor? That is what mommy put there because I can not get my graceful self up off the floor now. Because my hind legs dont work so well, I know use my front legs entirely to lift myself up from laying down. But on this new bootiful floor, I cannot do it anymore. So I need something to get my paws to stay still. Plus mommy does not want me to scratch up daddy's work. But not to worry about the Princess, my friends, mommy ran out and bought a bigger rug to lay in the middle of the floor, just for my protection and comfort.
The project mommy was working on is now in the good smelling room. She said it is much "stoodier" for her stuff, than the old metal thing she had in there. But I am a bit confused, because she cleaned it all up before she brushed the smelly color onto it, then she wiped it and made it look all dirty again.
Sometimes hoomans make no sense! I am so glad I am a doggie and dont need to attempt such outrageous projects.
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Monday, July 12, 2010


It started happening early in the morning! Mommy and daddy started moving the furnishings around again. I was getting real nervous. Daddy finally made me go lay in my safe place. I made sure they heard QUITE OFTEN how upset I was by this!
When he finally allowed me out, this is what I discovered. I could not get from room to room. Mommy and daddy had to keep going out the front of the lair, and then I would hear their voices behind it.
I would be able to see them a little bit, but could not smell them. That really concerned me, so I put up quite the fuss, until Mommy invited me out back to supervise.

Daddy had this huge machine that made a lot of noise, and he kept walking around the room, but wouldnt allow me in. I think my friend Mango may have gone through something like this too. "Daddy, you missed a spot over there in the corner. Geez... good labor is hard to find these days!"

And mommy was working too. She kept putting some smelly stuff on some boxes. I had to stay very close to make sure she did her job right.

" Um, mom, I think you missed a spot on your nose. Here, let me lick it for you!"
I'm still not sure what all the fuss and work was about, but I think I will find out soon.
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It came, it came! Mommy saw what was in the mailbox and went and got me. Look, it is here! We even checked the label to make sure it was THE BOOK!
Hurry mommy, open it! I just gotta see it in print!
It is! It is the book I am in! I can't beleive it! I am an arther! The books is by a company called HAPPY TAILS. They write books about rescued doggies like me, and about all different types of breeds. The proceeds of the books, go to rescue's to help save more doggies. There are a lot of stories in the book. If you want to help other doggies, go to their website: HAPPYTAILS and order yourself a book too.

Mommy found my chapter right away. I can't believe it. Out of all the bootiful pitchers of me, she picks the one showing me being a bad girl. uummmpphh! But it still makes me famus. Here I am on page 29, for the whole world to read about how I was saved by mommy and daddy. And how I tot them how to be good owners of a Great Dane.
This is my publicity pichure. I am pawtographing the first book! Do you want my pawtograph?
Also, my foster brother Pedley got a little famous. We havent heard from him since he left us, but he is still in our hearts.
Mommy wants to go read the book now. She said will probably need the box of sniffie cloths, to wipe her leaking eyes while she reads it.
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Every four day of jewly, mommy and daddy get excited and put out lots of chairs in front of our lair. They dont let me come out and protect them, but I hear all kinds of noises going on. I am usually a good girl and dont bark. So mommy said this year I could come out with them and see all the happenings.
First they set up chairs and get lots of liquid ready.

Then they put all these colored things around them. They even put one on me this year!

There were a lot of hommans walking around and we did a lot of watching. Mommy even sat and relaxed for a little bit. I kept a close eye out for any other furries. If any passed by, mommy would take me inside for a few minutes, to keep me out of trouble.

Then a bunch of loud noises started happening. Some hoomans walked by holding a pole with a peice of material hanging off it. All the hoomans around me stood and held their chests. I was worried everyone was getting sick, but after the man with the pole walked by, everyone sat down again. Then more noise came and all kinds of things went by in front of our lair. It was pretty fun and relaxing to watch. Mommy kept yelling and clapping. I kept an eye on her to make shure she was ok.

Mommy and daddies good friend is a hooman that goes to peoples house everyday and drops off stuff. The kind that I bark at. So when his hooman friends drove by, everyone around me started clapping and making noise!
After everything was all done and the people started going away, daddy's friend let his little hooman try to ride me. This is baby Samual. Mommy says this is the first time someone put drool on ME!
Well, mommy and daddy are leaving now to go watch the big barks in the sky. I just had my dinner so I am going to go sleep now, until they get back home.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!