Monday, December 26, 2011

Huge Treats from Mr Chewy

This has been the BEST Pawmas EVER!
Mommy said that we were contacted by Mr Chewy. He said he thought we were a perfect match to try out his services and then tell all you furries about it. This is mommy's first attempt at a review, so bear with us.

First, Mr Chewy told mommy she could do some shopping on his site. Mommy ordered some goodies for me and for my kitty cousins and my great grand kitty cousin. The packages arrived less than a week later.
Mommy placed the first box on the table, out of my range, but I circled it and circled it, knowing there was something GOOD for ME in it. But she said I had to wait. I couldnt see, but I could sure smell it.

The second package arrived the next day. Both came from the big truck with an X on it. When daddy carried this package in, he was shocked at how much it weighed. Mommy did not pay attention to weight, and even surprised herself, that she was able to receive this 40 pound package at a shipping cost of NOTHING!

 On pawmas morning, daddy said I could have one of my presents. He unwrapped it for me, saying I would make too much of a mess myself.

Yummmm, yummm, a meat bone. This one is called "The Tank" meat knuckle bone. Daddy put a towel under me, cause he knew it would be messy. I think I chewed on it for 3 hours and even broke it in half.

Finally I was exhausted. I will save it for later.

Mr Chewy was very nice to stay in communication with mommy, telling her the treats were on their way. Mommy said it was the easiest order she ever placed and was impressed with the prices and especially the FREE shipping for orders over $49, no matter what the weight. She did feel sorry for the man in the X uniform who had to carry it.

The best part is that Mr Chewy is going to give all our fur friends a 10% discount when they come check out the goodies at his site, using the referral code: MMMC1912

And he also will donate $10 to The Best Friends Animal Society for each order placed using the referral code: MMMC1912

We invite you to visit Mr Chewy and check it out. It sure made my Howl-i-day nice.

Until then, enjoy this video from The Best Friends Animal Society (no kleenex needed).

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Note from Mommy: I have been compensated for writing about my experience. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 Christmas Past

2005- First Christmas with Mommy and Daddy.
 I was still getting to know them after only 2 weeks.

The next year, I tolerated this dum thing on my head, because I fell in love with Mommy and Daddy.

OK, I am merry... So when does the eat and drink begin?
Fleas Navidog
Sasha the Princess

Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Presents

"When up on the porch I heard such a commotion."
I just had to...

Mommy was not pleased when she got home. She said these were DADDY's gifts, not MINE. What? I thought ALL packages under the tree were for the Princess!

"But, " She said, "There is a package for you in the mailbox." Oh, Santas commotion on the porch was just the mailman? Mommy brought in my package, so I got to open ANOTHER present.

But it wasnt a play toy. It was my morning and night treats? That wasnt a fun present!
Merry Christmas!
Sasha, the Princess

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Bearded Man Came!

Grammy and Grampy came to visit. And brought lots of treats for the Princess. This is Grampy. Some hoomans thinks he looks like Santi paws.

 They gave me a big red sock and I got to unwrap my own treats. Daddy even let me eat a few right away.

Grammy says I deserve princess toys since I am a princess. This toy is lots of fun. It makes noises everytime I try to grab it. It is my new favorite toy. It sure makes mommy and daddy laugh a lot when I play with it. They said I look like a clumsy overgrown puppy.

 After I opened all my treats, daddy and grampy came and gave me lots of attention. I wasnt too sure of all this, but finally got used to it.

All the fun and excitement wore me right out. After I got all my treats and toys open and played with, I went right to sleep.
(see the pink toy? That in my princess mirror)

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Tree is Back!

Mommy and daddy put a tree inside the lair again. They are silly hoomans. Mommy said it is to put presents and treats under. Look what I found under the tree...
The best present EVER!

Some of you doggies may remember that Mommy and Daddy go on a road trip to Monterey each year after the big food day. I have been going with them for a few years (2007, 2009, 2010). But this year, mommy was worried that I wouldnt have as much fun, because of my tired leggies and accidents. After much worry, she found a nice girl and boy to come stay with me. They were so nice. I got lots of lovin, even though I was worried about mommy and daddy being gone for so long. The girl even took a flashy of me and sent to mommy, to let her know I was ok and thinking about them. I only had one accident the whole time. When they got home, I was so excited to see them...
Now the pack is all together again!
BARK! Sasha the princess

Note from mommy: What a blessing it was to have Breanna and Steve Carroll come stay with our little girl. She was so good for them. After the first message that all was well, hubby and I were able to totally relax on the trip and enjoy ourselves knowing she was in good care. Our only regret is we didnt get a picture of Sasha with her new friends. But it is good to know, we can have little escapes on occasion now.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Doktor Visit

Mommy says she is sorry that we have not been keeping everyone updated. She said no news is good news. It is just that our lives are so routine, mommy hasnt had anything exciting to put into blog world.

But this week we had a bit of unwanted excitement. My innerds have not felt too well, and I havent really wanted to eat the foodies. Mommy was starting to worry that maybe the daily treats I get for my rthrytis were making me feel bad. Then when mommy went to clean my messies, she found some red stuff. So she made me lay down and looked at my belly. There was a big red ugly spot on my lower tummy, and red stuff was coming out. Mommy tried to clean it up, but it wouldnt stop.

So she called the doktor and they said we could come right in. Daddy came home and I got excited that we were going for a ride, and oops, another accident. We went to the doktor and while he was looking at the red spot, I had another accident, right there in front of him. I was so embarrassed. The doktor petted me and said it was ok. But daddy had to run from the room. Mommy said he was a "winp". I dont know what that is, and that is probably good.

The doktor took me to another room and the nice people cleaned me up, so I smelled pretty, then poked me with sharp things. Then they brought me back to mommy and told her to give me even more treats. Yippee! they said it would make me feel better. Then we went home. Mommy said her bag was lighter. I saw the plastic square card come out and daddy sighed and told me I was an expensive princess.

I layed down all the way home, then went right to sleep for the rest of the night. All that excitement wore me out.

This weekend daddy went away with a bunch of other men, to some place up high. Mommy said it will be a "princess" weekend. I cant wait to cuddle, just mommy and me. She isnt afraid of my messes.

note from mommy: The vet thinks she had an absess or blister of some sort, that may have gotten infected. It was swollen and HUGE, like the size of my hand! He said her white blood cell count was ok in th rest of her body, so he is treating it with antibiotics and another medication to help her gasteric system. He said if it hadnt gone away in 10 days, then she would have to go back in and possibly have it removed as it may be a tumor. Within a day, she was her old self, the swelling was gone and she is eating again. We are praying that all is well now. The vet called 2 days later to see how she was doing (which impressed me to no end- AGAIN!) and said the other blood work they did for her liver functions (due to the deramax we give her) was all ok, and barring any other incidents, she doesnt have to come back for another year for liver tests. YAH!!! Looking forward to celelbrating with her alone this weekend. Bath for her, cuddles for both of us!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Still Got Spunk!

I may be an old gal, but I still have the stuff!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips To Growing Old Gracefully

When mommy and daddy brought me to my forever home, I was already 5 years old. They never knew my real birthday and my age was an estimate. Mommy says I should be over 11 years old now, which for a big doggy like me, is pretty old.

For those of you who have traveled this journey with me, I want to reassure you I am still doing well. My back leggies get tired quickly, but I am still eager to do a little walk every day, play tug and do zoomies in the lair (sometimes I fall down). Most of the time I can make it out behind the lair to do my thing, but when I have an accident, daddy is more patient with me. The treats I get every morning and night have made me feel better. So mommy thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on how I am aging gracefully.
So here goes...

Get a massage often

Always sit like a lady

Stay curious

Get plenty of rest
and more rest

Have a sip of wine on occasion

Play daily

 Clean your teeth as much as you can

 Eat your vegitables

Drink plenty of water

Most importantly... Take a walk every day
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Friend

BARK! We have a new new friend from Texas to the bloggy world. Welcome Jasmine, the Black Dane...

She is from Texas and just learning how to teach her humans all the tricks we big dogs know.
Welcome Jasimine!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wild Thing!

Mommy cot me licking my old old boo-boo. She said it was looking too red, so she had to hide from me. Mommy's sissy gave me some pretty tape  at christmas to hide my boo-boo's. I look like a WILD THING!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Brithday Gathering

This happened in the town near me.

All I know is that I want some of that green cake! Forget the hats, give me the yummies!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleepies and Things...

The viewing deck is all done. Mommy and Daddy said it is their pry vat sank chooree. But they let me come up with them and lie next to the big water bowl. I get a better view to protect them.

Mommy got a new flashy, so I have to be on guard again. She caught me in non-action mode. For some reason mommy gets these wild urges to come love on me when I am trying to behave and get my sleepies.
 BARK! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Note from mommy: They say "Let sleeping dogs lie", but how can I resist this!

Friday, June 10, 2011


My friends guessed before I did. Yep, it is an observation deck. Daddy said to not get too comfy on it, as the big water bowl and tent will go back on it when he is finished. I am not quite sure about being so far above the ground, so only go up there with daddy right now. It looks a little scary.
BARK! Sasha the princess

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today daddy got up early and started moving things around in the back lair.

 I can feel mommys excited energy, so it made me bounce around with her for a little while. She says something new is coming into our lair.

Then I got busy inspecting for critters.
Daddy says... STAY TUNED...
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


We had visitors! Jim & Regina Manley were friends with mommy and daddy from before they got married. They helped mommy and daddy get their new house made all pretty before I came to live with them. Regina and me hit it off right away. I knew she was never afraid of me, so when she was in our lair, I always gave her special attention and I got lots of lovins from her. Then we all got sad when they moved away. Mommy said Jim used to help get people around by taking them up in the air (I thought only bridies could fly?) When he put them on the ground, they would go into jungles and sometimes scary places to help other people get their hearts fixed by Jesus. Now Regina & Jim live in Idaho.
Jim & Regina still go in the air to find people who need their hearts fixed. Mommy said they are part of a place called MAF. All I know, is that I am glad I got to see them and get my Regina lovins. I put fur on their clothes so they wouldnt forget me on their way back to their home.
BARK! We miss you Jim & Regina!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Dogs Work is Never Done!

 Daddy started digging in the yard again. So I had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he did it right. He was doing real good and going real deep. I was very proud of him, until instead of putting a treat into his hole, He buried a bush. WHAT?

Today mommy started playing in the dirt too. Instead of burying her treats, she layed stuff on top of the dirt. She asked me to help make sure her spaces were even, so I did some sniffing around.
Mommy, I think this space is a little crooked. I think you need to move it more.Hmm,let me check. This looks to be just about right.

Job well done!
BARK! Sasha the Inspector Princess!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not me! Really!

This time it was not me. REALLY! Daddy spent part of the day tossing this trash all over my sleeping area. I wasnt even allowed to be near by while he did it. Then he got rid of most of the evidence and let me back in. But still...look at all this mess around me. Good thing mommy was home to see who REALLY made the mess this time. She told daddy as long as he cleaned it up afterward he would not be in trouble.

Mommy said the mess was worth it to get the "new look". Im not sure what she was talking about, but I DO know that now I cant guard the front of the lair because of those new big white things in the see through squares. Daddy opened the top part of them and mommy gave a big sigh, but the lower part will be staying closed. They sure do go through a lot of weird things to keep me sleeping all day.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Note from mommy: Another one of those Sasha created home improvements. Yes, we splurged on shutters, but for more than looks. Frugal princess mommy would hardly spend that kind of money for just a "look". But when I came up with the idea of TWO purposes, it was instantly justified. If the blinds were open, Sasha tended to stand guard at the windows and bark and bounce at every creature passing by the front of the house. Including insects...HAH! And if the blinds stayed close, I felt like I was living in a cave, no light. So both issues have been resolved. We can open the top portion and get some light in the room now, and yet the bottom portion lets Sasha relax and stay "off duty" until someone actually approaches the front porch.
Sigh of relief.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mommy's eyes started leaking this morning because the man with the long coat called real early in the morning to give her good news. He told her all the poky's he gave me came back good. The treats I get each morning are still working good inside me and nothing has to change. He said the red stuff inside of me is even better than before, so I dont have to go visit him for a long time. And he told her that if I my leggies move slower I can start getting some more treats called TRAMADOL which will make the hurties a lot less. Mommy was so impressed that he took the time to call her on this special day to give us the news. And that he talked about my visits being over a year, which means I have a lot more time to spend with Mommy and daddy.

After they got home from their Sunday home, they gave me big hugs. They told me that today is a special day because of a man long time ago who came from a Rainbow Ridge to visit us. He was a really good man and people were mean to Him and hurt Him a lot. He went away for a little while, then came back and invited all His friends to come back to a  Rainbow Bridge for hoomans where they will always be healthy and happy, like the place us furries go when we leave our forever homes. Mommy told me that today was a good day to hear the news that I will live longer, because today is the day that hoomans celebrate new and eternal life.


Then we went to play outside.
I showed them what a healthy active princess I am, by searching out a crawly thing.

They thought I was just being silly, then daddy saw the stripe on a crawly thing. Mommy got nervous that I would fall into the big water bowl, so she made me come inside. Mommy's are always overprotective!


Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning when daddy took me out to go potty he did a weird thing. When I skawted, he tried to put something under me. That scared me so I stopped. Then he looked inside and didnt look too happy. But mommy took the few drops and put in another bowl and put in the cold box in the smelly room. That was real odd!

Later Mommy and Daddy took me for another ride. When we got there, I knew something where we were because I smelled all the other furries. I heard mommy tell the lady at the window that we were following up and she gave her the little bowl they had this morning. They had me walk onto a big shiny thing and mommy said I lost weight. Last time i was there, I was 145 pounds, and today I was 135. Do I look skinnier?

We went into a little room and mommy and daddy sat down and seemed real relaxed, so I layed down too.
Then a man came into the room with a long coat. He petted me all over and it felt real good. He said I was pretty healthy for an old lady.   He said my teeth were pretty clean and he was happy with how well I was doing. Mommy was really glad he didnt have any concerns. Mommy and daddy told him about my late night accidents.She had him explain to daddy why they are out of my control. I am so embarrased, but he told them that is had something to do with age and my knee's hurting. So he is going to give me some more medicine to help me feel a little bit better. I try real hard to be a good girl and go outside, but sometimes it just surprises me and pops out. He said that will happen more when I am sleeeping or relaxed since my brain doesnt talk to certain muscles during that time. I was taken away from mommy and daddy so the man could poke me with something and cut my nails. He told mommy he would call her later to tell her if the inside of me was still doing good. But mommy seemed real happy when we left.

While we were there, mommy got real sad when she saw some hoomans crying. She said that their furry was going to rainbow bridge and the hoomans were very sad. And then another lady outside was crying by her machine and we saw some people come get something out of her car. Mommy told daddy there was so much sadness that we should just sit outside and be quiet. Daddy petted me a lot and told me that he and mommy will be sad too when I go to Rainbow Bridge. But until then.... we will play, sleep and love!

BARK!!! Sasha the Princess

Friday, April 8, 2011

We're Home!

We are home now. Man, is it hard being a good Princess for all my fans. I have slept straight through the last two days. Even Mommy said she has bliss tears on her paws and walks funny. I am glad mommy and daddy took me with them on their adventure.
Note from mommy:
We are used to getting a lot of attention having the princess with us, but it was CRAZY for those two days. So to fill everyone in... Sasha stayed in the Disney Kennels, while we hit the parks. We went back every 4-5 hours, and took her out for a walk around the entrances, rested for a bit, pottied and fed her. She seemed to adjust well inside the kennel, despite the much barking going inside. She had a small caged area and her own bed to sleep on. The potty area behind the kennel was astro turf, which Sasha snubbed her nose at, so we had to find little dirt area's around the entrance for the princess to utilize. Because of her knee arthritis, she gets herself up by her front legs only. When she is tired, she struggles and usually ends up scraping her "heels" and making them bleed. So we put tissue around the scrapes and then wrapped her ankles with some leopard print duct tape. And of course, she wore a rubber bootie on her right paw, to protect against dragging and making her nails bleed. She was geared up for safety, which led to many questions.

We had to practice our graciousness by smiling and answering the same questions over and over...
Yes, she is a Great Dane. No, she is not as big as most, she is smaller.
No, she is not hurt, she just has duct tape bandaids on her heels to keep from scraping them
Yes, she is older and no she does not have hip dysplasia, she has arthritis
Yes, we know a Dane's life is short, but she has made it to 10 1/2 and is still going strong
No, she wont bite you. Yes, you can pet her
No, we dont put a saddle on her
No, she doesnt sleep with us or between us, she has her own bed
Oh, how nice, your aunt, uncle, neighbor, sister, grandparents (fill in the blank) had a Great Dane too.

We totally accept the fact of having a large dog will gather attention and will NEVER be rude when people want to meet her. But I have to admit, sometimes you just want to be invisable. Especially when we are trying to get her to "go potty" or eat without distractions. However, she was very well behaved and took it all in stride. She loved walking at the same pace as the crowd entering the gates. I had to laugh, as she just looked around as if to say "Im with the pack... we are  migrating... what a pack!". So cute!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

aaaaahhhh... WHAT IS THIS?
they r cheating on me?