Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Came!

Mommy and daddy slept late, but I found my own toys under the tree in the house and played all by myself. Then mommy and daddy woke up and teased me. Where did my toy go? I like my toys. Mine all mine. I dont have to share with anyone.
What did you get daddy? Can I help you unwrap?

This looks like something I might like.

I like playing with the toys that hoomans throw away

The next day we went on a road trip to Grama and Grampa's house in Area zona. Santa left me a stocking there too. I showed gramma and grampa what a good doggie I could be. It was very hard work being cute the whole time. Today mommy and daddy got ready to go in a hurry when all the white stuff fell from the sky. I couldnt get a smell from it, but it was sure cold.

Now we are home safe and sound again.

Happy New Year from Sasha and her family!

Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Hours of Christmas

You might have heard about the rains in Sunny Southern Calee Forna. The water kept leaking from the sky for a long long time. Nothing for a doggy to do but...

Sleep... Sleep...Sleep...Can Santa get here is all this water? Is he coming in a boat?Sleep...Sleep...
Sleep... Ok, I can't stand this anymore...
My eyes are closed Santa...
You can come now. I promise not to bark!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Love Sasha the Princess
and her hoomans!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've been good!

Just waiting for Santa to come!II've been a good girl... honestly... no really, I have... ask mommy. No wait.... ask gramma!
Mommy said to never play in yellow snow...
Is this yellow snow?
Is it Christmas yet?
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the Road Home...

By the end of the trip, mommy got creative protecting my pawzies. Don't worry, they werent as tight as they look. On the last morning, we all woke early to watch the sun rise. First mommy and daddy went to the place where they had their first kiss. A new bench was there this time. Mommy remembered that this sad thing happened shortly after her and daddy started liking each other.

Then they went to sit on a bench and wait for the big light to come into the sky.
Then it started peeking out.
Finally it made it's appearance!

After that, mommy and daddy took me walking around to contemplate life, walkies, bones and sniffies.

Then we loaded up the big green machine and hit the road again. I was pretty excited to be on the move...
until we started going around and around. Mommy kept telling me to lay down, but I was afraid I would slide, so I stayed stiff. We kept going up, down and around. This doesnt feel good.
Finally mommy asked daddy to stop, so I could walk around and get some fresh air. Isnt this a pretty place? This is big rock in the water is called Big Sir.
We stopped again to watch the funny looking animals. They smelled awefully bad and make a lot of odd noises.
But I was more interested in this bush. I just have a thing for bushes these days.
Mommy said we were going home, so I finally settled down for the ride.
Home Sweet Home!All tucked in for the night.
Sasha the Princess!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The big water bowl in the sky stopped leaking the next day. But mommy and daddy wanted to stay in bed, so I got to snuggle up with them. Mommy wants to make sure the "hotel people" know that I never slept on the masters bed. I only got to get up once and snuggle for a few minutes. Daddy had to push my bum up cause my leggies were too tired. Then I made all my snuggle noises. At home the bed is too hight to even attempt to get up on. Mommy and daddy never left me alone in the lair, but one time they tricked me and very sneakily walked out the door faster than I could get up and follow them. I could hear them snickering on the other side of the door, then they came back and petted me. They just wanted to see if I would bark when they were gone. I didnt bark, but I sniffed the door for a long time. So from then on, anytime they were near the door, I situated myself right in front of it, so they couldnt get away without me!
When I finally got mommy and daddy moving, we went down to the big water bowl. It was very bootiful again. Last time we were here, mommy and I almost got drow ned with the water coming up real high. Mommy walked the other way real fast and saved us. This time we stayed farther away.
Isn't this a good meditation pikchur of daddy and me?
Apparently this hooman wasnt too concerned about her and her furry being drow ned! They just walked and played along the whole danger zone. That doggie actually got all the way into that cold water bowl... bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr, not the princess!

On our walk, I finally spotted one of those tree furrys! It even started shouting things at me. I got really worked up. Daddy had to hold me back. Mommy apoligizes for the pikchure being sideways.

After all that excitement, I needed some sleepy time. So back to my favorite spot.
Mommy and daddy got tired of sleeping and we went for another drive. This time I got left behind, while they strolled the streets. Hmmmppphh! Mommy tried to tell me that my paws were too tired to keep walking and I needed to stay behind and let them heal. Finally we settled for the night. See how much mommy took care of my paws. But it helped keep the floor of the lair clean.


Sasha, The Princess!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Day 2 Good Morning! I let mommy and daddy sleep in a little, but then woke them up so they wouldnt miss this barkiful day. This view was just a block from our lair. I was so excited to get out and sniff that I was prancing and bouncing on the walkies. A little bit later the water bowl in the sky started leaking, so we had to go back to our Lair.

Mommy and daddy put on their water coats and we headed back out to explore. We were going to walk through a forest, then mommy told daddy to drive up a little street and we found the big water bowl again. So we got out and explored. Mommy was sad because there were a lot of dead flying furries laying on the beach. But I was a good girl and stayed away from them. Then this litle furry spotted me and started running toward me. Now I dont mind being admired by other furries from far off, but when they come close to inspect me, I get a bit huffy. Mommy got mad at it's hooman, cuz she wasnt paying ANY attention. So daddy took me the other way, while mommy caught the furry and took it back to it's homman and warned her that I play a bit rough and may hurt her furry. So the hooman put it back on leash and kept walking.

After they were long gone, mommy took my leash off so I could run with daddy. Mommy thinks I run funny becuase of my sore legs. I dont like going into the big waterbowl like I used to, so I stayed out, except to try a sip... spit, spit... that was AWEFUL!

Then mommy kept following my feet around to get a picture my sand prints. But the water kept washing them away, or I would drag my back paw through the sand. Finally she got this good one. Then her and daddy put their paws next to mine. This is her favorite all time picture!

When we were leaving the beach, mommy spotted a BBBOOOTIFUL Blue Meryl dane laying in a window at a lair. Her and daddy just kept oohing and awing over it. He was sitting very kingly and regal and paid no attention to us. I was a bit put off by all the attention they were paying the other furry! Did they forget they were in the presents of a PRINCESS?! After we started driving, the water bowl in the sky started leaking again. This time a lot of water came out.
But mommy and daddy were eager to find a place for me to go potty, so we we went exploring in the woods. We all got real wet, but I loved all the smells.
During a walk, I saw another furry and got a little bit huffy. When daddy grabs my collar, I sit down, but this time I fell down and when I was trying to get up, I scuffed my heels. Then started bleeding. So mommy had to wrap up my heels when we got back to our lair.

Since the sky was still leaking, we all stayed in the warm lair. Mommy said I needed to rest my owie's. So I got to cuddle with mommy in front of the fire. Then we all went to sleep again. Awww... my favorite spot!
To be continued
The Princess!