Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is our favorite side of the resting room. We know when mommy and daddy go to this corner, our favorite thing is about to happen!

Dumb pup Max still cant calm down for mommy and daddy. He whines and circles them. They have to tell him lots of times to "sit", which really frustrates daddy. See why he is such a dumb pup? Me? I sit right down and look mommy or daddy in the face and wait patiently for them to put the red thing on me. Sometimes I get excited and leap for joy, but I sit as soon as they tell me too.

Max has gone through many different color things around his neck. When he first came to stay, he had to wear the thing that I used to hate so much. It goes around his nose and behind his ears. He doesnt like it too much either. Then they tried a black one like mine. Mommy said it was called a Martin Dane...whatever that is! Then they got something from that man who whispers to doggies. It covers his neck several times. Mommy seems to really like this on him when we ride with her on the big thing with wheels that goes as fast as us! All his neck things seem to have taken up the whole wall now.

As for me, I just wear the one red Martin Dane with my pretty black and red rope thing hooked to it and I am a good girl on the Migrations. I dont like when mommy or daddy make it tight on my neck when I get too excited, so I try to behave. But is sure is hard when those other barkers are in the area.

Mommy and Daddy call this the harness wall, and I always hear mommy telling Daddy to harness the horses.

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Anonymous said...

yeah you should just get saddles for your mum and dad and let them ride you guys ;-)

my last dog, Oliver, if he thought it had been a while since our last walk, would go to the hanging wall of leashes and sit and stare at them, look at me, look back at the leashes... gee i wonder what he was thinking!