Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Mommy let me have a few minutes to come tell everyone we are ok. She has been real busy, and when she gets away from the place she is during the day, she doesnt want to go the 'puter anymore. But we have been doing walkies and can tell the night ridies are coming soon.

An interesting thing happened the other day. A lady came to our house and met with mommy. They kept looking at us and saying our names, while the lady wrote stuff down. She smelled like a lot of other doggies, but was real calm around us. Just before she left, she made us do some stuff for treats. Max was a little over anxious and she started shaking a real loud funny looking stick that made a lot of noise. It really scared him, and he calmed right down and obeyed the lady. Mommy seemed real impressed and said the lady is going to be coming back more often. Im not sure what that means. Daddy went and made another funny looking stick and now shakes it at us when we are mis-behaving. I just look at him, but Max goes and lays down. Mommy has been giving us more treats again too, but makes us do things for them. And she is using the word ENUF a lot more too.

Something is starting to happen, I hope it is a good thing.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!