Friday, February 1, 2013

A New Dog...?

Well, practically. 
The dr said once he heals from all this, he will be like a new dog. 

We had a rough day. Dad had a death in the family and had to fly out of state, the same day Lance had his procedures. Thinking I am super woman... I say "No Prob.. I can do it ALL". 

We loaded up Lance in the Big Green Machine, drove dad to the airport (80 minutes away) and then try to race back to drop off at vet. Lance didn't relax well, and guessing we BOTH had to potty, I made a stop. MISTAKE! I couldn't get him back into the machine. UGH! Tried many different ways. He finally worked with me, and allowed me to guide him up the ramp to the passenger door and lift his rear end (not easy) around the edge of the door. So now we are BOTH anxious and I'm late! Not a good way to start a vet visit. But he came through fine.

He is a bit out of it still. 
 I about fainted when they told me HOW MANY pills I need to give him, a couple times a day. 19!!! Yes, 19 pills, twice a day! Just gave him his first round wrapped in bread (broke it up into smaller portions) and he was so good. Took them all, no spitting out. I can tell his teeth still ache (I understand, just got mine cleaned last week), so he would chew once and swallow. Then went outside and ate a small portion of dinner. And back to resting.

The Cone of Shame has been prescribed. So far he is so out of it, he doesn't care about any part of his body. I can't believe how BIG it is. A toddler could go inner tubing in this thing.
 I think Cinder wants to try it on. 

Mom is tuckered too. 
Updates will follow. Keep him in prayer and good thoughts for a quick healing and for the antibiotics to do the work they need to do. 

Fur Mom