Saturday, August 29, 2009


The other night, mom and dad started acting weird. Dad was in the back yard, and mom tried to sneak past us and get his shoe's. This alerted us, they are going out. So we got up and got ready to go too. Then mom was in the smelly room, putting some of our treats in a bag. Goody, we get a treat, then we get to go out. But then mom tied the bag up, and went out the back door, and her and dad disappeard. We watched for them for a long time, but they didnt come back. We were pretty sure they went for a walk without us, which was pretty rude, we think!
Then to make it worse, when they returned, they had the smell of another furry on them! What this? We never smelled it before, but were quite sure it may be a cousin of our's. Then mom told us... "A new cousin moved into the neighborhood, so went to say hi, without you doggies scaring the poor pup to death!" Hummpphh... US? Scare another furry? Well, I guess she did have a point. Mom said her name is Sasha too, just like my big sis. Mom had to tell her why we cant meet her.
She was sad, because she was hoping to find other pups her size to play with. Mom told her about my cans her, and how I only get to go sniff the park in the morning. Sasha's mommy said they would go the park later so I could have the morning by myself. Now I think that is awfully nice of Sasha and her mommy, so I like her already! But, I am still a bit bugged about mom and dad going to share their love with another pup, even if she is a cuzin. But after mom showed me this picture of sasha with her little brother, how could I be mad anymore. Isnt that the cutest darn thing you have ever seen. Look at that pup, trying to make itself so small to fit in her brothers lap. I try to do that in mom's lap and it doesnt quite work right.
We were glad again, when mom layed on the floor and gave us all kind of love. So all is well again!
PAW!!! Max the Dude!

MOM's note: To protect the young, I did not want to post Sasha's brothers face without permission, so please forgive my scribble scratch. I am not very picture literate with computer stuff.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


PAW! I got a box from the man in uniform. And it had MY name on it. NOT the Princess. So what was she doing, taking it and prancing around the lair? Mom finally took it away from her, and dad let me pull out the treat inside.
It didnt smell much like a treat, so I tasted it.
Didnt taste much like one either.
Mom said it is a sling, something that will help my leg. She said her and dad can now help me not step on it as much. My leg doesnt seem very strong lately, but I am glad mom and dad want to help me.
Mom says she found a really nice lady who makes these doggie handles to help doggies with all kinds of walking and standing problems. The lady was really nice, and even made mine custom to fit my big man chest. But I am a little nervous that people might think I am a purse or something. I sort of look like the thing mom wears on her arm when she leaves the lair. But I guess if dad is ok with it, then I can be too. What do you think? PAW! Max the Dude!
Note from Mom: The K9caddy seems to be the perfect fit for what we were looking for to help Max not put all his weight on his leg. We are hoping to be able to keep him up and about as long as possible. After contacting this company, I had the caddie the next day. After it didnt fit right, they made a custom one for us, and got it just as fast. I am very impressed. We are even looking forward to using this for Sasha's rear legs, as they are slowing stiffening up with possible arthritis.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ok, did you see how mommy scanned right past me in that last video of my brother Max? I dont get it... I thought this was The Princesses blog! Isnt it all about me?
So, to make sure I dont get forgotten here, I decided to finally give mommy a good pose, so we could enter Honey dogs contest. Get a load of this one... BARK!! Sasha the Princess


Mom's eyes have been leaking a lot lately. She finally told me I have a sicky called "cans her", and that I will be going to see her kitty, Spike, soon. I only met Spike for a short time, before she went away, so I hope I like her. Mom said she was same color as me. Mom says that I walk a little funny right now because of the sicky, and that some day soon it will be all ok again. Other than the bad feeling in my leg, I feel just fine, so I make sure to show mom how happy I am that they brought me to my forever home. Mom has followed me around with her flashy so I can show all the furries how I am doing. Sometimes my leg feels better than others times. But it still feels good enough to go for a little walk to sniff the pee mail.

PAW! Max the Dude!

Note from Mom: Well, the tests came back negative for the infections and fungus, which leds the Dr to highly suspect bone cancer. The only conclusive test is a bone biopsy, which has a high risk of more damage or making any cancer more aggressive, so we have opted against that. So, depending on if the cancer has started to spread or not, we are looking at 4 to 6 months. I am dried out of tears currently, and am trying to come up with something special to do during this time, to be focused on a positive ending rather than doom and gloom. His tail is still wagging and he is still smiling, so we will continue with the medications for as long as he isnt in any bad pain. Our goal is to make it to Thanksgiving, so we can all go to Monterey together.

On another side note, he has been doing a very odd thing for the past couple months. There is a tiny space between our scrawny Lantana bush and our vegtable garden that Max likes to wander into. He slows down as his body barely grazes the Lantana bush. Then he stops, and lifts his head up into the air, almost as if he is smelling something. His face almost looks like he is in total bliss. Then he comes out, turns around and goes back in and does it again. He will do this over and over. He NEVER eats the plant, and on occasion may sniff it as he comes out, but usually his head is high, his tail pointed and he just wanders slowly though it. It is so odd to watch. No idea what is going on, but it seems to be his BLISS spot.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I cant help but reflect back to almost 2 years ago, when Max first joined our household. Sasha was really put out and very anxious to show him who the Princess of the lair was. Now as I watch them tuffle together, and bump into each other trying to get to us, I am so glad that she adjusted to him, and seems to care about him. Of course she still has her jealous moments. Especially if she is being loved on, and Max tries to butt in, but most of the time, she will let him push her away to get to his destination. But then again, she does her fair amount of pushing him away too.

The other night, my heart was warmed to see them laying side by side. We call them the bookends when this happens. Quite a lot of the time, they have their legs positioned in exactly the same pose when they are asleep. I think I will just faint over if I ever catch them cuddling up together.
Love Sasha (The Princess) and Max (The Dude)'s mom! Mindy Lu
PS- I am overwhelmed by all the encouragement, sweet words, thoughts and prayers being sent our way for Max. We have not received the blood results yet. With the exception of his limp, he is such a happy dog, that it is almost easy to pretend there is nothing wrong. I am just praying for stength to handle what ever comes. We all have an end, some sooner than others. I just want Max's to be be a gentle one, if his is sooner. I know my Jesus will give me what I need when I need it. Until then, I will enjoy every minute!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Mommy and daddy go to a place called Monty-ray after they eat a big turkey dinner every year. This year they said we both get to go with them. But since daddy has to help us into the Big Green Machine a lot, he built us a walking ladder, so we can get in on our own now.After we heard all the noise in the car room, daddy showed mommy what he made. I thought we were going for a walk, but daddy took me out to the green machine and showed me how to use the new walking ladder. I was able to walk right up it like a lady, instead of waiting for daddy to push my rear end inside. I walked up and down a few times, then showed them how smart I was, and stood right in the middle and posed just like a Princess!
Then mommy brought Max out too. He was a little scared. But after he heard the mommy voice, he finally climbed up it too. Then he went up and down a lot too. Mommy was so excited that we can get in and out of the Green Machine on our own and not have to worry about us hurting our legs. And Daddy is glad he wont have to hurt his back picking up Max anymore.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


BARK! There has been a change in our morning routine. Mommy and daddy still wake early, but mommy stays in her chair longer. Me and daddy go for a walk, and mommy and max leave later. They dont walk as long, but max seems to still be happy. The other day when daddy and I got home, mommy was all dirty. Max gave her a paw and hit her in the face and got her all muddy. Bad max. Mommy says Max has a hurt leg, but he still gives them the paw and sometimes messes them up.

Mommy used to be in a hurry to leave in the morning, but lately she stops to give us treats. This is new and Max seems to get more than me. Mommy takes a long time preparing Max's treats. Daddy calls them a "pill coktale". Im not sure what that means. Sometimes bits of his treats fall on the floor and mommy grabs them real quick and put them in his mouth and then holds his head. I never let a crumb fall from mine.

Max hears mommy getting the treats ready and runs into the smelling room and sits right down. She makes him do little tricks to get his treats, like look at her, look away from the treat, ignore the treat. He is getting real good at that. I sit very still and wait like a good princess would. Then she tells Max to ignore the treat and she gives me one too. When mommy comes home, she does it again. We like this new routine! BARK! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


PAW to every furry. Mom got on the 'puter today and her eyes started leaking again. She said lots of nice furry's are wishing well for me and told me to tell everyone it means a lot to us. I didnt know so many doggies cared, but it sure feels good.

Mom has been giving me a lot more treats than usual, but they taste a little different. They arent as yummy as usual, and mom holds my head while I eat them. She never did that before, but I like it, so I eat them all up. Sasha stands next to me and asks for some too, but mom gives her different ones.

Me and mom didnt go for our usual walk, but she took me across the street to the park, so I could sniff some pee-mail. Then I layed down while she read her big Book. She said this Book makes her feel better, and sometimes she closes her eyes while she is reading it. I sense her energy is calmer when we go home after that.

Some questions were asked that mom said she needed to answer, so here's mom...

Note from mom: Yes, they xray'd Max and showed us where his bone is deteriorating on the inside, and more bone is growing over it to compensate. Since a bone biopsy is so invasive, we chose not to be so aggressive. The blood tests will confirm if it is one of the first 2 two options. If both of those turn up negative, then we are looking at the worst. Right now I am just hoping and praying for the best, and trying not to show "weepies" around the dogs, so they dont start mis-behaving. Thank you for everyone's support, it really helps a lot- Mom

PS from Max-- Mango... GREAT idea about the ice cream! Think I will give mom "the look" to break her down.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I went for a ride with dad today, and we stopped to pick up mom, then went to a new place I have never been to before. There were lots of other furry smells. I was real nervous, as sissy wasnt with us. A nice lady came and told us to follow her, then they walked me toward a big shiny thing. I didnt like it at all, so I just layed down in front of it. mom is always telling me to stay, so I decided to do it before she even said it. But I guess they didnt like it, so dad lifted me and put me on it. I didnt like it one bit. They said something about me weighing 132 pounds.

My leggie doesnt feel very strong so I walk funny now. We went into a room and mom and dad sat with me, so I laid down and waiting for I dont know what. A man finally came in and rubbed me all over. I kinda liked that, and wagged my tail at him, then he took me to another place and layed me down and pointed things at me. Mom and dad didnt get to come. Then they poked me with some sharp things, and some red stuff came out. then I heard the man talking to mom and dad through the door. Im not sure what it all meant, but mom's eyes were wet when I came back to her. After that, they took me back to mom and dad. I was very glad to see them. Mom will tell you the rest.

Note from mom: The dr said it could be one of 3 things:
~Osteromyeutis (sp?)- Bone infection
~Fungus Disease- Valley Fever
~Neoplastic- Bone Cancer

I am terrified, but trying to be hopeful. We did blood tests to see if it is one of the first 2. If they are ruled out, then we have some tough decisions to make, which I cant even fathom thinking about. Dr said to not walk him right now, and sent us home with antibiotics, antiflamitories, and pain killers. We wont know for 1-2 weeks. I just tear up each time I imagine not being able to walk him. I may take him for a little walk to the park across the street in the morning, so he can sit with me, and get a chance to smell stuff. Oh this is tough-- Keep my Max in prayers- Much appreciated!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


What the heck is this thing? Am I suppose to stay out of the smelling room now?
You've got to be kidding me right?
Bark- Sasha the Princess!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Mom is getting worried about my leg. It has a bump on it. At first I just limped a little in the morning, so mom thought I was just getting old. But now I limp more often during the day, and favor my owie. Mom is getting worried and is talking about taking me to the doggie doctor next week. I hope it gets better before that lady comes again who walks with me and mom and shows me how to not bark at other doggies.
PAW- Max the Dude

Note from mom: We have been able to avoid vets so far with our big doggies, minus one skin hive incident. This is scary. Has anyone else experienced this with a big dog? His front joint is swollen. We can touch it and squeeze it a little with no whining, but he does pull away a little, so it is tender. His limp isnt as bad once we get to walking at a steady pace, but around the house he really favors it. We never saw any incident where he could have hurt it, so not sure what to think. If it doesnt go down over the weekend, we will call a vet on Monday.