Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our friends in Hawaii sent us a ward. We are suppose to tell you 10 things.
So we want to share:

1. I am a good doggie when mommy takes me shopping. I only smell the treats, and dont try to eat them, unless mommy puts it in my mouth.

2. I love to go for rides in the big green machine.

3. A good doggie does meditations thinking about life and bones.

4. Me and my brother Max dont snuggle, but I will let him lay near me.

5. Smart doggies take the time to smell the roses.

6. Mommy's paw is the same size as ours!

7. Every once in awhile, a doggie needs a good strong drink.

8. Neither of us like hooman fur!!! YUCK!

9. We dont like the big hole in the ground with water. It is too scary.

10. But I like the moving water and squishy dirt!

Thank you Huey and Higgens!! BARK! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The past couple days, we cannot keep our tongues in our mouth. They just hang out and make a mess of mommy's floors. Mommy put some white things in our water bowl, and they tasted so good. Today she pulled out the treats again. We each got to lick on our own treat. Mommy and daddy's hands were all goopy when we got done, but they sure were good.
Later, I saw daddy put out the pushy thing on the floor and wipe it all up from our mess. BARK! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today daddy caught Max trying to dig a hole to bury his bone again. In one of mommy's new gardens. Lucky max, it was daddy that caught him, and not mommy.

Then mommy came home and started digging too. But intead of burying a bone, she was burying green things.
Mommy said it is a garden and they are her snacks for later. Silly mommy, she left them showing. Now another doggie or hooman will see it and take it. I think we need to teach mommy how to bury her stuff, so it is hidden away for later snacks.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last night mommy and daddy got all dressed up. They said they were going dancing. Everytime mommy came into the room, Max would stand up. Mommy said he was being really polite. I thought Daddy was really handsome. Mommy agreed with me and pulled out the flashy thing again. I could not stop looking at daddy.
Later when they came home, they put on the noise from the black box and daddy would hug mommy and they would walk around the room hugging. I thought maybe daddy was hurting mommy, so I kept barking at him to stop, until mommy told me to go lay down. Then Max got up and kept following them. When they told him to go lay down, he came over to me and whispered in my ears. Then we both got up, and I tried to hug him and walk with him, but he didnt like it so much. So we finally layed down and watched mommy and daddy keep walking around the room. We have never seen that before, but the Princess approves, as long as daddy wasnt hurting mommy.
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, April 4, 2009


BARK! Mommy has been peeking at the other doggies blogs, at the place she goes to during the day. She told me that she has to sneak a peek, but isnt suppose to do more. So she forgot to tell us when she got home that we won a ward.

Gus and Waldo write to us all the time. Waldo looks like my brother Max and Gus looks like the evil mean dog behind our territory that is always slinging insults through the wood wall at me. But Gus is a lot nicer than that meanie dog! Thank you handsome boys for our ward!

Now we want to pass it on to:
Nala, whose mommy always has pretty fancy picture work on the blog. Mommy is pretty impressed with how pawtistic it is!

Princeton- we love to show mommy how we looked when we were growing up, since mommy didnt see us as pups.

The Port o Rico Gang- We love to see their bootiful territory. They have lots of water and land fun, and love on each other all the time!

We know that Big Honey Dog already got the ward, but we still want to mention the blog, because mommy is so impressed with Honey's dancing style. If you havent visited the blog lately, you have to go there!

PS- Mommy said I have to quit calling Max a "big dumb pup", because he is getting smarter. He is walking better with us in the morning, and he has taught mommy and daddy how to know when he wants to go outside to play with them. So I guess I can stop calling him dumb, and just say he is my brother. After all, he does whisper nice things in my ear in the morning.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Last weekend, mommy and daddy were in the back territory all day. They let us come out and hang out with them. Then mommy went and got us a treat. She said this was the other half of Santa's present. We got to chew on them all day long.
Max wouldnt lay down. Mommy finally had to take him out to the grass and make him sit and lay, then give him his treat again. Then we discovered our own water bowls. We dont even have to stoop to drink the water. And it is always running. I being the princess, prefer fresh running water over that icky stale sitting water... umph!

While I was content to continue to enjoy my treat for hours, Max got tired of his, and went exploring. So I took his treat and worked on that too.
Daddy is still digging. He dug a hole and put in some white long things, then filled the hole back up. Max likes to go into the hole and eat the grass growing out of the side. Daddy told him that soon there will be water in it, and he will have to swim around in the hole.
4 hours later, and I am still content with my treat! There is not much left, but I want to get all the yummyness out of it.
Note from mommy: The next day, Sasha went out to go potty, found the bone and refused to come back in. She stayed outside by herself for over an hour, continuing to chew the bone. Now THAT is dedication!