Thursday, November 27, 2008


BARK! Last night there was a lot of barking and noise outside. Daddy came home and looked like he had been slurped all over. Dumb Max kept getting excited and running around barking. That excited me, so I had to alert mommy to what was going on.

Mommy opened the back door and invited us to come out and see what all the noise was about. We still werent sure what it was, but it was pretty scary! We decided to stay inside and keep mommy and daddy safe, and maybe it would go away.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was in a nice relaxed sleep, and up pops the Princess. She stands over me, and barks and stares. Finally she jumps at me and barks again. What the heck, I get up and move to get her out of my face. Then she takes my bed... and moves it into the middle of the livingroom in front of mom and dad!
She bites it, tugs on it, rolls it around a bit...

Then does the circle thing, stomping on it...

Then starts to get comfortable...

Then triumphantly claims it! Whats up with that? I don't get it. The Princess strikes again!

I got justice, shortly after this, Dad made her move, put the bed back and invited me to lay back down on it! PAW to the dad!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008


We have to sadly announce that my parents dog, Sassy went to Rainbow Ridge last week. She got cancer and it finally got to the painful point to do the right thing.
Sassy was brought home for my neice, who was living with my parents at the time. She quickly became the family dog, as as my neice grew up and out, Sassy endured herself to my parents. Being a very good dog, as my parents retired, she went on many motorhome trips with them. She got along with all other doggies and all people. During my single days, having only a cat, Sassy gladly filled in the "dog" portion of my life, comeing to visit and go to the beach with me. She loved to romp on the shore and chase seeweed. After we got our big dogs, I liked to call her "little dog" when we visited.
We will see you on the other side of Rainbow Ridge, Sassy! Max and Spike are over there to show you around.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I think I like Gramma being around all the time. Today when she was over, she asked mommy if we like to go for rides. So this got me a ride to her place and back.
I sat between her and mommy and watched all the way there.
I kept a close watch to make sure we were all safe!
BARK- Sasha the Princess!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Shortly after mommy got unployed, she started barking. Her barking got worse, everyone up at night. So we have been doing a lot of this lately:
But today was the worse of all... Some girls came knocking on the door. As we were trying to alert mommy about it, she grabbed us by the collar and took us to our safe places. Neither of us are very happy about this!

I tried to give mommy the most pathetic look when she brought the flashy in.

Even dumb Max got the same idea!

We are not sure what is going on out there, but we could hear the loud sucking machine making nose, and lots of chatting. There was an odd smell, that we are not used to. Mommy calls it the "cleaning" stuff smell. I heard mommy tell the girls that people are coming next week for a big feast. Sure hope we dont have to stay in here too long and we can join the feast!

BARK!! Sasha the Princess

Thursday, November 13, 2008


DUDE!!! Look how flexable I am! Can YOU touch your nose to YOUR Paws?
PAW! Max the DUDE!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Mommy went out back without us again today. She dug real little holes into the ground, and stuck some little white things into them. I watched closely from the window, in case she was hiding a bone. But they looked too small to be bones. Then she stuck little sticks out of the ground and covered all the white things. I heard her tell Daddy that we will have some "garlik boobs" next spring. Not sure what those are, but sounds funny. Wonder if they taste good.

Mommy sure has been digging lots lately. I think she is starting to become part doggie like daddy. Finally, she let me and Max come out and sniff around, while she was behind the fence putting more stuff in the ground. Then she went out with her flashy and took pictures. Wonder what is up?

BARK!! Sasha the Princess

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Daddy was out back digging again. This time he was digging just little holes. When mommy left to spend the day with Gramma, she told me to supervise daddy to make sure he didnt dig the hole bigger. So I kept close sooper-dog-vision on him. Seems he was pulling little green things out of the ground, so I started pointing out the ones he missed.
Um, Daddy, I think you missed one right here...
Mommy spent the whole day with gramma and was too tired to take us for a migration when she got home. Then the next day, they left us alone for too long. I was so bored, I encouraged dumb Max to pull the bag off the counter, so we each had a bag to play with.But we were very careful not to damage what was inside the bags. We had a lot of fun, until Mommy walked in the door. I think having Gramma around was a good thing, or mommy would have been a lot meaner. She just laughed with Grams and grabbed the flashy thing. Gramma just kept asking "What did you doggies do?" over and over. So when mommy bent down to pick up our play things, I gave her a big wet slurpy up and down her face, which made her and Gramma laugh even more. I love when mommy laughs, it makes my tail swing.
Mommy made sure that her and daddy took us on our migration tonite. Now we have full bellies and tired bodies. Night Night-- Sasha the Princess!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Just before Mommy's odd week started, she allowed me on her seating bench. I was so happy. I snuggled right up to her and didnt move, hoping she wouldnt change her mind. Daddy got out the flashy thing. It was very hot, but I didnt care. Mommy never lets me on her seat, so I was staying as long as she would let me.
Daddy has been busy out back making lots of noises, then spreading the good smelling stuff in the holes he made. I heard mommy say she was going to hide things under the smelly stuff, so they could eat it later. (Dumb Max just had to get into the action and pose for the flashy thing)
Mommy was out in her OFF LIMITS place, when she discovered some more holes. I heards her call Daddy out and they whispered together. Im not sure what it means, but daddy wouldnt let me near, then I saw him plugging up the holes with some stuff. Last time there were holes like that, Daddy let me take care of a fluffy that had made the holes. He was very proud of my hunting skills.

Mommy's eyes have stopped leaking and she is staying busy. She keeps scratching something off a sheet of paper, then jumping in the big green machine and taking off for awhile. Sometimes she comes back smelling like Gramma, so I think she visits her a lot too.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Mommy says Gramma will be around a lot lately. She moved into a lair of her own near us. Last night we got to see her. Dumb Max kept sitting on her feet. While I gently nugdged her to be petted.
Also something new has happened. Mommy is home all the time now. She seemed sad the other day and I saw her eyes drool a little, then she brought some boxes in and has been unpacking stuff. She said she wont have to be away from us as much for awhile. Something about being unploid. Not sure what that means, but if she is around more, I am happy. I will have to bark a lot during the day now to make sure she knows when there is danger nearby.
BARK!! Sasha the Princess