Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Memories

Every year, after mommy and daddy eat that REALLY REALLY big bird, they dropped me off to visit Ms T for a few days and always seemed real relaxed when they came to pick me up. Well, last year I didnt get to go to Ms. T's. Mommy and daddy took me with them to Monter-hay. They seemed real excited, and I was excited I got to ride for a long time in the Green Machine with them!

We slept in a different Masters Lair. Mommy and daddy told me I had to be real quiet. I tried my best, but a few times I had to warn potential enemies to beware that I was protecting the pack. It was a little unnerving to do my "thing" in strange places. Mommy or daddy would have to migrate with me for a long time before I felt comfortable enough to do "it".

Mommy had said this was where her and daddy had their first kiss, so I went to ponder that thought, while overlooking the vast sea. "What is a kiss?" "Have I ever had one?" "Do I even want one?" "Whatever... just let me get back to sniffing!" But it sure made a good flashy shot, didnt it?

After a few days of exploring, we got back in the Green Machine for another long drive. Daddy found my favorite spot of the whole trip. He take the long red thing off my neck and let me run, run and run! Even daddy started running. I had so much fun. Daddy finally got tired and so we got back into the Green Machine and drove some more.

Then I smelled the oddest smell ever. "Quick daddy! Pull over now!!" We jumped out and went to investigate. "What in the world were those things?" They were making all kinds of noises I had never heard before, and to my surprise they didnt run away when I came near. They made some sounds like me and Max do, that usually make mommy and daddy run from the room. I stayed quiet to watch them more closely. They didnt seem to be a threat to our pack, so I signaled it was ok to leave.

Mommy and Daddy told Ms. T that I was a real good girl and that I would be able to go on a trip with them again. A RU RU RU!!! Daddy, mommy, me and the Green Machine again! BARK!!

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