Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mommy brought home the weird floaty things again. They dont have a smell, so we cant figure out what they are.
Her and daddy just kept kicking them around the lair.

It upset me a bit, so I had to tell daddy to stop. But that just made him toss them around even more.

Dumb Max didnt like them at all. He kept trying to hide behind mommy, but daddy chased after him.

Finally I got hold of one, and put it in its place. But it made a real loud bark, which really upset me and I told daddy to make them go away!
Daddy finally put the floating barking things away, so we could go back to meditating.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


We cant help it. We were bored. We want to play more. This thing was close to my bed, so I thought it was interesting enough to chew on. I didnt know they had something to do with the brightness in the room at night, and the box that mommy and daddy stare at sometimes.Mommy says we will have to stay in our safe places whenever they are not home.
Im sorry Mommy-- BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mommy has been so busy lately, we havent been able to get to the 'puter to update. We have been begging her to get us on, so we can see the other doggie happenins.
Last weekin, mommy said it was valintins day for lovers. We figured we would get some lovins. After mommy and daddy drank out of the tall bottle, they got all happy and started asking US for lovins! What's up with that. Daddy asked me for a kiss. I didnt want to kiss him, but he kept trying.
Then daddy puckered up for dumb Max.
And dumb Max fell for it.

Mommy and daddy got all excited that the dumb boy kissed daddy. I dont know what the big deal is?! I kiss mommy all the time.

This weekend daddy hasnt come home. Mommy said he went away for the weekend to a confrence. I dont know what that means, but mommy said she feels real safe with us watching over her. So we are taking turns sleeping in front of the door to the lair until daddy comes back home.
Come home soon daddy! BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


BARK!! Bad news...
Mommy is gone almost all the time now. She went back to something called "wurk". Then at night she comes home for a little bit, and then goes out again to something called "Bi-blue stud-ee". We greet her each time she comes home and give her tail wags and slobbers. Don'b get me wrong, she does show us love before she has to run away again. But we are sad to see her gone so much.
BARK! Good news...
Mommy can take us for walkies again. She is so happy about this, that it more than makes up for our sadness that she is gone soo much. She even wakes up before us, drinks the stinky dark stuff, then takes us out in the dark to explore the territory. She is putting those things in her ears again, and seems to walk faster and with a smile on her face. We have even heard her make happy noises sometimes too. She told daddy it is fun to wear the things in her ears, cause they make her want to "seeeng". Sometimes she even takes us out for a walkie before she has to run again to her stud-ee. We are working real hard at being good doggies on the walk, so she will keep taking us out.
Last week, that big, bad mean dog behind us started teasing me again behind the fence. So I had to go give him a few words. As I was giving him the paw, the fence board came loose, and he gave me the paw in the face. After daddy got done yelling at me, he saw the owie on my nose and cleaned it up. When mommy got home, I got more special loving too. It is ok now, but my nose is not so cute anymore. But mommy still kisses it. So I guess I wont need dogstic surgery.
Bark- Sasha the Princess with the flawed nose!