Sunday, January 31, 2010

A New Friend

BARK! Before you furries out there start thinking I am allowing another doggie into my lair... think again....BARK!

This is Mr Darcy's family's new doggie. You may remember Mr Darcy followed my brother Max to Rainbow Bridge last year. Well, Mr Darcy's family didnt have another doggie like my mommy and daddy did, which left HUUUUGGGEE hole was left in their heart (Us big doggies leave really really big holes everywhere). So when Mr Darcy's mommy heard about another doggie that needed a forever home, they decided to open their hearts again and welcomed DIGBY! Digby looks like he may be a mix of Mastiff and Labrador, but what we know for sure is that he has a FOREVER home now! Digby has had a rough past so we think everyone's heart will be healed with this match.

Digby will never replace Mr Darcy, but he will create a new love in his new family's heart. As soon as Digby gets settled in, his new mommy may help him with a blog, but for now, we wanted to introduce him and stay WELCOME TO YOUR NEW WONDERFUL LIFE, DIGBY!

BARK! Sasha the Princess

P.S. Mommy corrected me by reminding me that all doggies and kitty's leave the same size holes in hoomans hearts. It is the size of the heart that matters, not the size of the kitty or doggie. Sorry all you furries, I got carried away again. BARK!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy Loves Mommy!

Lots of water was falling from the sky for a long time. If the water wasnt coming down in the morning, mommy would let me run next to her on the wheels. But on the days when daddy was suppose to take me out, the water just kept coming down. So I just meditated all day. Yesterday, when we woke up the bright light in the sky was out, so last night, mommy took me out for sniffies and a good run. This morning mommy and I agreed that the sky is barkaful! And we can see all kinds of white stuff on the mounds that surround our territory. Mommy says it is a good thing that white stuff is far away, or we wouldnt be able to go anywhere. My friend Kasha had to wear funny boots to go out potty in the white stuff. I dont think I would be happy with that.

We have a tree in our yard that grows yellow balls. When the water was falling from the sky real hard, mommy decided to keep gramma busy, but having her squeeze all the yellow balls to make a refreshment for them. So mommy talked daddy into getting wet and bringing in a lot of yellow balls for them. Daddy asked "Are you crazy?" Mommy said "Well, do YOU have anything for gramma to do to keep her busy?" So out he went. I was worried, so I followed him out, but then saw how bad the water was coming down. So I stayed in the dry area and kept an eye on him.

Daddy also told me that with all the water falling from the sky, my big water bowl is starting to overflow. I dont think I will EVER be able to drink ALL that water!

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mommy read about a new venture this week. She thinks it is an AWESOME idea. She said Hoomans started long time ago by making a wood house for furries, then they started making cars for furries, now they make PLANES for furries!!!
Our friend Big Honey just went on a plane ride too, but we are not sure if it was as pawsome as this new plane. But we do know she was taken care of very good. Now us US furries can travel first class too!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy is getting Younger...

Im not too sure about what is going on with mommy. Last week she actually put wheels on her PAWS! I didnt get to see it myself, but the evidence showed up on the flashy. And whatever happened after that, made her come home with all happy excitement.
She said all the hoomans put wheels on their paws and then drive around in circles over and over. Sometimes they back up too. I dont get it. It doesnt look like they have anything to sniff. But she did smell pretty odd when she came home. Daddy said he was smart and didnt put wheels on his paws. He only likes wheels under his tail.
After the wheel incident, mommy said I need to get some vitamins in me, so she can wheel with me too. Gramma suggested this to mommy, so she said she will try it for 4 weeks to see if turns me into SUPER RUNNING DOG!
So now, mommy wants to be on wheels all the time! She pulled the white 2 wheeled monster out of the lair and I get to go for runnies with her. Oh, I miss this so much. We havent run since before Max got cans her.
Mommy even let go of the rope and let me run free next to her. I showed her what a good doggie I was, and stayed right next to her... well, a few sniffies got in the way, but I was close to her still.

I was pretty tuckered when we got home. I havent excersized like this for a long time. Mommy said we will only go a little bit at a time.

Well, mommy said I now have to go do my meditations before I can have breakfast. So BARK for now!

Sasha the Princess

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I dont understand, but mommy said the hoomans would. Now, I remember Max this way. But...

Mommy say's this is Max too. For awhile she would cry everytime she looked at this. She said Max was in there. I don't think he can fit into that little box?

Mommy said a little part of Max was here too. Now, I just know mommy is getting a little crazy, because Max was WAY too big to be part of this!But I knew for sure when she told me Max was here too. "Mommy, that is a TREE!. I think you need to get your eye's checked!"
Note from mommy: Max is still missed greatly. I am so thankful my heart finally healed. I can look at his pictures without crying. Procrastinating long enough, we finally spread his ashes through out the yard and at the special place in the park we went to every day while he was sick. Some of his ashes were also mixed with the cememt for the memory stone, so it can go with us, if we ever leave this house.
Rest in Peace Max! We miss you!
Daddy, Mommy and sissy The Princess!

Friday, January 1, 2010


After all the unwrapping was done, I had a good time playing with everyone with my toy's. I really got comfy at Grammi's lair. Finally, it was time for me to give mommy her present. When she wasnt expecting it, I gave her my belly. It made her smile real big. Grammi and grampi enjoyed the gift too. I saw a new thing. Mommy took dishes and put them in a big box at my level. Then she said i could help her clean them before she shut the door. There were lots of yummy things to clean. I have never seen one of these magic boxes before. I told mommy I want one and she said she would like one too. Then we both gave Daddy the "eyes".
Here I am having a chat with daddy about trying to get me and mommy the magic box for the yummy room. I think i was pretty convincing.

Then on the other box that Grammi and grampi watch all the time, a BIG BIG doggy appeared. It was TITAN!! How did he get into that box? He is very handsome. Mommy and daddy were saying he is the BIGGEST dog in the world and he lives an hour away from our territory.

Grammi and Grampi are regular cowboys and dames. They go and pretend in front of other hoomans. We went to their practice and I got to watch too. When I saw a cowboy get hurt and fall down, I got very concerned. When the cowboy that hurt him walked by, I started to growl at him for being bad. Daddy had to tell me that they were just playing and no one was really hurt. Still I kept an eye on that big guy with the tall hat!
There was white cold stuff on the ground while we were there. So mommy took me for a little walk in it. Here is my big paw print. Mommy thought it looked pretty.
Then we went to my fur cuzins house. My aunt told me they had to nap while I was there, but I got to play with their toys, while daddy did some work for my aunt. Mommy forgot her flashy, but Auntie Shelly ALWAYS has her flashy out, so you have to go here to see what kind of fin I had with the furry cuzins toy. Oops, sorry cuzins.
Finally it came time for us to head back to our own territory and lair. I got lovins from Grammi and Grampi. Something happened to the picture of Grammi, but here is Grampi saying goodbye to his grand-dog.
Bye Grammi and Grampi. BARK! Sasha the Princess