Saturday, January 31, 2009


A big box arrived again. Mommy got so excited. She invited us to help her open and investigate. It doesnt smell like doggie stuff... wonder what it is?
Max got right up into it and tried to find the yummies
Mommy took the stuffing out of the box and wrapped it around dumb Max. He is so gullable!

It doesnt look like there is any doggie stuff in there. So I dont know why mommy is so excited!

Mommy tried to convince me that it really was something for us, but I did not agree in the least bit!
Hmm, this smells interesting. Can I have a taste?

What the heck? Mommy tried to grab my nose with those pointy things. That was NOT nice!

Dumb Max sat down so she had an easier chance to grab his nose. What a dumb boy!

Mommy said these are for flipping meats when cooking. Now put some meat on the end of those sticks, and I will gladly sit like dumb Max!
Well, there were not doggie goodies for us in the box, but mommy was nice enough to get some out of the smelly room, and reward us for helping her unpack the reward SHE received. There are some benefits for helping mommy open boxes!
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Monday, January 26, 2009


As I was being prepped for surgery a couple weeks ago, the nurse commented on my biceps. He said they were impressive for a girl. At first I was confused, as I do NOT work out! Then, at the same time, my hubby and I laughed as we told the nurse that I walk about 240 lb's of dogs a day. He was so impressed, he was continued to talk about it, as he wheeled me into OR, sharing it with my Dr, waiting behind her mask, ready to put me under and get on with her job. So my last memory as I went under, was of my pups.

This is when it hit me, I had been instructed not to lift more than 5 lbs for the next 4 weeks, that includes 240 lbs worth of dog! Just when I was getting the hang of walking them together, with my iPod blasting 70's music and keeping us all calm. So I can honestly say, the hardest part of healing is not being able to spend time alone on a walk with my babies. Oh, I get to love on them in the house, but it is not the same as fresh air, pee-mail and just the excitement of being outdoors together. Seeing things through THEIR eye's (or should I say noses?). I am sure my husband would let me walk with him, but I havent quite gotten back in the routine of waking at the crack of dawn with him.

However, as I prepare to return to the work force this week, I am saddened even more by spending even less time with my babies. Just before being laid off, my drive home was full of anticipation of getting home to a walk with the kids. Just me and one or both of the babies. It lifted my spirits. I have 2 1/2 more weeks to go with no mommy and doggie time.

I need to look back at this reflection in 3-4 weeks, when I am back to waking up at the crack of dawn to get a morning walk in, to remind myself, that I was missing this! I am sure my hubby will gladly remind me, as I sleepily drag my behind out of bed, while it is still dark, grab onto my cup of coffee, curl up in my recliner and slowly awaken to 2 dogs staring me in the face, waiting for that morning migration. Oh how I miss it now... but just wait...
Sasha & Max's Mom!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mom is feeling better and starting to move around a lot more lately, leaving the lair for longer times away. The other day she left for almost the whole day. We are not sure how much we are going to like this. So we are trying to show her how much we need her here, with us.
We are not suppose to come into the "stay away" room unless invited, but I had to show mom I love her so much. So I very slowly stepped in, and kept alert for her energy. She seemed calm, so I crept forward, head low. She looked back, and watched me. Then instead of pointing for me to leave the room, she signaled me over, and let me put my head in her lap as she tapped on the table and stared at the square box some more. Then she couldnt resist any longer, and had to start tapping the table with one hand, while the other hand gave me the masage I was begging for.

But dont you know it, The Princess had to interupt. Just standing at the door waiting to be invited in, didnt work for her, so she ran and got the Pink Bone.

NOT THE PINK BONE!! It gets 'em every time! Dad walked in at the same time, and the whole quiet mood was gone. The Princess became the center of attention again!
Personally, I think she is pretty mean with that darn Pink Bone, but mom and dad think she is adorable with it. They say it has lasted longer than any of her toys.
What's a Dude to do?
PAW! Max the Dude!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


BARK! I was just laying the floor meditating, when my paw-dar sensed something moving near me. I jumped up to investigate. I couldnt smell it, but it was moving. Something was up! I kept trying to get mommy and daddy's attention, but they just kept staring at the square box. Then they started laughing at me! Can you beleive it? They laughed at ME! The PRINCESS! Mommy ran and grabbed her flashy thing again, and took a picture of the moving thing. I was very alert, and made sure it didnt make any sudden moves on her.
Then mommy was so brave. She let it move onto her hand. She told me it was a "Pill Bug" and I didnt need to worry. She was so glad I didnt eat it, and let it be. Then she took it outside and let it go free.
Then I went back to mediating! BARK!
PS-- My friend Mango reminded me that he is from Master-chew-sits. I think mommy was watching a little too much of that MA, PA, Laura bunch, and got confused and all!
Sasha-- The Princess!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Mommy says it has been an exciting week.
First she got news of a new job and they were nice enough to let her stay home with us for a little bit longer, before making her leave us during the day again.
Then she went to a day trip away and had some stuff done to her that will make her feel better each month and that means she can walk with us all the time now.
Then the nicest thing of all, we got an award from not one, but TWO of our doggie friends. Waldo and Gus from OH HI! O and Mango and Pee Wee from Minnie Soda. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.
Mommy had to look up what that "self-..."word meant. I think it means something about showing off or bragging. Nothing that any of us doggies would EVER do! So I would like to pass this award to:
Dog mum for being the inspiration to get started with the doggie bloggie
Our Porto Rico friends for showing us the other side of the world.
and mommy wants to give to:
Big Honey Dog for making her eyes leak each time she see's the dance
The new wife for making her laugh each time she reads her funny stories ( I personally think she needs to let her doggies on the 'puter more!)
We know it says to send to 8, but we wanted to make it extra special for some.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mommy went to the pawspital the other day. When daddy brought her home she was real sleepy and we had to stay away from her. But gramma and grampa were here too, so we got lots of petting. Daddy slept in the big room with us, and was he loud!
So we have been good doggies and laying around with mommy all day, making sure she is ok. Dumb Max gets too close to her tummy, and daddy has to make him go lay down a lot. But mommy gives us her loving eye's from her chairbed. She has been staring the square picture box, which she usually never looks at. I hear the same voices coming from it over and over. There is Pa, Ma, Laura and some others. Sometimes mommy's eye's leak too. Then she points that long thing, and it starts again. I dont know how much longer I can stand those voices, but it sure seems to make mommy happy.

Mommy said when she is feeling better, she is going to fix our paw nails for us. Max's nail is so sharp it cut mommy awhile back, so she came home with this box. I dont know who those are on the front cover and I dont know if I am going to like it.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Monday, January 12, 2009


The energy has been a little different around here lately. Mommy has been talking about going to the pawspital, then she said she will be laying around with us for a couple days. She told us not to worry, it is going to be something good. She also said we wont have to worry about any little hoomans showing up to stay for good.

Then yesterday, the hooman bell rang and after mommy put it back on the wall, she started jumping around. At first I was a little confused. I got excited too, but didnt know why.

Then I started telling daddy what mommy was saying. She said now she could get us new beds and maybe we would even get a special bone soon.

I still dont understand completely what is going on with mommy, but I am happy she is happy. And if she is going to be laying down with me, I am even happier- BARK! Sasha the Princess


Last night we went to a desert celebration, which was a "Who Done-It" theme. We were invited to dress as our favorite detectives. Naturally, I thought of Scooby-Doo's mates, Shaggy and Daphne. It was fun and VERY easy to dress the part (even with a "ho-hum" hubby dragging his feet). Since we couldnt really bring our own Scooby-Doo, I printed a few pictures to pin to us, as a hint of who we were.

As I perused The Princess's library of photo's, I was struck at the progression of her aging. Although she still has the energy of a puppy when she sees a squirrel or cat, her face and sleeping habits reflect her true age.

When we first adopted her Christmas of 2005, she was very skinny. She had previously been taken by another family, but after chasing a visitors cat, she was returned within 2 weeks. The home jumping stressed her enough, to cause her to loose a lot of weight.

This picture was taken shortly after we brought her home, she was just starting to get the white around her muzzle. She was 5 1/2 years old. The rescue said she still had the energy of a pup, and she quickly proved that. It took her almost a year to quit being so interested in my 15 year old cat, who did not want ANYTHING to do with her. You can see her spine and rib cage very clearly in this photo, reflecting how skinny she was.
The below picture was taken within the last year. She has almost lost all the color on her face and muzzle. I just called her to me and looked closely, and all color is gone from her eye's down. She has the infamous old lady neck, with quite a bit of sag. You can definatly NOT see her spine or ribs anymore. She has filled out so much, that she has a body style of a Mastiff (Yes, mango, she is your girl!) than the thinner frame of a GD.

After recently seeing the new movie Marley & Me, it was a reminder that a day WILL come that I may have to make that same tough decision. Oh, how I dread that day. My sweet pretty baby girl is getting older. She is now almost 9 years old, which I know is up there for a Dane. However, we continue to pray that her active lifestyle (daily walks or runs), food choice and being an indoor dog, is prolonging her retirement from this world.
Well, after wiping a tear from my eye, I now have to go love on my sweet pretty baby girl!
My Sasha, the Princess!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


BARK! Sorry, mommy has actually been pretty cool with the flashy lately, and not pulling it out for every thing we do. She has been in an awefully good mood lately. I heard her talking to daddy about an enter view she was going to. And then she came back happy. We could tell, the energy was all around her. She is still at home a lot, so not sure what is happening.

Then she did something new. The other morning, she took me AND dumb Max for a walk, together. Just her, daddy didnt come. But before she put the ropes on us, she put some things in her ears, with a thread hanging out. I dont know what it was, but her energy changed and she was very calm. Even hyper Max felt it, and calmed down a bit. He still whined, but not as much. And mommy didnt seem to hear him.

Then after we left the lair, she was walking faster. She was almost prancing like me! She was smiling, and her mouth was moving. Not sure what was going on, but we liked it. She even unhooked us from each other (we are NOT oxen) and let us smell all the pee mail! Since she was so happy, we were very good doggies and just had fun with our pack.

I like when mommy has things in her ears! I hope she does it all the time now. It gives her good energy. BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Mommy said she got an unexpected bone S, so she went shopping. She came home with a big box and daddy got it all set up. Im not sure what happened, but I can no longer get my pickens out of the can in the smelly room.

Try as hard as I can, I cannot get it to pop open like before. Mommy thinks it is so cool, and daddy smiles a lot, since he doesnt have to hide it in the garage at night anymore. Im not so sure I like this new con trap shawn!

BARK!!! Sasha the Princess

Friday, January 2, 2009


I swear, mommy, I didnt do it. I woke up this morning, and there was snow all over. Mommy doesnt beleive me, as she saw me chewing on the stuffy rather intently the past couple days.
I do not see any Sasha prints on the evidence, so I plead "NOT GUILTY!"
Wait, where did that paw come from? It is not mine, I tell you, not mine!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Thursday, January 1, 2009


My mommy's sister got a better picture with me and my cousin Brittney. She was so pretty. I just kept looking at her in her face. She reminded me of mommy so much that I listened to her very carefully and did what she told me to do.
Then mommy and daddy asked me to show off to the family. Using my favorite mommy voice she asked me to show me her tummy. I was so excited to get a belly rub, I bared it to all. Mommy's sister uses her flashy even more than mommy!
It was a fun day, but there was so much going on, I hardly got to sleep a wink.
BARK! Sasha the Princess