Friday, October 31, 2008


Thanks to all you doggies who voted that we deserved a treat when mommy leaves for the day. BARK!! Mommy gave us one this morning! PAW!!
What a team we all make!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is the look we give mommy each morning as she leaves us for the day.

Doesn't this deserve a "Good bye" biscuit at least?


Monday, October 27, 2008


For the past 7 years, we have escaped away on Thanksgiving weekend to the beautiful area of Monterey and Carmel. We shared out first kiss there and have since made it our home away from home. We have always found something new to explore each time we visit.

Last year Sasha joined our adventure and what a fresh perspective to see our get-a-way spot from a dogs eye's. It was cool enough that she could stay in the Green Machine for any non-dog meals or shopping, but fortunately she was able to be with us in most of our exploration.

The first night there, she was the QUEEN of Cannery Row. After a quick happy hour stop (time for her to rest in the GM), we took her for a walk downtown among the shops and visitors. She was very well behaved and enjoyed the attention she received from every person that had to stop and talk to her, pet her or just ask what kind of dog she was. Of course, any time I left the pack to peer into a shop, she ignored all attention and kept a close eye on the door I disappeared into, until I returned safe.

The next day we took a guided walking tour of dog friendly downtown Carmel. She was able to walk through a hotel lobby and bar with us, of course stopping to be petted and admired. The most memorable was when we walked through a restaurant (an old silversmith building) and the party in the middle of the room fell silent to admire Sasha. At this point, she was more interested in their food, than the admiration. This restaurant even had a menu just for the dogs. If felt sorry for the rest of our party, as we were delayed at each stop, so Sasha could sign autographs for her admirers.

After a fun weekend, we headed home. For 2 1/2 days she had not been allowed freedom off the leash. To add a bit of fun to her trip, we found a deserted beach, took off her leash and let her run wild. With a sigh, we all packed up and headed home to pick up the newest member of our pack... Max.

Now we have to figure out how to do a trip like this with 2 Danes. So this year, we will once again go alone, and eagerly anticipate the "Glad to see you again" wagging tails.

Have a good week- Mindy Lu

Friday, October 24, 2008


Mommy came home and leashed me up for my walk. Then she did the unthinkable! She leashed dumb Max too! What is going on? Then her and Max walked out the door. I was sitting patiently waiting, and when she turned around and invited me to come too, I realized we were BOTH going on a walk with her TOGETHER! Mommy hasnt done that since Pedley was with us. I heard her tell daddy it was like harnessing a team of oxen. The next day we brought daddy along to carry the flashy for mommy's evidence of what good doggies we were.
At first we were very excited, but it was hard to get away with anything since mommy put us very close together so we would be good.

Then I started keeping an eye out for the little fast dirt runners. A couple times I had to drag dumb Max with me to investigate where it ran and hid.

Then I tried to get airborne like my friend Mango does when he is a bee. But with dumb Max tied to me, I couldnt get off the ground.

Mommy let us stop for a drink. Being a team of Oxen is hard work.

Then when daddy tried to get a drink, dumb Max stuck his face into the action. Of course mommy fell for his trick and thought it was the cutest thing.
Oh brother!

Because we were so good, mommy let go of the long rope and let us walk around together. Actually, we do make a good team. I guess dumb Max isnt all that dumb. When mommy calls us, he comes with me to go back to her.

Mommy has this thing about our behinds. She thinks they are so cute, and embarrasingly started taking pictures of them.
Sasha the Princess and Max the DUDE!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Daddy and Max started a new singing and dancing act. I am way to sophisticated to do something so silly.
Max was doing a solo of "Who let the dogs out". Daddy just danced along side of him.

Then Max decided to try to do some "Moon walking", while daddy did the "Robot"
Oh what the heck. I decided to try the "Jump" dance. Wow, this is really fun. Max wanted daddy to waltz with him.

After the dancing and singing got boring. Daddy gave me some extra attention with my favorite toy... THE PINK BONE!!
Now time to go back to sleep for the day. A doggie can handle only so much excitement!
BARK! Sasha the Princess-- Yaaaawwwwnnn!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night mommy, daddy, dumb Max and me went running. Well, mommy and daddy were on the wheelie things. Since Max always wants to race me, daddy took him off on his own, so they could race each other. Mommy and I went exploring.

One time when we passed this bush, I almost dragged daddy into it. I know there was a critter in there, but daddy wouldnt let me inspect. So each time we pass it, I keep a close eye on it. This time mommy let me explore.

I know your in there critter. Come on out and show yourself!
If your not going to come out, I am going in for you!
Well, nothing was there this time. But I will have to keep a close eye next time, to protect mommy and daddy!
On to explore some more. Next up was the exploding water. Oooohh my favorite.

Mommy always makes me get into position before I can enjoy. It goes something like this:

Mommy: "you know the rules... assume the position first."
Me: "Ok, like this? Can I drink now"
Mommy: "Good girl, go for it!"

Me: "Slurp, slurp, slurp" Mmmmm, this is good stuff.
Did you know us doggies do not lap UP water? We slurp it
under our tongue?

This is my sexy water pose. Too bad you can't see all the water coming down on me in the dark.
Now the sexy water off me shake

Coming to the end of our walk. It is too dark to see that Daddy and dumb Max are resting in the grass. Too much work out for them I guess. Mommy lets me loose and I get to run to daddy and give him a big face slurp!

Awwww... the perfect night. Now time to sleep!

BARK!! Sasha the Princess!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Let sleeping dogs lie...
While I am away on Monday evenings, Scott takes the dogs running. When I get home they have full bellies and are happily worn out. It took awhile for me to get used to them not greeting me at the door if I get in after 9pm. But my heart skips a beat as I know what my next vision of them is going to be.
How hard is it to not just drop down on their beds and cuddle with them during this time?
They dont even acknowledge my presence. Just sound asleep and content.
Sweet dreams my babies, sleep tight

Friday, October 17, 2008


Step 1. Hold jar securely between paws
Step 2. Place tongue in jar and lick
Step 3. Place entire lower jaw in jar and continue to lick Step 4. Lick paper off jar and chew jar to ensure no Peanut Butter is remaining
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mommy has been coming home early a lot lately, so I get to run next to her wheely thing. I love running next to mommy as she rides. She talks to me, telling me what a good girl I am.

Then we stop for a drink. Mommy says I can drink like a big girl.

Then we continue our run. This time, since there were no other furries nearby, I got to run without the strap. Usually I can run faster than mommy can ride, but I wanted to show off for the flashy thing.

Another stop to get attention from all the young persons walking by.

I know that the little fluffy tailed things hang out in these tree's. So when we come through here, I have to keep an eye out for them. Sometimes they throw nuts at me.

I know your up there, somewhere! Come down you little fluffies! I just wanna play, really.
Daddy got home early too. What a perfect day!

Bark! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Where's Daddy?
What's Daddy doing?
Can I come out?
Can I dig too?
Ok, Ill just keep a close eye on you to make sure the pack leader is ok.
Bark! Sasha the princess

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One of those floaty things has lingered for a long time. Mommy thinks it is funny to torture us with these.
Personally, I think it is dog shameful. How can we look like elegant proud Great Danes with this silly thing following us around?
Max just doesnt seem to care. I tried to show him. "Look, silly pup! Look" But all he cares about if the petting it gets him.
He even proudly shows it off for mommy's flashy thing that pulled out to make it worse!
I followed him around trying to tell him how silly he looks, but he had to go in and show off to daddy too. By the way, notice daddy doing mommy's job here?

I think the Humane Society should be called and mommy needs to be reported for her torture to innocent sweet doggies like us! What do you think?

BARK! Sasha the princess!

Monday, October 13, 2008



Our nightly routine is a trip outside to pee and eat the last meal of the day. Usually Max hangs out in the yard for awhile, while Sasha waits patiently on the porch.

The Santa Ana winds started on Sunday, causing the Halloween October chill to arrive early. Both of the doggies pee'd and ate as quick as possible and returned to the door to be let in.

How sad and miserable these faces look!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Mommy and daddy were done eating their yummies, so we got to join them in the eating room. I like to get real close to mommy to see what she ate. She surprised me with a treat this time. I not only got to smell what she was eating, but she let me have a taste too. Mommy says this picture is our "kissing" picture.

Then dumb pup Max had to get into the action.
Mommy was real happy at how gentle we were. This was a lot more fun than "BEG" ing for the yummies. And it made mommy happy. Or maybe it was that drink she had with her yummies.
BARK!!! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MOMMY'S MONDAY- late :-(

Blog from Mommy...

We got to see the dog whisperer!!

Consider this a Monday Memory too. In January, Cesar Millan's producers held auditions for dogs to be chosen for new episodes. We packed up Sasha (the Princess) & Max (the Dude) in the big green machine and headed to the sea. I was very anxious, as both the kids are a dog aggressive and knowing we were going to be within a very large crowd of mostly unbalanced dogs, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!

Scott took Sasha to go stand in line, while I remained in the car with a very anxious Max. After going and checking out the scene, I replaced Scott in line, while he retrieved Max. Sasha actually was quite well behaved. The owners around us, gave us a wide space for her and she remained calm and curious of the whole scene.

Max however was a different story. He was anxious, nervous and barking. Scott kept him away from the line, staying near us in the parking lot. After causing a couple disturbances with other dogs, the security asked him to move to an isolated section of the parking lot. A empathising dog owner behind me in line, offered to hold my place in line, if I wanted to take Sasha to keep the pack together. So we remained near the front of the store in the parking lot.

As you gathered, there were many many dogs. Most were very anxious and some were extremely calm and relaxed. Shortly after moving to our spot in the parking lot, I got the brilliant idea of walking Max in circles. This distracted him quite quickly and he calmed down and missed most of the dogs passing by.

After 2 hours of waiting, we saw Cesar arrive. It turned out to be a blessing that we were banned into the parking lot, as he and his youngest son walked right past us. Acting like a star-struck fan, I waved "HI" and he actually waved back. Right then, he looked and saw Max and pointed him out to his son, saying "Look at that BIG dog!".

So that is our claim to Dog Whisperer fame!

(note- see us at the front of the line. You know THE PRINCESS had to be noticed in the picture! I, mommy, am wearing a striped sweater)

Shortly after, our place arrived to the front of the line. Fearing having to stand in line with other dogs with Max, we explained our situation to the Store employee, who was nice enough to let us stay way behind the others, as we entered the store. We talked to producer Kay, explaining how they are both dog aggressive (of course, they both chose this time to place their heads on the table and give the most angelic look to Kay). Our biggest issue being Sasha's fence fighting and Max's aggression (he attacked a dog on New Years day). She explained they were looking for unique problems and suggested we videotape the problems and send them to her for later viewing.

That was it, we were done. A little disappointed we headed back home. However, we did get to see Cesar up close, and he did see Max, well, sort of, but it counts right?

We still watch him all the time, and continue to learn tips. Want to learn some yourself?

Cesar's ONLY 2008 Live Seminar! Saturday, December 6th, at 2 PM Atlanta, GA - John A. Williams Theatre at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre Click Here For More Details!

Lucky Georgians!

Staying Calm & Assertive- Mommy

Friday, October 3, 2008


To get to the middle of a

Mommy lets us lick the spatula!!

BARK!! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We are Back!

Mommy and Daddy packed our bags and took us off to a "resort" for a couple days. This was different than Ms. T's. We didnt get to play with the other big doggies, but there sure were a lot of little doggies around us, in their own safe places. Mommy seemed a little unusual when she left, but she didnt have anything to worry about, the peoples were real nice to us. Max is not used to them going away, so I stayed next to him and kept telling him they would be back soon.
We didnt know where they went, so while mommy was showering, I had Max keep a look out while I checked the flashy thing for evidence.
Looks like they found the water hole. I cant beleive they didnt take US with them!!! I dont know if I would want to ride on that floating thing though.
After we all got home, Mommy said we needed a bath. Max went first, then I showed him how it is done.
Step 1: Sit still while they spray water all over you.Step 2: Enjoy the massage
Step 3: pretend you arent loving all the touches and massaging with the towel on you
Step 3: Smile pretty for the flashy thing.
BARK!! Sasha the Princess