Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sasha in French

My friend Lincoln in France is having a French Craze Contest. I know I have been MIA on my blog lately, but same thing, nothing exciting to report when you just sleep and make messes all the time. So finally mommy got some excitement about a contest. Here is my entry...
Mommy wanted our entry to be relevent. First of all, I have a thing for glasses. No really, I do. They taste GREAT! Especially daddy's. He needs them to read and they smell just like him, so if he leaves then out, then I take care of that!

Second of all, some people ask mommy and daddy why they got a BIG dog. Well, their story goes... after purchasing their first house, the next step was to get a doggy. Mommy started looking at They both knew they wanted a large dog, like lab, german shepard or something like that. But then mommy saw a selection for GIANT dogs, and upon opening that page, when the Great Danes popped up, her heart was gone. That excited daddy too. They got me from a Giant Dog Rescue, so in perspective, PetFinder, led mommy and daddy to ME! This book I am reading is about other pups that were discovered there too, and their happy endings.
BARK! Sasha the Princesse