Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This weekend, mommy took me out in the Green Machine again. We left dumb Max behind. I was so happy to ride with mommy alone. As soon as we got close, I knew where we were going. It is the place that has all the good smells. I even took a class there. I know to be a good girl when we go in, and ignore the other doggies. But we didnt go all the way in. Mommy took me to an area where I could hear other barkers. Then a lady came out with something sharp in her hand. Mommy asked me to sit, but I wasnt sure why. Then the lady came at my paws with the sharp thing. Even scarier her nails were way longer than mine! I tried to pull back, but mommy held my paws, as the lady used the sharp thing on my nails. I didnt like the feel or the sound and kept trying to back away. Mommy kept petting me and telling me what a good girl I was. Finally the torment ended, and mommy took me into the big store and let me pick out my own bone. She bought one for dumb Max too. I even got a little treat while mommy was handing the lady a peice of plastic before we left.

When we got home, mommy pulled out the bones and gave them to me and Max, while daddy was pushing the big noisy thing around our territory. We were so distracted with the bones, we didnt hear a sound.
Later that day, daddy crawled into a hole under his big safe place, then disapeared. I was so worried about him. Where did he go? So I had to investigate. The hole was big enough for me to follow him, anbutd he and mommy kept yelling at me to STAY! So I just put my head in the hole and kept watch on him. He seemed to be ok, but wiggled around a lot.
When he came out, he had another suprise for me. I heard him shout "Look what I found?!" and out he came with ANOTHER bone! WOW, Another bone!! How lucky can a girl get? 2 bones in one day! I brought it into the house to show mommy. but she took it away from me and ran water over it. She said something about it being "dirty". It was just like I liked it. Then she gave it back to me and I went into the house to chew on it alone. I told you I LOVE BONES!


Mango said...

You were very brave to go through the nail trimming. I don't much care for it either.

Two bones in one day! Score! You were right not to go into that creepy crawly space with dad. You would have been stuck for sure.


Anonymous said...

Good thing your mom got your nails trimmed. no one ever trimmed boomer's for SIX YEARS and it was very hard for him to walk and play. silly humans!