Monday, June 23, 2008


BARK! Mommy and I put our heads together and agreed to make Monday a "Memory" day. This weekend was daddy's barfday. But he didnt barf. They had a bunch of peoples over and drank bubbly stuff and ate lots of food. Max and I had to stay in our safe places. Mommy and daddy ignored us when we tried to sing happy barfday to daddy. So in honor of daddies special day, I want to remember this picture. It is my favorite picture of me and daddy. I love him so much!
HAPPY BARFDAY DADDY! BARK!!!! Sasha the princess
PAW!! Sasha, I think it is BARK day, not BARF!! PAW- Max the dude!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


YIPPEE!!! We are doing the GOODIE DANCE!

Mommy found the box on the door as we were leaving for our migration. She brought the box in and put it on the floor in front of us and then it was a free for all. We knew right away it was for us because it smelled so good! Max sniffed it, and then ran circles around me with excitement as I got to business opening it. Of course, mommy had to pull out that darned flashy again, but I was so distracted I didn’t care. I just had to find the goodies in the box! I held it with my paw and RIP, BITE, RIP, TEAR, and it was slowly opening. Finally mommy’s flash annoyed me, so I carried the box away to continue in peace. Even daddy was getting excited. I doubt he will roll his eyes at mommy anymore!

Finally I got a hole into the box, and stuck my head inside to see what was in there. I still couldn’t quite get it out, so mommy had to take the box and help me. Dumb Max tried to stick his nose into it too. We were very careful not to bite mommy. I learned my lesson on that long time ago.

We were so excited, we wanted to sniff, taste and see everything as it came out. Daddy had to hold us back, so mommy could use her dumb flashy

thing again.

There was a BIG Pink bone (I have never seen one of those), a spotted fluffy toy (looks like the ones on the trees that I want to chase), funny looking noses to chew on, fruit treats in a bag (Max needs those with his BAD BREATH) some yummy smelling sticks and a yellow bouncy thing.

Now I have seen one of those yellow bouncy things before, but it is hanging on a string in mommy’s big green machine safe place. Mommy set the yellow thing aside, thinking I wouldn’t play with it. But I went over and picked it up. So mommy had me drop it in her hand, and when she dropped it, it bounced all over. What fun, I have never had a toy that goes in the air by itself. It was so much fun jumping in the air to catch it and running after it. I really impressed mommy when I put it in her hand again. She told me it is extra special, cause it was Busters toy that he gave specially to me. Thank you BUSTER!

The BIG Pink bone squeaks and makes another noise too! Imagine my surprise when I picked it up and heard a moooooooo sound! That intrigued me. Where is it coming from? So I am trying my hardest to find the source. And since it makes mommy laugh, I like it!

After we got the goodies, we went for our migration. Right in the middle of that, I spotted 2 furries running around a tree. Mommy already saw it and got off her bike to stop Max from running at them. Max barked until mommy told him to be good. But I have to admit, those furries really get to me. I jumped and leaped and pulled and lunged. Much to my dismay, Daddy is a lot stronger than me, and wouldn’t let me go check it out. Those furries were running and running all over that tree. It was so exciting to watch! All of a sudden a really really big bird landed nearby. The furries stopped running and disappeared. With all that excitement, we were anxious to get back home to our goodies. Max was so excited about those furries that as soon as we got home, he chomped down on the brown furry toy we got. He really had a good time trying to pull the tail off it. And when it squeaked, it made him more happy!
Mommy gave us each one of the berry snacks before napping for the night and said we can chew on the funny noses tommorrow after we get some rest. Daddy had to hide them from us. This was the best day EVER! Mommy said we got more excited than the day the jolly fat man in the red suit (who WE never saw!) brought us gifts. Persephone and Buster are the BEST shoppers! They must be spoiled pups!

Thank you Persephone & Buster!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


PAW! Max the Dude here. Mom has been taking me out with her on the wheels a lot lately. Today I outdid myself. I stayed right next to her and didnt pull or anything. She was so excited, she kept petting and hugging me after we stopped. I think i am getting the hang of that white wheeled thing. She says "slow down" a lot, and after a couple tugs on the red rope, I figured out she didnt want to "fly"! Man, am I getting a work out!

Of course, once we get home, The Princess has to work real hard at getting attention! I must admit, she is doing really good at being silly lately.

This morning, mom and dad were up REAL early. Even too early for us. Then they kept us up with the light on. So The Princess and I played paws.
PAW!! Max

Monday, June 16, 2008


BARK! I forgot to mention, the last visit was from GREAT GRAMMA! This weekend mommy's mommy and daddy came over. They are the ones that have the hhhhhhhuuuuuggggeee Safe Place parked in their territory. When we go to their territory, we get to stay in the really big Safe Place, and I get to sleep on a couch, and mommy and daddy let me sneak up on the bed they sleep on for snugglies. It is a lot lower than mommy and daddy's bed at home, so I can get up in between them and make all those snarfly noises that they think is so cute.

Anyway, THAT gramma and grampa came out. Dumb puppy Max barked at them, and made mommy mad. So he got put into his safe place for awhile. But I was the ultimate good girl, so gramma wouldnt stop petting me. Even though Grampa would say " I didnt ask for a big dog to sit here" he would still pet me and smile. I think he likes me more than he tells mommy and daddy. One time he came over with his own black doggie. But the doggie tried to take over my turf and got to close to my front door, so I had to try to make her go away, by barking and pawing at the window. How was I suppose to know that the window would break? I think I scared mommy and daddy, but not as bad as I scared Grampa and his little black doggie. So when we go to their territory, they keep us apart. Mommy says their little black doggie is really nice, but I dont know about that, so I keep a close eye on her territory when we are there. So far I havent seen any bad evidence.

Gramma and grampa were only here for a little bit, then left. We smelled them on mommy and daddy the next day, but they didnt come back. I hope Dumb Max didnt scare them away. BARK- Sasha the Princess

PAW!!! Hey, they looked like danger to me. Especially that man with all the fur on his face! I could smell animal skin on his feet, so I had to protect mom. Anyone that wears animal skin on their feet could be dangerous! But the Princess has to admit, I was pretty darned good when Dad let me out. Once I knew the leader was back, all was ok. And how was I suppose to know I wasnt suppose to alert everyone when Gramma came out of the peoples potty room? That made dad mad, and back into the Safe Place I went. Darn! PAW! Max the Prince!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I heard my friend Huey is going to fly to Hawaii soon. I wonder what that is like? Wouldnt he need wings for that? So I tried to do it in my sleep...I dont think I ever got into the air, then I woke up when I heard mommy laughing.

We got to see our friend Mz. T again this week. Mommy and daddy took us to her safew place so she could help us show them how to walk us right. I am always having to show mommy how to be in control. Mz T. walked with our pack around her territory with lots of good smells. We even saw a couple REAL REAL big dogs behind fences. Way bigger than us, and some even had their peoples sitting on their backs! Thank goodness mommy and daddy do not do that with us! Plus we met the weirdest furry I have ever seen. I was walking along, minding my own business, and all of a sudden the strangest noise made my fur rise. It was loud and obnoxious, like nothing I have ever heard before. Then out of the bushes this odd bird came at us! Thank goodness there was a fence between us.

Anyway, Mz T. did a good job of showing daddy how to control dumb puppy Max. After awhile Max just ignored all the other puppies. Of course, I caught on quicker, especially after Mz T. set me straight when I jumped at her pretty puppy. It started to get hot and I just pooped out. So I told mommy I was done, and just sat down during the walk. So she sent daddy & Max to get the green machine and then all was ok. Mz T. was very concerned about us, and got us water and cooled us down. Mz T. really loves us and will always be our other mommy. We slept the rest of the day. One of my Favorite things!
BARK- Sasha the Princess

Thursday, June 5, 2008


All the doggies (and a hamster) are starting to get their packages. I keep hearing mommy talk about it to daddy. He just rolls his eyes. He is such a dumb puppy too. I think some of mommy's friends think she is going crazy. But I get her, and she gets me, so that is all the matters!
check out what the other doggies are getting:

Mommy and daddy werent home very much yesterday. Mommy came home for a little bit and let us out of our safe places, then left again. She came home with daddy. He smelled so good, but mommy told him he smelled bad, so he went into that HUGE safe place that sprays water and then came out with no more smells. I liked the way he smelled before! Then they left again. We got a glimpse through the slats in the window and couldnt believe our eyes! THEY rode off on the BIKES! WHAT!!!!??? Bikes without us???!!! We were very upset about that. They tried to console us by leaving our chew bones behind, but that didnt ease the pain. They were gone for awhile, and we made sure to voice our anger when they returned. Then they made up for it, by taking us on our neigborhood perimeter check. All was well, so we could retire for the night.

Since daddy has been laying under the Black Machine so much, our new friend Mango suggested that maybe the Black Machine is daddy's safe place and maybe he might like one like our's with a pillow in it. I will have to ask daddy if he would like to go lay in my safeplace instead, so I can keep an eye on him.

BARK- Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Mommy signed us up for a goodie exchange, so last night I finally took mommy to the goodie store to shop. We hopped into the green machine and left dumb Max in the dust...
I directed mommy to the fun store for doggies and other furry things:
How about these toys mommy? Oh, yummy treats? Can I have one? What, you said their mommy said low cal eerie? Whats that? Doesnt sound like fun!
Oh look, there is another furry almost my size. Will they like him too?
OK, gotta go know. Im bored shopping and wanna pee!
When we got home dumb Max wanted to see what we got.
What's in the bag mom? Huh? Huh? Is it for me? Huh? Huh? Can I have some? What, its for some doggies in Jorja?
And guess where Daddy was? Same place he has been every night. Under the Black machine!
Mommy wrapped the package all nice and pretty for the doggies in Jorja:
I dragged her to one of the big blue things that I love to sniff:
Then she, then she, then she... oh I cant bring myself to say it... She fed the package to the big blue thing!!! It is lost forever. Sorry big doggies in Jorja, the big blue thing got your goodies. Please forgive my mommy, she just doesnt get it!
BARK- Sasha the Princes
PS-- from mommy--- Ezzy Rider and Jaggers, be on the lookout for some goodies that a person in a Uniform that makes you bark, will bring to you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mommy was playing around and put these extra skins on us. We didnt really like it to much, but tolerated it due to all the attention mommy and daddy gave us.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Injuries and ICE CREAM!

BARK! This weekend, we took mommy and daddy for a ride on their bikes. We love to run along side them and challenge them to keep up with us. Max runs like the wind. This time Max pooped out real quick. When we laid down at home, I smelled Max's boo boo on his paw. Mommy and daddy didnt even notice, so I licked it to make it better. Mommy saw me, and came over to check and saw that he had hurt both paws. So daddy got out the cleaning stuff and started to Vet him up. I sat nearby to supervise. Max didnt like it very much and made some funny sounds. Finally daddy had to pet Max so mommy could fix his paws.

After they were fixed, mommy put white things on them. She said it would keep his boo boo clean. I think he looked pretty silly. But as soon as mom mentioned ICE CREAM, I didnt care anymore! ICE CREAM? A RIDE? My FAVORITES!!! BARK!

PAW!! I am glad The Princess showed mom my OWIE, as it hurt to walk on. After hurting me some more, then showering me with love, mom said something about going for a ride. A RIDE? I am still not sure if I like those. But The Princess clued me in that something special would come with it. So we loaded into the green machine and went around the corner. Mom went into a big building, then came out some delicious smelling things. Dad was talking to some person that was admiring us as usual. Mom pulled The princess over first and I saw her lunge at that yummy thing! Mom kept pulling back, then she would lunge again. Finally she stated licking and licking. She had yellow stuff on her nose, but it sure looked good. Meanwhile, I just made sure I was handsome for the person checking me out and asking why I had those funny white things on my feet. How embarrasing!

Finally it was my turn! Mom called me over to the yellow thing. I took a big bite! Mom yelled "drop it" so I let it go, and then came back for more. She laughed and said I looked like something called "Jaws!". Well, of course I have jowls!! Finally I tried The Princesses trick and started licking. Wow, it was delicious. Now I see what The Princess was so excited about. After a little bit of licking, mom finally let me bite into it. Man, it was COLD!! It hurt my head and I had to stop. But not for long. Lick, lick, lick then CRUNCH and it was gone!

Then dad went back into the big building and came out with 2 more, but him and mom ate them. So we just layed down and watched and waited for something to drop to our level. Now that was one drive that was WORTH the trip! PAW!!