Monday, August 25, 2008


Mommy and daddy dont let us sleep on the Master's Sleeping Pad or in the Masters Lair. So when special occasions arise, we jump on them, literally!
This time mommy and daddy slept in the big room with the fire box going all night. So they let Pedley and me come up and give mommy snuggles.
Mommy and Daddy's bed is really high. I cannot jump on it, which they say is a good thing. So when mommy calls me to give her snuggles in the morning, I have to stand on my tippy toes to get my front paws up near her.
When we visit mommy's mommy, we all got to sleep in the big big home on wheels outside. I get my own bed to lay on. Here I am guarding my ever special bone!Here mommy was trying to share my bed with me. I should have tossed her off, like she does me!

This is my real bed at home. When I first came to live with mommy and daddy, I kept hurting my tail. So Ms. T told them to wrap a wad of towel around the tip and then wrap it all up. I felt pretty odd walking around with a ball hanging off my tail. But it helped and my tail doesnt get hurt anymore. It is all healed now. See it laying on my foot? I am glad they didnt shorten my tail like some other doggy peoples do. That is sad and scary!Now I cant beleive mommy is putting this picture on here. I really dont sleep with my teddy like this, my bone maybe, but not my teddy. Mommy actually snuck in on me while I was sleeping and put him between my paws. Teddy passed on last year. He lost all his inards.
BARK! Sasha the princess!


Chef said...

Hey Sasha. I like all your beds. You're very lucky to have so many. And hey, about the tail... nothing sad and scary about it at all. My parents found me that way so it wasn't their choice anyway. But I don't remember a thing about it. And I'm told it was totally painless when the vet did it. The only time I miss the rest of my tail is when my masculinity swings around... Mama says she wants to buy me pants... but nothing sad, nothing scary about it.

Chef said...

Oh yeah ... my human brother's friend has a Dane and his tail got so beat up they had to cut it off completely. Poor guy. That was sad, scary.

Mango said...

Special snuggle time is the best. You are just so totally hugable!