Saturday, October 31, 2009


BARK-A-ROO!! Mommy is catching up on our friends blogs and just found proof that my brother Max made it across Rainbow Bridge. Max left us on September 28 and our Friend, Randy saw the rainbow the next day. And he lives in Suth urn Cali forna too, so we know that must be the one Max went over. His mommy got more pictures of it. You have to go to his blog and check it out.
Thank you Randy for making mommy's heart smile real big. BARK! Sasha the Princess

Friday, October 30, 2009


Mommy is just amazed at how little I can make my big self be. This time, after playing with my sleeping bed, I got sleepy. Since I had made it so small, I had to make myself small enough to fit it. She asked why I turned my back to her, I just had to show her I had more important things to do, but stand around and watch her.But then she climbed over me to bug me with the flashy again. So I showed her, I can spread out too. Mommy thinks it is funny how I sleep like she does in her bed master bed. She said I hug my pillow like she does. Sometimes I am just too big to fit my sleeping bed. This is comfy!
Daddy has been so busy being a Hand E man for other furry's lairs that mommy threatened to hire another Hand E man for ours. So daddy stayed home and is working on our own lair.
I knew he would need some help, so I came in to supervise. He seems to know what he is doing.
But he said the Sasha Princess could hand him the tools he needed. Hmm, daddy, which one do you need?
Well, I figured it was break time. He had worked hard enough. So I did what I do best to get his attention. I buried my nose in his legs, so he would rub my ears. I just know that makes him feel better and relaxes him.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


BARK!!! Daddy finally came home before I went to bed. He said he still had work to do, but let me come supervise. He told me to be careful not to shake my fur. I wanted to smell what he was working on, but he said I would get a wide nose. I dont think I have a wide nose, do you?After he finished his work, he started playing with me. First he grabbed my toy and then ran and hid. I couldnt find him, but I could hear my toy. Mommy grabbed the flashy but it was too dark to see, but you can hear me telling him to come out and play with me.
He finally came out and tossed the toy for me to catch. I can jump real high now, but my back legs dont catch me like they use to.
So mommy is always telling daddy to be careful, so I dont hurt myself. Daddy loves to tease me with my toy!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Daddy has been working real hard this week. I heard him tell mommy something about a "rush job" on some cub ords. And I can feel his energy is not very good.
Yesterday me and mommy made him a yummy treat and I got to go for a ride with her in the big green machine. Mommy left me inside and went to get daddy. When he came outside he was so excited to see me with mommy. He let me sit next to him with my head in his lap while he ate his treat. I kept giving him those special eye's, but he must have been pretty hungry, because he didnt share his treat with me. But mommy was easy to impress and she gave me part of her treat.
Last night daddy brought a lot of these things home. He was in the green machine's lair for a long time, making these things a different color. He was up so late, mommy and I finally went to bed before him. Today mommy said she would help daddy, and she let me come outside and supervise. So while she worked, I kept a close eye out for any mean intruders that may wander across my territory and hurt mommy.
Mommy said I was a very good girl today. I like when mommy smiles.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mommy and Daddy got me ANOTHER big Water Bowl. I just dont understand why mommy and daddy take drinks out of their sippy cups intead of the water bowl. Daddy keeps telling me "NO!" everytime I try to drink out of the bowl. It confuses me, because it looks like a big water bowl to me. But the water isnt very cool, in fact it is rather warm. But since it is moving, I want to try to lick it.

Mommy has been pulling out her flashy again. She thinks the way I sleep is "cute". What is up with that? I am just getting my Princess beauty sleep!
Bark-- Sasha the Princess!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Princess Stuff

Finally, mommy realized I needed my own crown. What do you think? Does it make me look skinnier? Mommy is thinking of putting this for my blog picture. Give me your opinion. Yesterday mommy was home most of the day, so I could go in and out all day whenever I wanted. Mommy had the big water bowl turned on, so I went outside and lay in the warm sun. She said I looked like a bathing Princess. Behind me is the new big water bowl mommy and daddy got me. Only thing is that the water is always warm. But I still try to drink it.

The other night someone came to the front door. Daddy hollered at mommy that another fluffy was outside. To my horror, mommy grabbed me by the collar and made me go to the room with the big green machine. I wasnt a bad doggie, so I wasnt sure what was going on. But I could hear laughing in the lair. So I started barking. I had left my big chew treat out, which I figured out later was a HUGE mistake.

What is this??? Mommy showed me later that they had let a little fluffy into the house. It ran right to my big chewey and picked it up. Mommy said the chewey was almost as big as the head of the little fluffy. She said it managed to carry my chewey into another room, then continued to sniff around. But mommy said as soon as it got near my bed, she told the fluffy he had to go home with his own mommy now. I cant beleive Mommy let another fluffy into our lair!! That is just NOT DONE in a house with a Princess!
Since mommy is home more, Gramma gets to visit more often. I like Gramma. She pets me all the time. She even allowed me to help her, by letting me sniff and drool on her lap while she was working. Gramma says I am ALWAYS a good girl!
BARK!!! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are sad to report that another furry crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Mommy says Mr Darcy had something wrong with his back side. His mommy tried everything she could to fix it, but Mr Darcy couldnt get better. So his mommy told him it was ok to follow Max across Rainbow Bridge. I know that Max missed licking my ears and I played a little too rough with him, so now he is happy he can lick Mr Darcy's ears and play with him. Mr Darcy was still a puppy so Max will have lots of fun with him. Please go visit Mr Darcy's mommy and send her slobbers and love, she really needs it right now.
Mommy is pulling out the flashy again. Guess what this picture means?
BARK!!! My favorite! Belly Rubs! This always makes mommy and daddy happy. And it makes me happy when they rub me. So we are all happy. What a great start to a new day!

BARK! Sasha the Princess!