Friday, May 30, 2008


PAW!!! Mom pulled out the camera again. So we decided to chronicle my typical morning. Dad usually wakes first and we give him the head nod, before going back to snoring. He pours some dark liquid in cups and puts them next to him and moms chair. Mom slowly comes out of the masters lair later and drinks out of the cup. I have sneaked a few licks and it is pretty tasty. The princess sniffed it and gave it the nose. I cant read, but I think there is something on the mug that tells me it should be Sasha the princess's mug, not moms. Usually once mom is up, The Princess will try to play with me. I have figured out she just wants the "front and center" mat, but I play along.

Mom and Dad just watch the show, while drinking the dark liquid. I notice the more they drink it, the more awake they get. Then dad takes us potty, and that really gets us excited. We come back in and Sasha tries to get me to lick her ears. Dad wont let me do that anymore, so I just nudge her and she nudges me back, then we circle each other. Then Dad gets dressed. He takes the Princess out the door, which really upsets me, so I have to vocalize my fear of them leaving the pack behind. While I do this, mom goes and gets dressed, then I know my turn is coming too. After she puts that thing on my face, she makes me lay down at the front door. I dont like to sit, but laying down is pretty eazy. She puts some sack on her back, then we head out. She makes me sit again, which I will do, but I gotta keep an eye on the perimeter as she shuts the door. See how good I sit?

We walk for awhile. I am getting really good at walking. Mom tells me a lot how good of a boy I am being and how proud she is of me for not pulling her around anymore. Since she gives me so much good loving for this, it encourages me to stay good for her. But I stay alert to any dangers that could be around. See how good I walk?

Then mom stops at this bench.

I have figured out we are going to be at this bench for a little while, so I lay down. Usually if I lay down and stay calm, mom will give me a real tasty biscuit from the sack she has taken off her back. She also pulls out a big book and looks at it for a little while, then puts her head down with her eyes closed. I think she may be taking a nap, since she looked so tired after she got off her mat in the morning. So I just lay down and wait for her to start walking again.

After a little while, a bright light starts to shine on us. This seems to make mom real happy. It is warm to me, so I like to face it, so I can feel the warmth on my fur.

After that happens, mom calls me over to get my lovings. My tail gets so excited when mom loves on me. She pets my head, my neck, my jowls and rubs my ears. It feels so good. She asks me for a hug, so I give her a close nose snuggly, which always makes her laugh.

Then she puts the book back into her sack and we start walking again. She seems a lot happier and more awake now. We pass the big turf that Sasha the Princess and I migrate through each night, with mom and dad. You can see the water that Sasha likes to bite a lot. I just dont get the fun in that, as it hurts my mouth. Not too many packs get this big of a yard to migrate in. At night there are usually a lot of kids roaming around. But lately we havent seen many.

There is a place we have to pass through that is loud with a lot of moving things. Mom always makes me sit and wait for the things to stop moving. They make me a little scared, so I stay real close to her and sit when she tells me to.

After that we are almost home. I can smell dad and Sasha in the air, so I know they are nearby somewhere. Mom says they have already walked by and are at home waiting for us. I cant wait to get home, so I tend to walk a little faster, which makes mom a little sore with me.

When we get home, mom makes me sit again at the door until she opens it. And always Sasha the princess is waiting for us. She greets us at the door, then starts to jump and bark at me. Give a guy a break, will ya?

But best of all.. mom always finishes the walk with the "MAX RUB". I know this is coming, and sit right away, offering my back for the treat:

Till tommorrow- PAW-- Max the Prince!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

About Nothing...

The other night, daddy laid under his truck for a long time again. Mommy took each of us on our own walk. Dumb Max crawled under the truck to give daddy kisses after his walk. I just gave him the nod, then wanted to go in and get a drink. Daddy's truck has been parked out front for a long time. It is in the way of our visual for perimeter security checks from the front window. Intruders are surprising us before we get warned. We saw a boxer doggie stop and sniff our turft and mommy made Max stop barking at it. Then we saw that mastiff come by and he barked back at us, until he daddy dragged him away. Mommy made me get off the couch, stop barking and go lay down until she let me get up again.

Last night mommy wasnt as lovey as she has been lately. We didnt even get to go for our walk. Daddy helped her bake some yummies, that we were not allowed to have, then they left for a few hours. When they got home, mommy went right to bed. I went in and checked on her and give her a cold nose snuggly. She petted my head and told me she didnt feel good and kept sniffing. Then dumb Max pushed me out the way, and checked her tempature by giving her a cold nose in the armpit. That made her jump a bit, but she still didnt get up. So we tucked her in and went potty with daddy.

This morning mommy took me for my walk, but she walked slower than normal. I got a lot of time to sniff every turf we passed. She still left for the day, but I felt bad for her. She didnt give me much lovin in the morning. I hope she feels better tonite, as we miss our mommy lovins.
BARK- Sasha the Princess

PAW!! The princess has become possesive of our bed lately. Dad has had to move her after she has barked and challenged me off the bed that is front and center in front of mom and dad. Dad reminded her SHE is NOT the pack leader and SHE had better take which bed he tells her to. There she goes, thinking she is a princess again! I hope mom is better soon too. I like walking with her in the morning. Dad is ok, but he is a little more bossy than her. PAW-- Max!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Wow, we are so excited. Usually mommy goes away for the day after 2 days with us, but she is still home with us today. It must be a special day or something. She stayed in the masters lair a lot longer than usual. Daddy came out and let us go potty, then went back to the lair too. Finally he let us in to wake mommy. She was still on her mat, but daddy let us give her cold nose snuggles and mommy didnt seem to mind. Of course dumb Max kept trying to push me out of the way. I am glad he still hasnt figured out how to stand on his back legs, so he can reach mommy like I can. Mommy usually gets up after we give her the cold nose snugglies.

Mommy and daddy are very proud about how well behaved we are when he gives us the food lovin. Of course, mommy pulled out that camera again, and got us on tape. Wanna see how well daddy has taught us to wait?

We just found out who our partner is for the International Goodie Exchange, and now we need to get mommy to the store to buy some goodies. BARK! Sasha the princess!

PS-- Sophie the Shepards daddy stopped by this weekend to thank mommy and daddy for helping in the accident and caring to look for Sophies sister, Brownie. He was happy to report that Sophie is doing well and will soon be out of her crate to be active again. He said Brownie is now more leary of the street and sticks close to his daddy's side on walks near the street. He also said Brownie was very afraid of the Big Barking Sky Dog last week too! Max is glad to hear he is not the only scairdy dog!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


When mommy came home with dumb Max's torture bowl, we smelled more than the bowl in that white bag she had. But she hid it. We found out why. There was a TREAT in it!! YUM!! Mommy gave us our treats last night before she left. I think she said good bye as she was walking out the door, but those TREATS had our attention.

Mommy has been going crazy with the camera latley. Even daddy thinks she is crazy. And it sure is tiring looking cute and pretty all the time. Sometimes I just want to put my head down and sleep. But I do admit, I look pretty darn snouzy in this picture. And hey, if it make mommy laugh, then I am all for it! This morning on our walk, the big mean dog came after me. But mommy pulled me aside, and daddy yelled for him to go away and he did. I always know daddy will protect his pack. That just shows me I really need to keep a close eye on the big mean dog, cause he is sneaky!

-Sasha the Princess!

PAW! Mom has been aweful lovey duvey lately. I sure LIKE IT! But I have a feeling it has something to do with it being cold latley, and she wants to snuggle up to warm bodies. But isnt that what us big dogs are good for?

Today there have been a lot of lots peoples walking in front of our lair . The princess and I have been barking and making sure they stay away. It seems to work since they all keep walking off . Mom said something about a Graduation going on, but we are just making sure that our lair and pack stay safe! Dad has been laying uder his truck all day, so we have had to be extra alert since Mom wont let us out there with all those people. But we we are glad when mom is home all day like today.

Friday, May 23, 2008


PAW!!! What was that all about? We were just laying in our "safe" houses waiting for mom or dad to get home, when all of a sudden, it got dark and we heard a lot of noise. It sounded like someone was throwing things at our lair. We barked for someone to let us out, but no one came. Then the noises got louder, it sounded like there was a dog way bigger than us in the sky barking at us. So we kept barking back. Finally, dad showed up and let us out. When we went to check out the parimeter, there was a lot of white stuff on the ground. Dad seemed excited and called mommy to tell her. It was really cold too.

When mom got home, she was even more excited, which got us excited. Something was going on, but we still were not sure what. Mom grabbed her camera again, and went outside, while daddy put our walking ropes on. Right then, the loud barking in the sky started again! I kept barking back, but this time the Princess didnt bark with me. It just kept getting louder and louder. Mom went out front and took pictures. I was afraid for her to be outside without us to protect her, and kept barking for her to come back in to safety. There was water coming out of the sky, and, OH THAT LOUD BARKING! I was really worried for everyone's protection. I kept checking the parimeters to make sure that loud sky dog wasnt coming into our lair! Mom and dad kept trying to get me to lie down and be quiet, but I had to make sure the Big Sky Dog didnt come near our pack. I dont know why the princess wasnt helping me. She just layed down next to mom and took all the lovin. I was so glad when the Big Sky Dog went away. But I wasnt too happy when dad took me leash off and told mommy that it was too wet to go for our walk.

Thank goodness this morning we got to go out and walk our parimeters and the neighborhood. All the smells were gone, so it was different. Mom was very impressed when my fan club showed up on our walk. A girl mom didnt even know, came running up to pet me and knew me by name (of course, I am The Prince after all). She said she saw the princess with dad a little earlier and stopped to say hi. This happens a lot, and I dont understand why mom is so surprised each time. Of course, I am happy to oblige and share my time to be petted. At least they know which pack rules the neighborhood. PAW!-- Max the Prince!

BARK! Yes, all the noise last night was very irritating. But after awhile it was silly to keep barking at it. Especially once daddy got home to protect the pack. I know he will take care of us all! Silly Max doesnt quite get that yet. He was whining and barking up a storm (hah, I made a joke!) and I kept trying to show him how to be calm like me, but he wasn't paying any attention. I was glad when it finally got quiet and he did too. This morning was fun to walk with daddy and see our fan club. I love when I get home and mommy gives us our Sasha or Max Masage. Ohhhh, it feels so good. It is worth getting up before the sun to get these. Mommy's claws are perfect for this job. BARK- Sasha the Princess!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Mommy was telling us a story about a friend who had a cat with really big paws. She named her cat BIG PAWS. Max and I laughed. You want to see BIG PAWS? We will show you BIG PAWS!!I like holding mommy's paw. Her pawis the same size as mine. But my nails are longer than hers.

Max is always giving mommy and daddy his paw, even when they dont ask. Sometimes he hurts mommy or daddy when he paws them when they are not ready for it. His nails are shorter than mine.

People are always asking how big we are, so mommy took a picture of us with daddy to show how tall we are. My head reaches up to mommies hip, just perfect for petting me at her side. But Max can lay his head on her chest while she is standing. I prefer for her to lay down so I can lay on her.

That thing in the background is a moving sidewalk. Mommy and daddy have tried to get us on it. Max just tries to bite it. I don't like it so much. It makes a lot of noise and I really dont like it when mommy or daddy walk without me. It was fun eating the tasty peanut stuff while standing on it, until the sidewalk started to move. That really upsets me!
BARK- Sasha the Princess
PAW!!! Our friend talked to mom and warned her that even with the torture bowl, I shouldnt have my bowl on the ground. So she moved it back to the chair and the pictures she took of me were updated to show the correct way to feed us big dogs. I am so glad, as it is easier to get to my food now. I do have to admit, I am not as hungry anymore and it is funner to eat around the little knobs and watch what else is going on around me too while I chew. -- PAW! MAX the Prince!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just found another blog, offering a fun International Goodies Exchange! BARK BARK BARK!!! They are pairing off all the packs and everyone gets to swap goodies. Now mommy does come home with some pretty good yummies, but we hear some other packs out there are getting some darned good yummies that we havent even sampled yet. I know mommy will want to join in the fun, so we are in! Are you in too? This is a picture of all the stuff I like. Please note, I am not into eggs, sourcream or mozzerella cheese so much. I liked the raw meat, flour tortilla's and left over pizza! This is an older picture before mommy and daddy got that new huge white cold thing in the yummy room. The old white thing was much easier to open and make my own meals while mommy and daddy were at work. Shortly after this picture was taken, I got my Safe house to stay in while they work. Now I take LONG naps.

This weekend another person came to our house and helped daddy with the yard. His name is Luke, and I met him before. He is a really cool young person, and Max likes him now too. We got to hang out in the yard with him and daddy. Luke was cool cause he dug into the ground like we do. I kept a close eye over his shoulder to make sure he didnt discover any goodies I may want to eat. He pet us a lot and was very calm. Later he came back with an even smaller person. She giggled a lot and when we were let into the house to meet her, mommy had to pick her up, or we might have bumped into her on accident. She was cool and wasnt afraid of us being bigger than her and all. Mommy sent us to our "safe" houses to sleep, while she and the little person played in the front room. We were pretty exhausted anyway, from all the yard supervising earlier.
We are meeting a lot of cool packs on this blog. I am so glad mommie got us on here. Hellow out there to all our new friends!
Bark- Sasha the Paw!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Remember the day mommy came home full of fur, then smelled like a bunny? Well, I heard her and daddy talking yesterday and they said that the bunny had gone to Rainbow Bridge. They were real sad for Archie's mommy too. My mommy said something about Archie now being with our black flurry, Spike and Spikes cousin, white furry Max. We are not sure what that means, but we hear that all furries get along over Rainbow Bridge, while they wait for their peoples to join them. I dont like when she is sad like that, but I sure do love the lovins we get when she is!

Im going to let Mommy post for a little bit:
CariAnn, you are in our prayers. We pray for healing for your heart, peace for your thoughts and love for Riley throughout it all. As the other bloggers said, Archie can now hop and jump with all 4 perfect legs now! And since we know all animals get along over that bridge, I know my kitty Spike will give Archie the tour and show her where to wait for us!-- Hugs- Mindy

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mommy and daddy both got home earlier than normal and she seemed in a really good mood. It was so hot, our tongues wouldnt stay in our mouth! She gave us these cold rocks to chew on. I liked mine alot. Dumb max would take his and then drop it on the floor, sniff it and walk away. I kept asking mommy for more. Finally Max decided to give it another try, then he really liked them. I just like to chew it into a bunch of little peices and leave it on the floor and watch it turn to water. But Max kept coming and picking up all the little pieces and eating them too. He REALLY liked those cold things! That made mommy pull out the camera again, and she kept taking pictures of us. Then she laid on the floor and we both liked that A LOT! So Max laid on one side of her, and I layed on the other, and she just loved and loved on us. We got so much love, we felt like we were going to Rainbow Bridge!

Mommy has been crusin' other blogs and she stumbled upon a new toy for dumb Max. When he eats, he gobbles his food so fast, then he tries to distract me so he can eat my food too. What a food hog. Mommy and daddy worry about him eating so fast, because of something they call bloat. I dont know what that is, but it sounds scary. Anyway, mommy brought the new toy home for him. I liked that we both got a new yummy biscuit too. That must be a fun store!

It was quite fun watching Max try and eat his food last night. Mommy had the camera out and was taking pictures too. It really did slow him down, and he had to chase his food too. I finally got to eat all my food in peace. Even when I was done, Max did still come looking to see if I left anything behind. He is such a dumb puppy- Sasha- The Princess

PAW!! I think that is the meanest toy anyone ever got me!! I have to try to get all my food from around those little things in the way, and plus the bowl keeps moving on me. Thanks a lot, Mango! What kind of friend are you?--MAX

PS-- Note from mommy--- Thanks a whole bunch Mango for the tip. Max will appreciate it when he lives longer- Mindy Lu! PS- if anyone else would like more info on the bowl, the link is: It "Slows the chow down!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tired Dogs!

BARK! Yes, we love our walks, but boy, it sure is getting hot out there lately! Last night during our walk, I saw one of the fuzzies with the bushy tails at the park again. I kept jumping up and telling mommy to let me play with it. She made me sit and lay down. Then wouldnt let me go over to it. Dumb Max doesnt even see them. I can just imagine the fun we could have together, if they would let us near one. The night before, at least daddy let me go to the tree it ran up. Try as hard as I could, I couldnt jump high enough to catch it, and climbing the tree was even harder! Im glad mommy and daddy let me play with those things that spray water, so I can put my head in the spray and drink the water. It is even more fun if I can get mommy and daddy wet too! Dumb Max doesnt get it, and never trys it. He didnt even know how to drink out of a drinking fountain until last night. I guess he finally got thirsty enough.
I do have to admit though, that Max has been pretty cool lately. Mommy and daddy wont let him lick my ears anymore, but he still nudges me, and I nudge him back, then we start playing. Mommy and daddy seem real happy when we do this. I think I will let them keep him, now that he is getting fun. Since Max is finally learning to walk good, Daddy sometimes takes him in the morning, so I get to walk with mommy in the mornings now too. I love our special alone times. Especially when she stops and sits and puts her head down for a little while. I am not sure what that means, but she seems a lot more peaceful afterwards. And if I lay queitly, she gives me a treat too.

PAW-- Hey, the Princess is pretty cool these days. She finally figured out how to play nice, so we can play together and make mom and dad laugh. Now if I can just figure out how to get her to chill a little more in the back yard, then we can run and play together outside too!
The other day I discovered FREEDOM!! Dad let us out back to eat and potty. I found the gate open and went to check out the yard next door. The lady that lives there, came out and grabbed me by the collar and took me home. It sure was funny to see Daddy's face when he saw me standing at the front door, instead of the back door. When he told mommy about it later, I felt her heart race, but I heard them mention something about me being allowed some more freedom to play. YIPPEE!!! --PAW! -- MAX

BARK-- Yes, I tried to warn him not to go out there, I have witness daddy's wrath when I did that, and didnt want to go there. So when daddy came running into the back yard, there I was, being the good little princess I am! Well, what can you expect from a dumb puppy?

Sasha- the Princess!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Gramma is here!

We love when Gramma is here. She doesnt make us sit just to pet us. She is the same size as us and it always patting our heads. When mommy or daddy are telling us to do something, she understands us and gives us lots of encouragement, which seems to upset mommy and daddy even more. Plus she has lots of interesting smells in that big bag of hers. She is sleeping in our room, but mommy and daddy told us we cant go in there. I dont understand, cause my "safe place" is still in there, so whenever I get a chance, I go check to make sure it is still there.

Max has been acting up lately when everyone is gone. He sneaks into our room or mommy and daddy's room and brings something back with him. I tried to tell him that was bad, but he just ignored me. Daddy got some news shoes last week, and they must have been pretty special, cause everyone made a big deal about how bright they were. Max went and got one and brought it out. After I barked at him, he left it alone. Daddy didnt seem to happy when he got home, but I was glad he didnt chew on it like he was going to. The next day, he brought out a plastic hanger from mommy's room. He made a huge mess all over the floor with it. The next day he brought a fluffy shoe out of gramma's room. She just laughed. That is why we like her around.

She has been staying with us alone a lot of the time. So we bark a lot to make sure no one comes in and hurts her. She goes from room to room a lot, and is always bringing out that long stick and pushing it around the floor. Our fur doesnt seem to float around as much.

Wait, Max is here. Since he has been real cool with me, I will let him chat for a bit- Bark- Sasha the Princess!

PAW!!! Max here, yesterday mommy came home and made something that looked real yummy! I kept trying to sniff it as she was making it, and she kept making me leave the YUMMY room! Then she dropped it on the floor for me! As I went to grab it, she pushed me away again. So I managed to get a white squishy peice from it, but she smacked me on the nose and made me drop it. And I couldnt beleive what she did next! She actually put it back on her plate and ATE IT HERSELF!!! How RUDE!! I thought anything on the floor was for us. I heard her ask Grams, "Did you clean the floor this morning?", when she said yes, mommy sat down and ate her yummy creation! I dont know if I like Grams being around now! PAW!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry I have been so silent. Mommy has been too busy to sign me on lately. First, I am much much better. We got to go to our friends house again, and she gave me some medicine and it helped. We also got to see some other big dogs. One was even bigger than dumb Max. He was very handsome. I gave him a bark, but he didnt even look at me.

The other night, when mommy and daddy were leaving, she gave us each a really cool treat. We got to lick that creamy light brown stuff from plastic containers. They were almost empty, but there was enough there to keep us busy. Mommy thought it was real funny and took pictures of us before they left.

Later that night, mommy let me drink out of her faucet. That is one of my favorite things. Who wants plain old stale water, when you can get the FRESH flowing kind. She felt bad cause we ran out of water while they were gone. I love when she feels guilty!

We also got good news! Sophie the German Shepard is doing much better. This morning mommy talked to her daddy on our walk (I kept a close eye on that Brownie to make sure she didnt make a sudden move on mommy) and he said she had some stitches but was doing better. Mommy and daddy rejoiced.

Last night I really impressed mommy. We were all hangin' in the backyard and that big mean boy dog started hurling insults at me. I seriously thought about going to the fence and telling him a thing or two, but then saw mommy watching. So I thought a little longer than went to give mommy a tail wag instead. She was so excited, she petted me and told me what a good girl I was.

I heard great gramma is coming to visit this weekend. She is so little, we have to be really careful walking around her. Dumb Max will probably bump into her and make her wobbly. But the good part is that we dont have to go into our crates when she is here! YEH!!!

Sasha- the Princess!

PAW!!! Finally got rid of the princess! Just wanted to jump in here and brag. Mom has been giving me lots of attention because I have learned to walk better. Mom started putting this "thing" around my nose and ears on our walks. She said something about a "Gentle Leader", but I dont think I like that name. Anyhow, it sure gets my attention. It is a lot harder to pull her around now. And boy, she can sure snap that thing to get my attention. It is easier to just stay next to her now, so she doesnt snap it. And guess what, now she loves on me a lot!! On our morning walk, I show off even more, by laying down at our "special spot" right away, and she rewards me with a head pat and biscuit. Then after she gets done reading that book she always reads, and putting her head down for awhile, she gives me lots and lots of love and tells me how good I am. Now I get why The Princess likes do be good all the time. I think I am going to keep trying this. Even after we get home, mom loves me some more. And when she tells dad how good I was, even he comes and loves on me. This is a pretty cool deal! Move over Princess, the Prince has arrived!!
PAW!!! Max the prince!