Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pawmas Morning

Mommy wants me to make sure all the hoomans know she calls it Christmas day, since that is the day baby Jesus was born. But for all the doggies to understand, I will refer to it as PAWMAS day.
When we got to Grammi's house, there was a tree in the house, but it didnt have any smell's like the one in our own lair. There were lots of colorful packages under it too, but I was a good girl and stayed away. Grammi's was worried my tail would hurt the things hanging on the tree, but NOTHING ever came off.
On Pawmas morning, daddy and me went into Grammi's lair, while mommy kept barking, i mean sleeping. I knew there was something for me under the tree, so I went and sat down calmly and waited. But no one came to check on me. So I found my gift on my own and pulled it out and started to play with it.
By time mommy came in, everyone was baffled where the toy came from. But Grammi's knew right away. She told them I had gotten it out of my stocking on my own, because I am a smart doggie. I didnt touch any other gift, just mine.

Daddy said I was a real good girl, so he helped me with the rest of my stocking. I could smell right away what was in there.

Daddy let me help him get my treat out. Santa brought me some really good yummies.

Santa also got me a toy, that mommy said is for Princess Doggies.

While mommy was trying to open her gifts, I kept bringing more to her to help me open. Mommy was very impressed that I knew which gifts were mine and let the rest alone. This gift was a really big yummy treat bone.


I got so many toy's. I heard mommy tell someone that I got more gifts than her and daddy. Grammi and Grampi said I was on the "nice" list, so Santa brought me lots of stuff. I am sure glad Santa Paws found us at Grammi's lair.

All the unwrapping and playing with my toys was exhausting. I didnt have anymore energy left to unwrap my last gift. I needed to nap. What a fun day!! BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We just got back from our trip to Grammy and Grampi's. Mommy, daddy, Grammy and Grampi all said I was the best doggie ever. They were so proud of how well behaved I was. The Princess was in full rain.

When we first got there, Grammi gave me a present early. This little snow man. It was really little for a big doggie, so mommy was a bit worried. But I was real gentle with it. I nibbled it a bit, trying to find the squeeky.

Then carried it around for a few days. Mommy was very impressed by how gentle I was with it. She said she wished I was like that with other furries.
Right now I am really tired. It was hard work being an angel. I will paw more later.
BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


OK, Im merry.... When does the eat and drink part begin?

Mommy told me we are going on another road trip, this time to her mommy's in AZ. She said they live in "pets cot", sounds like a good place for doggies. We have gone there before and I got to sleep in the big lair in wheels, with mommy and daddy. Daddy said he is going to do some work while we are there, so we will be gone longer than last time, but I will have plenty of time to sleep and meditate. Mommy said she may sneak off to visit my cousins, the maincoons. Sheez, I dont see what is so exciting about 2 balls of huge fluff, unless you get to taste them. BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Monday, December 14, 2009


How can I ever resist a face like this?

I came home to find this pillow in the middle of the living room. It is a mystery how it got out of one of her beds. Neither one of her beds are messed up. So I left it out and went about my business. This is what I walked into when I came back into the room...

What a SWEET Princess!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, son day came and mommy said it was time to head home. We made another stop along the big water bowl, and while daddy was sniffing around, mommy took me for a last walk in the funny dirt. She loved looking at my paw prints. Then daddy found what he was sniffing for. "What is it daddy?"
He said it is something to put around the big water bowl in our territory, so we member this road trip. BARK! I will remember the smells!

We loaded up and started moving. This time it was a long long move. I was excited at first.
Then we kept moving and moving and moving and moving... "aren't we there yet?"

We finally got home after dark. I was so tired. Too much excitement for such an old lady like me. So here I am the day after we got home:
And here I am the day after the day after we got home:
Pretty much all week, this is how I have looked. I love my territory!
BARK! Sasha the Princess
Note from mommy: Sasha was such a good girl on the trip. Although I noticed her back legs getting weaker as she had to lay longer during the ride. The hardest/funniest part of the trip? Well, two stories- The first night in Monterey, she was pacing late at night. Guessing she had to go potty, I didnt want to irriate sleepy DH, so I tried to quietly sneak out the front door with her to let her potty. Well, they only had planter boxes, too high for her to climb up on her own. At this point, DH came to the door and gave me his coat to wear (as he stayed warm behind the door) since I was only in my skimpy nighty. She finally took the first step up, and I tried unsuccesfully to lift her behind up. At this point a dog in the next room barked, and Sasha got distracted trying to figure out where the other dog was. So DH called (wispered) me back into the room. Then he tossed on his pants, and came back out with me, and ended up having to lift her front end, and then her back end, and she instantly squated. So here we are at 2AM wispering "Good girl, Good girl"...LOL
2nd funny... we left her in the back of the 4-runner with her bowl of food (peanut butter hidden at bottom as an enticement) so we could run into Chili's for a bite to eat. When we came out, she was not only in the front passenger seat (bad girl!), she was STUCK. Her front legs on the floor, her back legs on the seat and her head resting on the dash. She couldnt turn or move. Poor girl. Thank goodness we had eaten FAST! She hadnt even touched her food. It was so funny, but so sad at the same time. We had to open opposite door and lift her behind so she could turn and climb across other seat to jump out of truck and stretch.
Oh the joys of a Dane!
Note from Sasha: "I AM SO EMBARRASSED!"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Road Trip- Part 3

After snuggling with mommy and daddy on the masters bed, mommy took me out for a walkie. She said that her and daddy stayed at the same place last year, but since they didnt go for walkies, they did not realize how close they were to the oshen. So it was a good thing I came along to show her all the outdoor wonders. This spot was a few minutes from our safe place. Mommy said it was bootiful to look at in the morning.

So we walked along the big water bowl. It made very loud noises and I got a little scared.

Mommy found this nice walk down to the water bowl. I was as eager as her to head down to the water. But just before we got to the bottom, she changed her mind, and went up some steps.

Good thing, because before we knew it, we would have been hit with all this water. Mommy was pretty scared that she had backed up just in time before this happened. There was no warning and it came real fast. I dont think I know how to swim to save mommy either.

I kept looking for the little furries we have in trees in our territory. Mommy kept trying to tell me there werent furries where we were, but I just knew I would be able to find one.

The rest of the day, mommy and daddy drove around a lot. We got out and walked some. There were lots of other doggies, that I got a little upset about. Then mommy and daddy drove to several places finding somewhere we could all eat together. We found a spot, but the ground was cold, so I just stood and kept an eye out for danger.

I was pretty tuckered when we got back to our safe place. I slept all night, unlike our first night. I think I was too tired to hear anything. Barkarooo.... nothing like a good sleep in front of a fire! BARK! Sasha the Princess

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ROAD TRIP- Continued

BARK! We were back on the road again. It was a long long drive. I got pretty tired trying to watch it all. Mommy had daddy pull over a couple times so I could get some sniffies in. But the biggest surprise was when we got to where we were going. Mommy exlaimed loudly after daddy shut the door. "Sasha is a special guest!" See what they left for me? I was too busy sniffing the perimeter to make sure everything was ok. So mommy said I could eat later. I knew I was going to like this other lair to sleep at. Mommy said it is called the Vik door in.

Then we all jumped into the machine again and went for a short ride. They left me to sleep in the machine for a little bit alone, then came and got me and we walked around. Lots of people wanted to say hi to me, but each time, mommy would run into a store, so I had to keep an eye on her to make sure she was safe. Mommy actually gave some stranger the flashy to flash at us. It was pretty cold out there.
But the BEST treat of all, was when mommy said I could get up on the pack leaders bed. Oh, it felt so good. I snuggled up between mommy and daddy and made all kinds of noises to let them know how happy I was. This is a fun trip!

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Monday, November 30, 2009


BARK!!! I got to go on a trip with mommy and daddy. I will take several days to share the time we had. They said we were going to MONTY RAY.

First, mommy and daddy and their other pack ate a yummy smelling dinner a few days ago. While they got to do that, I had to stay in my safe place. Mommy said the food was too close to my level to let me hang out with them. When some of the pack left, daddy let me come out to get some lovins. I smelled all the yummies, but mommy told me to be good, since we were going to go for a ride in the Big Green Machine.

So, after all the pack left, mommy and daddy started moving stuff around and then we all ended up in the machine and went for a long long ride. Mommy said we were going to make a stop in VIN CHURA. while daddy was taking stuff out of the machine, mommy took me out to sniff around. She told me to go potty, and I did, really fast like a good girl. It was cold. Then we went into this room, and it felt like it was moving. I got a litle nervous. And when the door opened, we were somewhere different. That was odd. When we got to a new safe place, mommy let me sniff around. There were so many smells. But I finally settled down when mommy and daddy laid down too. Mommy brought my bed, but I wanted to lay where I could keep an eye on the door and protect mommy and daddy. They said I was a good girl, with very few barks all night. The next morning we went for a ride again, and met some people that mommy called "Ant" and "Cuzin". We were near a really really big water bowl, so mommy and daddy took me down to get a look up close. Daddy didnt want to get his paws wet, so mommy came down...and got wet with me. The water kept coming after me, then running away. I tried to get a taste, but it was AWEFUL!! spit spit ...Then they said it was time for another ride. Daddy helped me up my ramp, and I settled in for the rest of the ride.

More tomorrow--- BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm not sure what is going on around here. Mommy got up early, drank her power juice, then started taking stuff out of the house. I kept following her around, until she let me come outside with her. Daddy started taking stuff out of the Big Green Machines Lair too. Then people kept coming into our territory. Of course, I tried to bark and warn them away, but most of them thought I was so "pretty" that they wanted to come meet me. Others would pull up in their moving machines, look out the glass, then drive away. I am pretty sure I scared them enough to stay away. The others that were brave enough to approach, would look at all of mommy and daddy's stuff for awhile. Some of them would actually give mommy or daddy some paper and then walk away with our stuff. I was very anxious about this whole thing. I cant beleive mommy and daddy would let someone take our stuff, and not bark about it. It was all very confusing. BARK! Sasha the Princess
**Note from mommy...
Our family does not do SMALL. If you want to see BIG kitty's, check out Sasha's cousins.

Monday, November 16, 2009


And heeeeerrrreeeessss MOMMY!.....
I finally remembered to sit down on a Monday, to write an inspiring message. Um, NOT! I have to admit, it was reading the last bit of the Sunday paper on Monday morning, that inspired me to rise off my half asleep behind and get to typing.
I saw this ad and had the best morning laugh. Now this is GREAT!

a cushioned pet bed in the cargo area with an elevated platform;
second row and cargo area pet restraint systems;
an extendable cargo area load-in ramp;
a 12V DC rear ventilation fan;
second-row seat covers with a dog pattern design (matches the bed fabric);
all-season rubber floor mats with a toy bone pattern;
a spill-resistant water bowl; and
Dog Friendly exterior emblems.

This brings me back to the Pet Bereavement class I attended a couple months ago, while anticipating Max crossing Rainbow Bridge. The instructors were showing a slide presentation about how the pets in our lives have become so important, and how the pet industry finally woke up and took notice around 2000. They showed the statisics of households owning pets, and the money spent on those pets had increased over 200% since that time. Along with that, it was shown how the average life span of a cat or dog, sometimes spans through schooling, first and second careers and sadly longer than some marriages. This shows what an important part of our life pets have become, and why we mourn so when we lose them.

But this ad, this ad, really shows how much our pets mean to us. Ok, to buy a car that focuses on the luxury of our pets? Do you notice there is nothing in this ad that shows any comforts for the driver and passenger? No heated seats, airbags, GPS, DVD player, Cruise control, ect. Well, I dont know that it doesnt have it, but I do know that is sure doesnt point any of that out. But I do know, as soon as I read this ad, my first thought.... I GOTTA HAVE IT (And I am not even a Honda person, nothing wrong with them, but just not one)!! Now, that just irks me, that I showed more interest in the dogs comfort than my own. I laughed out loud and shared with hubby how this ad is GREAT! If it got me, I know it will draw in those with unlimited pocket spending, to buy a new vehicle for their pet, even if they were not thinking of a new one currently. Now that is SMART advertising, I say!

Oh wait.... I just read the small print: Package not intended for dogs larger than 80lbs. Well, that just saved my pocketbook! Wheewww... I was about ready to run out and buy one.

Back to you Sasha...

BARK!!!!! Sasha the Princess

**Added note** Last year, due to my lack of paying attention, I accidently flew us into the wrong airport on the home leg of a trip. Landing about an hour away from where our car was parked. We had to rent a car to get back to town. We ended up with a Chevy HHR. On the way home, we swung by to pick up our dogs from their pet sitter. Both our Danes fit very nicely in the back of that car, and it wasnt as high up to climb in. So I could see this car working too.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Today the water came down from the sky again, so daddy didnt leave the house. He was working in the lair for the Big Green Machine all day. But he came in to eat his foodies. So I had to sneak in some attention while I could. Peek-A-Boo!
Umm, daddy dont you mean to be petting me?

Dont I look like an Angel Princess?
But wait, mommy started cleaning my room. She took out the other safe place that Max used to stay in. But in order to clean, she had to take EVERYTHING out, including my big basket of TOYS!! She said "LEAVE IT", but I couldnt help it... as soon as she turned her back, I dived in. Mommy said she has never seen an Angel turn into a Devil so fast!!

I tried to deny it all, but she caught me in action.

OOPS!! Well, my basket isnt so full now. But it was sure fun!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


First of all, Daddy wants everyone to know that he is VERY impressed with Moose for figuring out what he was that weird night. Yes, mommy made him a Snow Blower. I dont know what that is, but daddy say's he was hurt by one when he was a little pup, so he will never forget it. Mommy says she was very creative and sneaky with the stuff she wrapped herself in. She said she was "Cautious". I dont know what that means, but she said the hoomans would. Now, back to the issue at hand. What the heck is this...?One day this week, mommy said she was going to go visit a friend. But then when she came home, this is what I smelled. Little fluffy's and big furries! What is up with that?
She said she just had to go cuddle on another big doggie, since I dont cuddle much these days. So off she went to cheat on me. Now this picture looks like everyone was friendly and welcoming. Ummpphh, Im a little peeved here!

But then the truth came out. Mommy said that Mandy the Dane was really having NOTHING to do with her. She said she played hard to get, and would barely come within a fingers reach. Well, I know I am a LOT more fun than that. Mommy said she guessed that Mandy is very loyal to her own hoomans, and wasnt going to give my mommy the time of day. Mommy tried everything to coax her.
Then I found the evidence of how bad mommy wanted attention. She even chased Mandy and tried to pull her tail. Poor mommy, she was pretty desperate. I dont understand, I thought I was all the girl she could handle.

Here is a parting shot of Mandy, with her brother Buddy (the one that is the same color as her) and their friend Lakota. It looks like they are trying to decide who to blame this big hole on. Well, mommy, at least I would NEVER dig a hole like this, so you better consider yourself blessed with THIS PRINCESS!! BARK!! Sasha the Princess!