Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Memory of...

A doggy of my mommys bestest friend, who lives in washing town, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Before I came along, Zeus and Thor were the biggest doggies my mommy ever played with. When she visted her friend, Kat, for her wedding, they sniffed mommy to death, and then woke her every morning with sniffie sounds coming under the door. When mommy opened the door, they would pounce on her and give her wet noses. Here is a pic of mommy visiting Zeus and his big brother Thor.
Her and daddy went and visited washing town after they got married, and daddy fell in love with Zues and his new sister. Mommys friend Kat fosters Boxers and is the one that encouraged mommy and daddy to foster us big doggies too.
This is the note from Zeus's mommy:
Today my old Zeus crossed the rainbow. He was my son, my friend, my heart, and soul. He greeted every day happy and ready love unconditionally. I will miss him way too much. He goes to meet his big brother Thor and his best big kitty sister Hannah, as well as many of the foster dogs that have passed through our doors. He leaves behind little sister Freya, little brother Baulder, and his loving parents Jason and Kathy, plus many extended family that will miss him terribly.

Zeus taught every dog that came to live with us that stuffed animals where the best toys to play with. You could play with them, but in the end, they were all his.
This is mommy and her bestest friend Kat, the day before Kats wedding.

Good bye Zeus. Say Hi to Max and Mr Darcy. Make sure Max doesnt confuse you for me, with your pretty coloring and all.

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is mommy doing?

Mommy says that since she doesnt have to drive to a boss anymore, then she needs to become her own boss. She says she will start bossing herself around. I dont understand, but she is acting weird again. She pushes all the furniture around, then moves the soft floor away. Then she stands in front of the sqauare box and starts jumping up and down, and moving all over the place. She did this when Max was here, and it scared both of us. We thought she was hurt, so we circled and barked at her to wake her up. This seemed to make her mad and she made us go lay down. So now I just layed down and kept a close eye on her.
She said she is doing zoomies. This doesnt look like zoomies to me.

It makes me a little scared because sometimes she comes aweful close to stepping on me.

Watch out mommy!

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What the heck...?

Mommy got the bright idea from some guy named BRUTUS to put this green thing on my paw. She said it will help my pawnail to not drag and then make red stuff come out of it.I was mildly curous as she put it on, after that, I didnt feel a thing. Hmmm, that is odd. But it does make a funny sound when I walk fast or run. Sort of like "thwack, thwack, thwack". So far no holes.

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Note from mommy: These are called PAWZ. Our friend Moose directed us to Brutus to check out how they work. I did a local search and only found 2 pet shops carrying them, both almost an hour away. Fortunatly, I was going to be in the vicinity of one of those special shops, so pouring rain and all, I ran in and bought their LAST Giant size, only color of green. They came in a package of 12 for only $12.95. Not bad. Plus there was a Barkery on site, so Sasha got a nice fancy decorated biscuit too (What I won't do for my Princess girl)! The sales clerk said they have been selling like crazy. I wonder if Brutus is advertising to everyone? We live 1/2 hour from the Southern California Mountains, which are full of snow right now, so I can assume this is the reason for the "hot cake" selling. Sasha doesnt even notice it on her paw, and it has kept her nail from being shaved and bleeding. So far no holes in the boot. It feels like a thick balloon, like a punching balloon. It stretches wide, to insert over the paw, then tightens back up, with enough give to not stop circulation. Excited to see how long each one lasts. Oh, and if you want some exitement, be sure to check out Brutus's blog with his boots. FUUUUUNNY!!!

PS- Thank you everyone for your input. I am on the way to convincing hubby to prepare for another vet bill to at least see what we may be dealing with. We currently have her on glucosamine-chrondritin. It has not been quite a month yet, so waiting also to see if that helps. We will keep you posted- Love Sasha's Mommy

Friday, February 5, 2010

I got an Owie

My back legs dont work so well these days. One of them is a bit sore and doesnt want to move as well as the other ones, so I drag my toes a bit. This has caused my pawnails to be very short and sometimes red stuff comes out. During our walk it wouldnt stop coming out. So mommy came home, cleaned it up and then put hooman clothes on me again. I still dont get it, but I do know mommy is loving me.
It is a bit hard to walk with this clothe on me, so it is easier just to lay down until mommy says the red has stopped and takes it off my paw. So I was just a good girl and meditated while waiting.Mommy also took me to the place where they stick stuff in my skin. Mommy says it is called vacations, but it didnt seem as much fun as our last vacation. While we were at that place, someone played with my pawnails. He made the front ones a lot shorter. I didnt like it too much and kept trying to pull away from him. He told mommy that she needs to file and play with my paws more, so I can get used to it again and then we will go back a couple more times, to get my nails made a lot shorter. Mommy is so glad she finally found someone that knows how to care for the big dog nails. So here is mommy giving me a pawdicure. Daddy says I am way too spoiled. BARK! Sasha the Princess

Note from mommy: I am getting more and more concerned about Sasha's back leg. We hesitate going the vet route, as we know it is going to be a lot of expenses. She is almost 10, old for a big gal, but besides her leg, she is still going fine. And it doesnt seem to slow her down. I am sure she has arthritis or the signs of hip dysplasia. When we run, she just keeps her back legs together and does sort of a jump, which seems to be more comfortable for her, than just walking. That leg sort of twists when she walks, almost like a bow-legged cowboy. Just yesterday I heard a clicking sound, which terrified me. I am not ready to lose her. I have made her walks shorter and shorter, however her leg seems to drag more, causing the nails to be filed to the quick on the sidewalks. I wonder is there is such a thing as a "nail cover"? Has anyone heard of them? I am also wondering if getting the boots that the snow doggies have, would work? The sock doesnt stay on very well, when we leave the house. Does any other doggie mamma's have opionions? With me out of work, we hesitate toward the expensive route right now. Not prepared to make a touch decision yet.