Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Around the World

I just can't walk away from this blog. There is something therapeutic about coming back here and reading and re-reading the postings and comments. We made so many friends from all over. Just for kicks, today I checked the stats and was once again am amazed at where Sasha's friends came from. I can't believe how far she reached. I wish I could go to each place and give/get a hug personally.

We do miss our girl so much. Here are just some of the "triggers" that hit us at times:
  • Walking through the living room, we still drift to one side, as if her bed is still on the other side.
  • When the doorbell rings, there is not a crazy barking issue to address
  • We still try to keep food put away, and start to warn the other if it is left out
  • Coming home, we still listen for a "roo roo roo" from the other room
  • We still leave music playing when we leave the house
  • No more morning walks (not the same alone)
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • No fur bunnies throughout the house
  • Sleeping through the night without any interruptions
  • No "bombs" in the backyard
There are many more that just pop up. Recently we have gone for a bike ride and a walk. It felt odd to not be greeted by passerby's. Without our girl, we are just an ordinary couple (I hope that doesn't sound arrogant). My husband is going on a very short trip soon, and it just hit me, I will be coming home to a totally empty house. I haven't had that in almost 6 years. I am not sure how to prepare for that. Fortunately someone will be staying with me on one of the two nights he is gone. 

I got the call yesterday that my baby girls ashes are ready to be picked up. We have already discussed the different places we want to let her go.. backyard, university quad (most of our walks and runs) and Monterey. Some of her ashes will go into a stone that we will make, so she will go with us everywhere we go. Along with her brother Max and sis Spike. 

As I write this post, I have been interrupted 3 times by a Blue Jay that has been insisting on calling for his peanuts. The odd thing is that I have been feeding him for a couple years now, but for the past 6 months he has been gone. He just showed up again the past week or so. I don't believe in re-incarnation, but I do believe God sends us what we need for comfort, so I will thank My Lord for this small blessing and keep tossing the peanuts.

Thank you for sharing my journey-- Sasha's mommy--MindyLu

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sasha the Princess 2001-2012

Sasha graduated to rainbow bridge on July 7, 2012. She will be forever in our hearts. Enjoy watching our journey with her here

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saying Goodbye

2001 - 2012

The time finally came that we had to make "the decision." We chose to spoil and love her beyond limits during her last week. Here is her point of view...

I helped Daddy work in the backyard by supervising.

I supervised Mommy while she washed the big green machine.

I got to enjoy the cold sweet treats!

Mommy and me would mediate by the big water bowl.

 I watched all the hoomans get ready for the big "barks in the sky" day.

I visited with friends.

 Daddy and mommy laid down a lot with me. 

Mommy made me meals of Rice and Chicken- My FAVORITE!

I got lots of orange stick treats.

I got to lay in bed with mommy and daddy and watch a movie with them.

Mommy and daddy let me sleep with them.

 I got a last treat of an ice cream cone.

Mommy and Daddy loved me BEYOND THE LIMIT!

We sadly said goodbye to her today. A video will be posted soon. Thank you everyone for being her friend. We will share more when we can see beyond the tears.