Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Honey Dog Has a Store!

We are excited to announce that our friend Honey the Great Dane has opened her own store. We want to spread the word to all the other Dane friends out there. Also, Honey's little kitty sister, Muesli, has her own stuff too. Check it out here: Big Honey Dog

Update on Sir Lancelot... He is eating and drinking well, finally. He has his moments where he snubs his food, but eventually gets around to it. I think he is hoping we will add some people treats to it, which is a no-no in our house. Since he drags his toes while he walks and his nail are nubs that bleed, we are in the process of trying out different boots, without going crazy on expenses. Until then, the Pawz have worked fine, we just keep adding duct tape when a tear happens. Since XL comes in green, and using the silver or red duct tape we had on hand, he looked very decked out for Christmas.

He and Cinderella get along just fine. She has only swatted him twice, and that was because he "licked her ears". (Now there is a sentence I never thought I would ever say... "Sir Lancelot licked Cinderella's ears.") She walks between his legs and hasn't been stepped on. When she is sitting high and he wants her attention, he will let out a little bark, and she just stares him down. When she sends out a high-pitched howl, he will come see if she is OK. She had her first vet appointment, which went very well. She is being treated for ear-mites, so she has sensitive ears. We didn't know her exact age, so the vet is estimating she is between 2-3 years old. She is very curious exploring every space in our house, and is starting to show signs of wanting to sneak outside, which we are hoping to avoid.

Stay tuned for an introduction from Lance himself.

Happy New Year from The Parents.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gotta Think Creatively

Lancelot has had stomach issues. His meals are not processing very well. So we are trying a bland diet of rice and chicken to hopefully bulk him up. He is not drinking much water, so we are worried about him getting dehydrated.

How do you get a dog to drink water? Before I "googled" it, we came up with our own idea. Add chicken to a bowl of water. It's working. He is slurping. YAH!

After success  I just googled it, and it says to add chicken broth to the water, after they have sniffed the broth. Well, I came close.

On a new journey - The Dane Parents