Monday, August 18, 2008


Pedley had been gone to his new FOREVER home for awhile. I really enjoyed having mommy and daddy to myself again. Then they got the call from Ms. T. and into the green machine we went again. I heard Daddy say "I hope we can get a Mastiff this time". But I guess mommy said no, because that is not what came home with us.
After waiting in the green machine alone for awhile, Mommy and daddy let me out to meet Gigi. She was different looking than me and Pedley. Mommy said she was a Saaaant Bear Nard. She seemed nice enough when we met, but coming home with us was a little different story.

After we got home, I didnt like having another girl to share mommy and daddy's love with. And when I tried to boss her around, she just ignored me. Oh, the gaul she had! She would just walk by me and give me her tail. Everytime I heard mommy say she was so sweet it made me so jealous.

After awhile I couldnt handle it anymore. While mommy was watching the square picture box one night, I decided to make my move. Gigi was laying next to mommy's chair, ignoring me as usual, when I pounced. I jumped on her and started to show her who was boss. I didnt know mommy could move so fast, and honestly I didnt mean to do it, but, but... oh, this is so hard to talk about. Mommy put her hand near Gigi's neck, andbefore I knew what happned... I really, honestly, truly, cross my heart, didnt mean to... bite her. Mommy screamed and daddy came running. By time daddy arrived, that Gigi girl had me pinned down, while mommy was looking at her hand. Daddy took Gigi off me, and dragged both of us to our safe places. I could sense a really bad energy everywhere. Mommy had a different smell. Then both mommy and daddy left our lair for a long time. When they got home, mommy was real tired and went right to bed. I dont remember if she even petted me or not, but I was real sad that I hurt her.

After that, I left Gigi alone. She showed me who was boss. So I shared everything with her. Daddy even walked us together, and mommy stayed home for a long time after that with white stuff wrapped around her big fat finger. People would always ask us what kind of dog she was, and I thought, "Duh, one with 4 legs a nose and ears! What other kind is there?". But then mommy and daddy would say she was a curly short hair Saaaaannt Bear Nard. She had a funny bark too!

Not too long after the "incident", Ms. T called and said a family wanted to see Gigi. Daddy took her to Ms. T's and she didnt come back. Ms. T said she found a forever home. I was glad to be by myself again. I dont want to share mommy and daddy with another girl.

PS- the best part of the incident was how happy mommy was when daddy brushed her hair and washed those things in the water in the yummy room. I guess the bite wasnt all bad then.


mum of critters said...

well you gotta learn to share silly princess :-) your mum and dad are just trying to help out as many doggies as they can just like you!!

Mango said...

That sounds really scary. You never know who you're dealing with and some of those foster dogs can be rough trade. Glad you got mom and dad to yourself again.