Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday something happened to the air. When mommy got home and let us out of our safe places it was HOT! Even mommy started complaining how HOT it was and called daddy to hurry home and find out what was wrong. Max and me just kept drinking water.

Mommy said they didnt have time to "fix it", whatever that means, and they left. But they did put an air pusher in front of our beds, so we stayed cool. When mommy and daddy got home it was even hotter. Mommy pulled out the flashy thing to give me evidence to show to all you doggies in the cool area's.

After that she gave us the cool treats. They dont have any flavor but they are fun to crunch and leave on the floor for water to form. Max first likes to take his and go lay down and sniff, lick then chew it. Then he drops them on the wood floor for daddy to discover at night when he steps in a puddle.

They fiddled with the white thing on the wall and finally the air started to be cooler again, so we all went to sleep.

1 comment:

Mango said...

That was a close call. You guys could have been baked alive!

I like those treats too.