Monday, June 28, 2010

Daddy's Family

Daddy is originally from a place far far away, call Nu Yourks. He grew up there and said he saw a lot of that white cold stuff, until he was a teen human, then he left for other sites. Most of his pack ended up moving to sunny Kaliforna, and daddy followed them. But his sissy stayed behind in the cold white stuff.
Recently she came out to visit the pack, so the whole pack came to meet me too. Daddy's sissy is crrraaaazzzyyy with her flashy. Mommy remembers how shy I used to be around the flashy, well, you can tell that is not the case no longer.
If you look closely, you can see the top of my head trying to get in with the pack. This is Daddy's niece, his aunty and uncle and sissy.
This is daddy's neice. He said she was just a little pup in New Yourks when he left. Then she grew up and came to Kaliforna too. She has grown to be a pretty pup. I was trying real hard to get in the pikchur with daddy, but it still didnt work.Daddy told me that not only was she his niece, but she was my kuzin. Shannon finally let me pose with her. She was really nice to me. This is mommy with daddy's sissy. Her name in Ginny. Mommy was so glad to get a 2nd sissy when she married daddy. Can you beleive Ginny has a grand pup? She looks too young.Ok all you smart doggies. Look very closely at the pikchur with daddy in it. Do you notice the REAL reason for the pikchur? Do you see it, there in front of him? Yep, you got it, all that yummy stuff? boy, I tell you, it smelled so good. But guess what? Did I get any? Of course not!! Nope, not one taste! Member the stuff mommy put on my nose recently, then let me eat some of daddy's barkday cake? So lets take a vote now. Do you furries agree with me, that it was a guilt token? Mommy felt guilty the very next day, so she made sure I got some ckae, since I didnt get the meat yummies! What do you think?

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is Daddy's barkday. Mommy made him a special treat. Daddy let me help him put the fire out on his cake. Mommy said he was too old to have too many fires on his cake, so she only put one on. I wanted to lick it out, but daddy said NO! Then he went to play with his new toy. Mommy says it is a bug zapper. Daddy was pretty excited to try it out. But dont you know it... no bugs came around. Finally something flew by and daddy swung. We all heard a loud "zzzap!" and mommy and daddy clapped.
Daddy went on the hung for more flying things. He is pretty happy about his new toy!
Then he took a big piece of the treat. I was worried I wouldnt get any.

But then mommy said it was healthy for me too. It has carrots and apples in it. So she made me do a trick before I could have any. Then she...
put it on my nose!!! Mommy, that was just plain MEAN!
I'll show you. I got it right off!

Then she let me lick the all the good stuff off.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Regular light-hearted blogging is being interupted today in honor of Tom Coleman.

He was killed last week chasing a bad guy, when he collided with a big rig on his motorcycle. Mommy and daddy do not know him personally, but they want to honor him for helping to protect our town from bad guys. Today while mommy was out in the big green machine, she happened upon a line of his co-workers, heading to a memorial being held in his honor today. Mommy didnt mind being held up in traffic, as it gave her time to pray for his family and thank him for his service as his coffin drove by. Mommy's eyes are starting to leak in appreciation for what his family lost, so he could make our town safe.
Mommy says there is not many things more touching than a line of uniforms honoring the fallen. Especially when the life is lost in a selfish act of saving others. Please pray with mommy for this mans family!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

The California Highway Patrol officer who was killed Friday morning during a pursuit in Redlands was identified as Tom Coleman, an officer in the San Bernardino division of the agency, officials said.
Coleman, a seven-year veteran of the department, was killed about 6:30 a.m. during a pursuit that began minutes earlier when he tried to pull over a Ford Focus on Mountain View Drive near the 210 Freeway and the driver wouldn't stop, said Mario Lopez, a spokesman for the Inland division of the CHP.
Within a few minutes, Coleman crashed into a big rig and the suspect continued on, crashing moments later with another car near the Citrus Plaza shopping center. The four people inside the Ford Focus were arrested.
On Friday morning, a blue and silver CHP helmet lay on the side of the intersection of San Bernardino Avenue and Alabama Street, where Coleman was killed. Part of a mangled motorcycle lay nearby. Coleman's body was draped in an American flag, which was shrouded by a red tarp.
“It was a very short pursuit," Lopez said. "It happened no more than one or two minutes later."

CHP Officer Daniel Hesser said Coleman was traveling using lights and sirens. Coleman, a married father of two, was declared dead at the scene.
[Updated at 1:23 p.m.: Jose Acosta, of Fontana, who was driving a delivery truck and witnessed the accident, said he grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the flames that consumed the burning motorcycle. He said Coleman was thrown to the pavement and lay there unconscious. A man ran from a nearby school and attempted to administer CPR to Coleman. He said the man began crying when he realized Coleman could not be revived. Then the fire trucks and ambulances arrived.]

Friday, June 11, 2010

Slow, but still here...

BARK! Sorry we have been incognito for a bit. Mommy says I havent been doing any active noteworthy things to take pictures of to show others, so the camera has been staying put away.

The only noteworthy thing I did recently, mommy is embarrased to report. I just couldnt help myself. Mommy left out some pita bread and thought it was far enough back on the counter to be safe. But my curious nose found it and knew it was put there just for me. Yep, daddy came home and found the 1/2 eaten loaf, and called mommy to report. Then when mommy came home, it was to that familiar smell, followed by the familiar disgusting sight. Definatly NOT something she wanted to put on cameral. In three rooms I left her some pretty packages. She was nice and didnt get mad at me, but since she had visitors coming over in a few minutes, she was like a whirlwind, opening windows and doors and doing a lot of cleaning.

After she put me in my safe room for the visit, she came back to find the new packages I left her. She was still a nice mommy, but I sensed her frustration. I cant help it. It just doesnt want to stay in.

The next day, gave me and my beds a nice bath. We were all clean, and we walked next door to take some time to dry off and say hi to our friendly neighbor. Uh oh... it hit again. And I left quite a lot of packages for the neighbor. Mommy was horrified! The neighbor was nice and offered to hose down his own driveway. Then a couple hours later, I left some packages for daddy (mommy said she refused to open any more packages).

Mommy says she understands I am an old girl, plus I ate something I should not have. She gave me some icky treats that will hopefully make all the packages a little more predictable. Our fingers and paws are crossed.

On that note, we want to end with a good thought, so here is some playtime with me and daddy. He likes to make me dance.

We dont know why the sound is gone. Just toss in a bunch of growling noises!

BARK! Sasha the princess!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our New Friend

BARK! We are so happy to hear about a new friend coming to the blog world. Mr Digby has made his appearance. Take a jump over there and say Hi! He has rescued a hooman and is helping to heal broken hearts!
Welcome to the blog world Mr Digby!