Monday, August 11, 2008


Christmas 2005- When Mommy and daddy brought me to my forever home I was so surprised to see a tree in their big room. Most people have tree's outside their people home, but not mommy and daddy. A couple days later they started hanging things on it. They kept a close eye on me whenever I was around it. It's not like I am a dumb boy that would pee on it or anything.

A little while after I settled in, they came home with these red things and put them on my head. Since I didnt want them to send me back to Ms. T like the others did, I humored them. You can tell how excited I was by this whole experience.

Boy, I was real skinny back then!

Christmas 2006- You can imagine how excited I was when they brought out those red things for my head again a year later. Ok, is this going to happen every year? They left them on my head without keeping an eye on me, so I chewed them, hoping to get rid of them for good. I already know Mommy and daddy love me, and arent going to let me go, so I can get a little bossy now! And when that flashy thing came out, I didnt like it one bit.

But if it gets daddy to pay attention to me, I will wear the dumb things. They said something about me looking like one of Santa's deers? Whatever that is!

I didnt see them last year, so maybe they are finally gone for good!



Chef said...

You were a very BIG puppy!! And so cute too. OK. That's it. I can't discuss anything related to snow right now....

Love yu anyway.


meemsnyc said...

Awww, what cute red "ears?" on your head!!

mum of critters said...

that was totally smart of you to chew those things! my friend who doesn't really like dogs but puts up with mine bought some for my oliver one christmas and i thought she was being mean too!

you look so happy with your family, even with them on your head though!