Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad Night!

First, Mommy and daddy picked us up on Sunday, after letting us stay at our friends place all weekend. We had so much fun! We got to play with all the other big dogs. Mommy's friend even video taped us playing, in case mommy didnt beleive it. And I was shocked to see Max get along with some little furries, with claws! He didnt even try to taste one!

Mommy and daddy have been real calm since we all got home. Max and I dont always see eye to eye, but we are happy to see them happy too. It is a good thing they are calm, because I had a bad day yesterday.

When mommy took silly Max for his walk, daddy fed me breakfast and left a note for mommy. But when she got home, she took me out with Max and I ate another breakfast. Then my tummy started feeling bad after mommy left. I held it as long as I could, but I started feeling worse. When I heard mommy come home, I barked "Hurry mommy, hurry mommy!". I was so glad she didnt get mad at me. She took me out back and very gently cleaned me up. It was a bit embarrasing, and the mean boy dog kept taunting me, but mommy kept me on the leash, so I couldnt tell him to shut up. When daddy got home, he cleaned my crate and mommy washed my blanket. They were so nice to me. Even Max licked me after they wiped me down. He kept smelling me too. Guess he isnt used to such a pretty smell.

Then mommy and daddy left again, and uh oh... my stomach did it again. I didnt want to mess up the rug, so I stayed in the dining room. I tried to warn them as they came in the door last night. Whatever they learned this weekend, I am so glad, because they were still calm. I felt so bad, but they gave me a pat on the head and took me outside again. After we all got settled down for sleep, it hit me again. I couldnt make it to the dining room this time. Something woke mommy and she came out to check on me. Then Daddy took us outside so mommy could clean. I gave daddy kisses to tell him how much I loved him. Then we all went to sleep. So far I feel better this morning. I heard mommy ask daddy to come home early to check on me. I am so glad they love me! I hope I feel better tonite too, because mommy and daddy are being so nice, I dont want to wake them again. Mommy looked pretty tired this morning.

--Sasha the Princess

Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, we are so loved!

Last night was special. Daddy came out back and played with us. Then he did
something real special. He sat down on the ground and loved and loved on me. Ohhhhhhh, it felt so good!

Then dumb Max had to come and get some action too! He is always trying to sneak into my action. Well, sneak isnt the work, he just barges in and demands attention. What a puppy! After that, Daddy got up and started running around the yard with him, and mommy started taking pictures of us. I used to hate when she did that, and would look away. Now that I know how pretty I am (after all, she does call me "Pretty Girl" & "Pretty eye's") I willing strike a pose for her.

Oh yeh, she even took a picture of the big mean evil boy dog behind us. Take a look, dont you think he is a big meanie? Well, I have to admit, I only see him through the crack in the fence, and that is pretty scary too. Daddy is friends with him, and I just don't get it!

I just heard mommy and daddy are going somewhere without us this weekend. I hope we get to see all our old friends while they are gone!
Sasha- the Princess

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Oh, what a choice! Yesterday I got a wild craving. Mommy keeps a stand in the dining room full of big round dirt smelling rocks. When I first moved here, one got my attention, and I had so much fun tossing it around the house, while mommy and daddy were at work. I even managed to keep it hidden, so they never knew. But a little boy that visited found it, and snitched me out.

Last night it got my attention again, so I went boldly to the stand to get one. Mommy and Daddy seemed very interested, but since it got their attention, I backed off. Then Mommy went and gave me one! WOW, what fun. It is softer than a rock, doesnt taste good, but was fun to pull off little chunks. The more mommy and daddy laughed, the more into it I got. I even tossed it around a little. Max wanted to get into the fun, but they focused on me, and made him stay away. Finally!!! The attention I DESERVE!! Mommy even took pictures of me, trying to decide between my bone and the funny rock. The bone was old news! After a bit though, mommy said it was getting too messy and took it away. But that was ok, because I got what I wanted. Mommy and Daddy laughing and having fun!

Later, we went for a walk and a very sad thing happened. While we were being admired by another couple, we heard a cousin yelp! Daddy and me went running to see what happened. It was so horrible to see the cousin (daddy said something about “German Shepard”) lying in the street. Why didn’t it get up? All kinds of people surrounded us, to look at the cousin. Mommy kept yelling at Daddy to take me home. Finally, when mommy and Max started heading home, the cousin got up for a minute, looked around and started to move. Of course, dumb Max, let out a loud “Atta Boy!!!” at that moment, which scared everyone. So mommy and daddy took us home, and then left us alone to go back.

When they got home, they seemed very sad. Mommy came and petted and hugged on us. We heard Daddy say something about the owner having to rush the cousin to the hospital, but they couldn’t find his brother, who was in the park somewhere. I remember seeing the cousin and his brother with their daddy that morning on my walk with my Daddy. It made me sad too. Hmmm, I wonder if that is why mommy and daddy won’t let us out the front door alone? I could tell both mommy and daddy were sad when they went to bed last night.

I’m so glad mommy and daddy care that much and love us so much too!

Monday, April 14, 2008


What a HOT weekend! Daddy and Mommy even drank their morning coffee in the back yard. The sad part was they let dumb Max come out and lay at their feet, but left me in the house. I wanted to go out and protect them from that boy dog, but they didnt seem concerned in the least. While I sat at the window watching the pack, Max just smiled at me with that sneer of his. I will get him someday!

Later, while Daddy was pushing around that loud red thing back and cross around the yard (I dont get the fun in that!), he let us both come out and hang with him. I made sure to sit up nice and pretty, while the sun made me glow! Even Daddy commented how pretty I was.

That was hard work looking so pretty, so we napped the rest of the day. Mommy and Daddy, actually took a walk without the pack. We were both so insulted. I told Max it was all his fault, and he just said "Whatever" and went back to sleep. When they came back, we made sure to get their attention, by running around and circling them. Finally, they took us for a walk too. Boy, that was exhausting, so we had to nap again!

Yesterday, Max started licking my ears again. That sure feels good. When he stops, I try to get him to keep going, when he doesnt pay attention, I jump on his back and bark. He doesnt get it. Then he goes and hides behind mommy and daddy. What a wuss... hey, stop it, hey....

PAW! Max here! I am NOT a wuss. The princess has a mean streak, and I know better than to fall for it. She only tries that trick in the house. When I try to take her on in the yard, she is just a lazy sissy girl and acts like she doesnt know what playing is. I think she has been a house dog for too long. Sure hope she learns how to play outside someday, as I love to hear Mom laugh out there. Uh oh, there she goes, barking for Mom again. Gotta go look innocent-- PAW!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


A friend of mommy's has bunnies!! Mommy came home one day full of white fur. I thought "Cool, mommy is joining the fur gang with us". Then I got a whiff of her and she smelled like yummy bunnies! Anyway, one of the bunnies learned to blog too and next thing I hear, I am tagged! But it confused me sinceI dont see any spraypaint on my beautiful fur. I went to check out what this disaster means and this is what I learned: We were tagged for the book meme. Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to once you have posted it.

Well, the book that has the most of mommies scent on it, is something called The Bible. I looked on page 123, but it didnt make sense to me. So intead I found something that said PSALM 123 and followed the directions:

So our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us
Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy upon us!
For we are exceedingly filled with contempt.

Did I do it right, archi? I dont know many bloggers, so I could only tag:

Now, onto life. Mommy has been acting weird latley. I think some pack leader got ahold of her and is putting crazy thoughts into her mind. She actually thinks SHE is the pack leader! What nerve! Just to remind her WHO really is in charge, yesterday I let her lead me back to the fence behind us with the boy dog behind it. As soon as I started to show her who was REALLY in charge of the yard, she made me sit down, and then, oh the nerve, I can hardly say it.... she made me LAY DOWN IN FRONT OF THE FENCE! I was so shocked and humilated. As the boy dog got his last words in, I tried to get up to show her the mess she got me into, but she actually pinned me with her paw (I didnt know she had one!) and made me stay down. Oh, the horror!!! Then she made me get up and walked me over to the tough girl on the other side and did it again! I am so ashamed. I have been able to show them I am the LEADER of our yard, and then mommy goes and does this horrendous thing! Well, she has a battle on her hands! Stay tuned for more.

And then.. hey wait... what?, no wait... what are you doinggggg......

PAW!!! What up dude!! Max here! Got the silly princess off the keyboard. I only have a minute before she starts barking and gets mom and dad in here. I just wanted to share the REAL story. Mom seems to have some confidence lately and the little princess isnt used to it. Princess is going to blow it all for us, if someone doesnt set her straight! Usually, we all go back in the yard together, and I get to jump and run. Because of Princesses antics, mom made me STAY INSIDE while she walked Princess out to the fence and had to fight with her to behave. I was inside trying to tell her, "Just submit, just submit! Get it over with so I can come out and play!!!" Finally, dad let me out, and tossed the toy around. He is so fun to play with, except he yells real loud when I try to get his attention with my teeth. Then mom started calling for me and running with me. I love when she hugs and pets me. I could just lay at her feet all day. The princess doesnt get it! She just stands there all aloof watching us. She is too good to run after a toy. She will only jump in the air for it. What a priss! Uh oh, I hear mom coming, Id better lay down and give her that CUTE look. PAW!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Mommy returned to the The Pack yesterday! Daddy was still at church, so we got to sniff her out, to make sure she was well, and hadnt been approached by any other pack. All we smelled was pine needles and lots of food and other females. Although, she remained very calm when she let us out of our crates, we could both sense she was very excited to see us.

It was quiet in the house while she was gone. Except on Friday night, that friend of Daddy's came back over and stayed awhile. And they did the unbelievable. He sat in Mommy's chair!!! And he and Daddy stared at that square box over my bed for a long time. I knew mommy wouldnt be happy about it, but Max and I promised to not say anything.

Once Mommy and Daddy were home together, the house got noisy, and we knew all was normal again. Mommy had a lot to say and Daddy just nodded his head. Then mommy got up and went out the front door. Max and I started hollering "Stop, come back, we cant protect you out there". Then we saw her friend in front of the house talking to her. Mommy was smiling, so we knew she was ok, and went back to resting. Shortly after that, Mommy and Daddy went out again, without us. So we waited patiently for them to return to the pack. When they did, they smelled like hamburgers and french fries! How dare they!!

When Daddy took us outback, Mommy came too, so I had to go protect her from that that boy dog behind us. I ran to the fence to warn him to STAY AWAY, but mommy got between me and fence and told me to leave. I wasnt sure if she knew what she was doing, so I circled around and tried it again and again. Finally I figured she was going to be ok, and relaxed. But I stayed close to her and kept an eye on the fence, to make sure he didnt plan a surprise attack. Mommy and Daddy seemed totally unaware of the danger as they tossed a toy back and forth, while Max ran around them. It was the final straw when I witnessed them cheering when dumb Max caught the toy and ran with it. I knew I could really show him up, if I caught it in the AIR! Any dumb dog can pick up a toy off the ground. I gave Mommy the signal and she tossed the toy up in the air, and I jumped and AHHHHAAA... Princess Sasha caught it. That was enough work for me, so I layed it down and walked off. They got the idea, dont mess with THE PRINCESS! Much to my dismay, Max caught on and had to top me. So when mommy was petting him, he ROLLED ONTO HIS BACK!!! He has NEVER done that! It was my own trademark that mommy and daddy loved. But HE DID IT!! I could not beleive my eyes! And to make it worse... mommy was so excited, and petting him. Even daddy let out a cheer. I tried to get into the petting, but they just nudged me away. I will have to come up with something cuter!

My thought chance came up when we went for a walk. Max is still a dump puppy on the leash. Mommy told Daddy her shoulder hurt, so I got to walk with mommy. As soon as we got to the park, I saw it! The squirrel! Mommy tried to distact me, but too late. I tried to nudge mommy out of the way, so I could get to it, but instead hurt her tummy. Dang it, I blew it again! But mommy didnt stay mad for long, and the squirrel disappeared. The rest of the walk was slow and calm. Some man and his little boy came over and petted us. They have a little puppy like us, and wanted to pet the big dogs. The man knew exactly how to pet my ears, and I liked him a lot! Dumb Max just sniffed them, then got more interested in the poop in the grass. Such a BOY!

After we got home, we rested again. It is so hard to be CUTE all the time! There is a bunny from another blog, that did the Bunny 500 this weekend (I peaked on her blog). So after mommy and daddy shut their door for the night, I tried to start playing. They heard me, and daddy came out and said its too late to play, go to sleep. So I did. Quiet end to a PERFECT day.

BARK!- Sasha the Princess

PS-- Someone asked if I would let Max blog? I dont want his dirty 'ole paws on my page, but I bet mommy will allow him on sometime, just to put me in my place again! Dumb boy....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mommy's going away!!!

Oh, no, I just heard Daddy ask Mommy when she would be home and she said "Sunday"! Eeek, I dont think Daddy knows how to get me onto the computer, let alone how to blog, being a "boy" and all. So, I'd better tell everyone what is happening now.

Let me go back. Daddy did give us our bones today- YUM! The extra special treat was that mommy came home early. We got to come out of our crates and hang out in the sunny backyard for a little while. There is another human hanging around too. We have seen him before and Daddy says he is a friend. He comes over and works in the garage sometimes. In fact he was here the night I accidently bit mommy, but that is a whole 'nother story and I dont want to cry right now.

Anyway, this morning I heard Daddy say something to mommy about a "retreat". Not sure what that is, but Mommy seemed real happy. But when I heard she is going to be gone until Sunday, I dont know what is so happy about it. Will she be safe away from the pack? Who will alert her to danger while she is away? Who will check the parimeter of where she is going and make sure no other big mean doggies come near her? Who will sniff her food to make sure it is ok to eat? Who will excersise her? I am so worried. So, until she leaves, I am alerting her to every little concern I have outside the front window. She doesnt seem too happy about it, and locked me out of the livingroom. Now I cant watch out anymore. And that other human is out there too. I was just trying to remind her that he is still here.

She is allowing me back into the livingroom again, so I'd better get back to standing guard. I will update you when she comes home- if she survives without me, that is.

Sasha- The Princess
PS-- Max just tossed the paw to say "Hey"

First Blog

Hi, my name is Sasha and I am a 7 1/2 y/o Great Dane Fawn. I have a foster brother, Max, who is a 4 1/2 y/o Blue Meryle Dane, although he acts more like a puppy. My mommy and dad adopted me just before Christmas of 2006.

This is my first blog. My mommy has been reading all the other blogs and finally allowed me to have one for myself. Hopefully, she will give me plenty of writing time, because I think it is going to be a slow process with my big ole paws!

Yesterday, Daddy got home late, and mommy had to leave early, so we didnt get to walk as a pack at first. Mommy took me for a walk alone. Since she usually walks that big ole dumb puppy, Max, all the time, I felt pretty special. As we walked away from the house, Max kept hollering at me "hey, who do you think you are?", so I made sure I pranced right next to mommy and looked so good.

When mommy left, she told Max, Daddy would take him out when he got home. To my surprise, Daddy didnt get mommies note that I had already gone for a walk. So I got to go again with Daddy and Max. Dumb Max acted up a few times, but Daddy put him in his place. Of course, I pranced and looked like the princess I am, as usual.

This morning we got a special treat and walked as a pack. Usually, mommy takes Max first. While I give her the saddest eyes I can, it never convinces her to take me. Then Daddy takes me later. Wow, something special must be around the corner, for us to get to all walk together in the morning. Although, Mommy seemed grumpy, Daddy didnt notice. He can be such a puppy sometimes too.

I sure hope Daddy gives us our big bones to chew on, while he is at work today.

Come back soon for an update. Sasha the Princess