Saturday, May 21, 2011


We had visitors! Jim & Regina Manley were friends with mommy and daddy from before they got married. They helped mommy and daddy get their new house made all pretty before I came to live with them. Regina and me hit it off right away. I knew she was never afraid of me, so when she was in our lair, I always gave her special attention and I got lots of lovins from her. Then we all got sad when they moved away. Mommy said Jim used to help get people around by taking them up in the air (I thought only bridies could fly?) When he put them on the ground, they would go into jungles and sometimes scary places to help other people get their hearts fixed by Jesus. Now Regina & Jim live in Idaho.
Jim & Regina still go in the air to find people who need their hearts fixed. Mommy said they are part of a place called MAF. All I know, is that I am glad I got to see them and get my Regina lovins. I put fur on their clothes so they wouldnt forget me on their way back to their home.
BARK! We miss you Jim & Regina!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Dogs Work is Never Done!

 Daddy started digging in the yard again. So I had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he did it right. He was doing real good and going real deep. I was very proud of him, until instead of putting a treat into his hole, He buried a bush. WHAT?

Today mommy started playing in the dirt too. Instead of burying her treats, she layed stuff on top of the dirt. She asked me to help make sure her spaces were even, so I did some sniffing around.
Mommy, I think this space is a little crooked. I think you need to move it more.Hmm,let me check. This looks to be just about right.

Job well done!
BARK! Sasha the Inspector Princess!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not me! Really!

This time it was not me. REALLY! Daddy spent part of the day tossing this trash all over my sleeping area. I wasnt even allowed to be near by while he did it. Then he got rid of most of the evidence and let me back in. But still...look at all this mess around me. Good thing mommy was home to see who REALLY made the mess this time. She told daddy as long as he cleaned it up afterward he would not be in trouble.

Mommy said the mess was worth it to get the "new look". Im not sure what she was talking about, but I DO know that now I cant guard the front of the lair because of those new big white things in the see through squares. Daddy opened the top part of them and mommy gave a big sigh, but the lower part will be staying closed. They sure do go through a lot of weird things to keep me sleeping all day.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Note from mommy: Another one of those Sasha created home improvements. Yes, we splurged on shutters, but for more than looks. Frugal princess mommy would hardly spend that kind of money for just a "look". But when I came up with the idea of TWO purposes, it was instantly justified. If the blinds were open, Sasha tended to stand guard at the windows and bark and bounce at every creature passing by the front of the house. Including insects...HAH! And if the blinds stayed close, I felt like I was living in a cave, no light. So both issues have been resolved. We can open the top portion and get some light in the room now, and yet the bottom portion lets Sasha relax and stay "off duty" until someone actually approaches the front porch.
Sigh of relief.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh