Friday, April 30, 2010


The water stopped falling from the sky and lots of wind is blowing. It brings lots of smells to my territory, so I had to go out and sniff them all, and enjoy the warm dirt! Note from mommy: Oh, when I saw this my heart strings were tugged. I know this is my heart speaking, and not my head. When Max was sick, he would go into this corner and lay in the sun, just like Sasha is doing in the picture. There is still an indentation in the dirt where he laid (the arrow is pointing to it). This morning, Sasha just got up and went out the open door on her own (very rare if we are not in the yard ourselves). When I went looking for her, she was sniffing in this spot, then pawed it a bit, then settled down. At first, I thought she was actually laying in the Max's spot, but when I went to take a picture, I noticed she was next to it. My heart has healed, but there is still a HUGE soft spot there, and a tear or two escaped. Man, I miss that guy! I guess Sasha does too!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Have a good day- Sasha and Max's MOMMY!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Name

Do you doggies ever wonder where your name came from? Well, mommy sat me down the other day and explained how SASHA came about.

She said that her and daddy had already decided they wanted to find a big fawn doggie and a girl would be perfect. But they couldnt decide on a name. They said hoomans have the same problem with baby hoomans, only they cant pick all the specifics like mommy and daddy were trying to do. Mommy said ZENA, was a name she had tried out. She said Zena was a Warrior Princess. Hmmm, that name would have fit me too. But daddy said no. She doesnt much remember what other names were thought about.

Then the night before they were going to go to the rescue to pick me out, Mommy had daddy watch a favorite movie of hers when she was a little girl. Daddy had never seen it before.

It was called Peter & The Wolf. It was about a little Russan boy who decided to go on a hunt, with his pet friends and ended up being chased by a Wolf. When it got to the part of Sasha the bird, mommy jumped up and said "THAT'S IT! SASHA!" Daddy liked it too, so they had my name prepared for me before they met me.

Mommy says most hoomans name doggies after they get them, and get to know their personality, but in this case, they were so excited to get a doggie, they couldnt wait that long.

When I came out to meet them, Mrs T. told them my name was Phoebe. Mommy knew it had to be changed, or she would always think of a tall skinny blond girl. Mommy also says most doggies pick out their own families, but I just gave them the privilage of letting them pet me, and pretended to not be too interested. Mommy wasnt too sure about getting a doggie that wasnt excited about going home with them, but they decided to bring me home anyway.
I was pretty mellow until I saw their kitty, and immediatly started pursuing Spike around the house, causing quite a stir, until she got put away in her own room. A couple weeks after I came to live with them, we went for our first walk. I was sneaky, and slipped out of the collar, and led daddy on a chase down the alley's, barking at all the other doggies behind the fences. That scared mommy to death. Then daddy finally tackled me when I slowed down. He quickly learned, I slow down in about 10 minutes. Mommy was afraid of me for a week or so, because I was so big, but after that, her and I fell in looooovveee. I would lay in her lap on the couch (they used to let me do that) and then just stare up into her eyes.

Oh, look at the Princess getting carried away again. I just wanted to share how I got my name. So if your mommy wants to see Sasha the Bird, watch this video and start at the 2 minute mark. The bird is pretty tough, so I guess I lived up to my name!

BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have smelled "it"!

I have seen "it" at night!

I have barked at "it", when it scampered over the fence!

I knew "it" was around!

But we never had proof of "it" until...
While I was sleeping, mommy caught "it" in the act.

(can you see "it"?)

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Mommy brought Gramma home with them on Sunday. They said it was an extra special Sunday, called Eeekster. They said that the sun had risen over 2000 years ago on this extra special day. I didnt get what the big deal was, because the sun rises EVERYDAY here. But then mommy said it was not the sun in the sky, but THE Son that leads her and daddy's life. She said when they close their eyes and look down, they are talking to The Son. I see them do that a lot, but didnt know what it meant. So while mommy stayed in the yummy room making treats, me and gramma and daddy closed our eyes and talked to the Son. At least, that is what I think they were doing!
BARK! Sasha the Princess