Thursday, August 14, 2008


PAW! Max the dude here! The Princess has been hogging the puter latley. I tossed a bone and she ran to get it, so I only have a few minutes.
Mom came home last night and took my collar off me. "Hey, whats up mom?" I started to get worried, but then she put it back on me and said "You are NOW legal Max". I'm not sure what that meant, but since she said it in her MOMMY voice, it must be good. So this must mean they are going to keep me? BARK, PAW, BARK, PAW!! I am a happy dude!


mum of critters said...

you have a license now max that must mean you can DRIVE

Mango said...

Max! You are staying! That is fantastic. You couldn't have a nicer sister, either.