Thursday, July 31, 2008


I love bones!
Meat bones, ham bones, treats shaped like bones, you name it. Dumb pup usually tries to hide or bury his, but I can find it.

I can chew on my bones FOREVER. That dumb man that whispers to dogs told mommy and daddy not to leave toys out all the time, that we have to "work" to get them. But I know where they keep them. If I give them those "special" eyes, and look up to the bones, mommy or daddy will usually give in and let me have the bone.

Sometimes they will let us have them in our Safe Place when they are gone for a long time. When they let me out, I go back into my safe place and find my bone and bring it out with me, and carry it around until daddy takes us out to go pee. Then I will drop it on his or mommy's foot, which usually emits a loud sound from them.

Yesterday, I finally cracked one of the bones into little peices. It took a lot of work, but was very satisfying. So I went and got the bigger bone and set to work on it next. Mommy was quite impressed with the work I did on it. Can you see my bite out of it?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Mommy came home and let me out of my safeplace, but didnt let out dumb pup Max. What a treat. Then she quickly put my leash on and took me to the big green machine. Yippee!!! A car ride!!! We drove for a bit, and she stopped at a big building and got out to talk to some lady. She came back with a package and told me what a good girl I had been then we started riding again. Next stop was another building, and she got out again without me. She went into the building without me, but I wasnt worried, since the cool air was still blowing on me. She came back out, opened my door, told me "The coast is clear" and brought me into the building with her. I could smell all kinds of other furries, but didnt see any. Mommy took me to a far corner and we sat down and waited...for what? I didnt know, but since mommy kept petting me and telling me I was a good girl I waited with her. Then other furries started appearing. One barked at me! Mommy told me to be good, so I didnt bark back. I saw other furries coming out in cages, but mommy kept me away from them. Then I heard someone call me and mommy's name. We went into a little room. People kept saying how BIG I was. The lady in the room told mommy to hold my face, so mommy started petting me again. I liked that. Next thing I know, it felt like a little bug bit me. It didnt hurt, but I didnt know what it was. Mommy said I was being such a good girl, that is all that mattered. Then mommy asked the lady if they could "weigh" me. I didnt know what that meant, but followed them down a hall. I could hear a lot of barking and another furry was making a loud noise like our Spike used to make. I tried to look in the room, but mommy dragged me away. Then I walked on this cold metal thing and mommy gasped! What? What? Mommy said: "131 pounds?!! WOW, you are a BIG girl!" Then she kept saying, "Gosh" over and over. When we went back out front to all the other furries another lady offered me a couple bisquits. But I just saw how much I weigh, and now I have to start eating more delicatly. So I politely took the treat, then dropped it on the ground. Gotta watch my girlish figure you know.

What do you think? Do I look FAT? Or Fluffy? I think I am just right and mommy and daddy seems to love me just as I am!

Monday, July 28, 2008


When I first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, there was another pack member that I wasnt quite too sure about. It was black and furry, but it was so small. And the noises it could make were terrifying. Ms T. had taught me to get along with everything furry, but this one was a different story. I would try to get close to sniff it, and it would hiss and try to hide from me. Ms T. even came to our house and taught me to not even LOOK at it.

Most of the time it would hide in mommy's special room, where I wasnt allowed. Daddy put a little door on the room, so it could come as go as it pleased. But whenever it came out of the room, it made a loud howling noise. I had never heard noises like that before, so I would go to explore and next thing I know I was in trouble again.

After a long time, I finally got used to the thing and left it alone. Sometimes when I was sleeping, I would see it sneak up and try to sniff me, but would run off pretty fast. I never had a problem with it, but it was just so noisy. It couldnt walk into any room without announcing it's arrival. Even late at night while we were all sleeping, it would come out and make all kinds of racket. This usually ticked off daddy and a lot of time he would go put it back into mommy's special room.

I heard mommy say IT was her "special kitty" and she had been around longer than daddy, so daddy had to just understand. Plus she was getting old, cranky and sore. She started moving slower and then hardly ever came out of the special room. Shortly after Max arrived, they had an altercation and mommy and daddy had to take her to the pack Doctor. Mommy came home crying and sat and hugged me for a long time. Daddy was real sad too. I heard them say "Spike is happier now, she can run and jump without howling".

Max and I are glad that mommy hasnt brought another furry thing home, as it would be too hard a temptation to leave alone. Sometimes when mommy comes home she smells like another furry, and we can allow that. But we remember her each day we walk past this stone that mommy made for her.


Friday, July 25, 2008


Our bun & doggie mom friend nominated us for this award!
This is our first! Hope we do it right!
I now have to pick 7 webs to nominate:
1. Mango who unknowingly led me to all our new doggie friends everywhere. Plus he is one cool dude and makes mommy laugh hard about his attitude!
2. Chef because he is SOOOO HANDSOME! Oh yeh, he arranged that AWESOME goodies exchange!!
3. The kitties because mom said I had to.... BARK!
4. Zoo Crew because they like big doggies and have a HUGE crew of them.
5. Bella sits pretty like me, and her daddy calls her "Pretty Girl" like me
6. Huey actually FLEW!! I am still impressed!
7. Amber because even though she reminds me of the big bad mean dog behind me, she still is a pretty girl with that big smile.
So all you nominees, head over to pick up your award here.Please take this as the honor that is is and pass it on to some of the sites you enjoy. The rules of accepting are as follows:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
Thank you very much O'Reilly and your furry friends for nominating us. This is our first and we are so excited!! BARK BARK!!!


Another big box came yesterday. Mommy was excited, so we were too. But this time she didnt let me bite it open. We were anxious to see what was in it.

"What is it mommy? I dont see any stuffies and nothing smells like a bone!"

"Hmmm, this cookbook smells good. Can I chew on it?"
Max decided the Pepper Grinder was going to be his new toy. No matter how much mommy pushed him away, he kept coming back for it.

Mommy finally gave him a box of his own to chew on. He was happy with that for awhile. What a dumb pup!
Since I am such a Princess, mommy gave me my own Silicone bunt Crown. I wasnt too thrilled about it. But dumb Max was really scared of it and kept running away. I guess he isnt a Prince after all.
We heard Mommy tell daddy she earned all these things from her kitchen business. Way to go Mommy!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


ooooohhhhh, my favorite! I love Daddy when he lets me drink the fresh water!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mommy dearest went away and my big ole paws wouldnt fit the on the keyboard. Almost as bad as daddy, who doesnt get it at all. Mommy went to a place called Chick a go. She left excited and came back excited. She goes there every year to learn more stuff about her kitchen business. Daddy stayed home to take care of me and brother Max.

I dont like when mommy is gone, cause I have to share daddy with dumb Max. He takes us on walks together and then Max acts up and I have to set him straight, then daddy gets mad at me. So I didnt get my alone daddy time in the mornings. I am glad mommy is back now.

Mommy said we got picked to maybe get an award. I hope there are treats with it. She has to figure out how it works first, as this is our first. Way to go for ME!!! Mommy says I need to be a little more modest. I think NOT!

Now that she is back, she is pulling out the flashy thing again. Daddy never let us play with our toys, so mommy pulled them down. I really like the yellow bouncy thing we got from the GIFT EXCHANGE. If it is left out, I can go get it anytime and it bounces without mommy having to do it. And she always gets happy when I play alone with it. But I really really like the pink squishy bone. It makes noises!

But then Max went and got the yellow bouncy and he likes to just chew. It takes mommy's attention away from me! DUMB PUP!!

BARK-- Sasha the Princess

Friday, July 11, 2008


When I first came to live with mommy and daddy, I was allowed anywhere I wanted to go. It was so cool, as they had a HUGE bed for me in the front room with all the windows and another one in the back room. I could lay on anything. Then they started watching this dumb man on the picture box who told them something about THEM being the pack leader! WHAT??? Who says? After that, I was limited where I could go and where I could lay. That was quite a shock. I dont know if I like that BAD man! If he whispers, how can any dog hear him?
Mommy and I had to battle it out, because I was not going to back down eazy... NO WAY! After many times of being "OFF!" the big beds, mommy put this black thing on it. Now when I try to get on the big beds, it make a really loud noise that hurts my ears. So I have learned to stay away from it, except when another dog comes into my territory (I keep a close watch through the windows).

But this morning, when mommy was petting me, it felt so good that I just backed up and plooped my big rear (according to her) on the big bed. The black thing started squealing, but mommy pushed it out of the way and kept loving me. Then she made daddy go get the flashy thing again. She let me stay on the bed while daddy pet me.After the petting was done, she made me get off and then put the black thing back. DANG!!

Anyway, this is what us big doggies do. It is so comfortable to get the weight off our back legs. And mine seems to be tired more lately. Your lap will do just as good, so be prepared!

BARK- Sasha the Princess (and treated like one!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 4 1

Mommy is always coming up with grand idea's, although we dont always agree! Can you imagine leashing together a pack?
(dont I look cute in this picture?)
She thinks by making us walk and run together, we will stay out of trouble. But of course she only does it when we are completely worn out and have no energy to object!
Dumb Max tends to drag me around more, which isnt fair because his leg doesnt slow down like mine does. But at least I come when they call me!
Don't let the smiles fool you. But if it makes mommy laugh and daddy smile,
then I am ALL FOR IT!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


On Friday, mommy and daddy awoke with a different energy. I knew something was up right away as they were happy when they came out of the masters lair.

They took us out riding and there were a lot of people around our turf! We saw several dogs in our territory, but they were far enough away to not worry.

Mommy and daddy kept leaving the house

and coming back in to check on us. We didnt hear much, but could sense and smell a lot going on around our den. Max thought he heard a couple loud noises outside, but I told him to just relax.

Later, mommy and daddy left again and put us in our safe places for awhile. We must of been really good doggies, because we got a music box in our room, with mommy special jazzy music playing near us. We didnt hear anything outside of our safeplaces, but it did smell different. After mommy and daddy came home, we went outside to pee. Right then a loud nose scared Max and he peed all the way to the house. Mommy laughed at him, then she turned the jazzy music back on, so he went back to sleep for the night.

The next day, mommy and daddy got up late again. This time we all got to go hang out in the yard. I dont know what is up with mommy. She has been digging holes by the side of the house. I know she doesnt like it when we dig! She even bought a spray to make Max stop. Maybe we should have daddy spray some near where she is digging, so she will stop.

Daddy set up a door so we cant follow mommy to where she is digging. He tore up the yard again, and now wont let us go on it. the door has a lot of holes in it, so I know there has got to be a way to get through it. I want to be with mommy!

So Max and I watch her from the other side of the fence. All that digging, if she just called us over, we could get it done a heck of a lot faster. She said something to daddy about a Garden.

When we are in the yard for awhile, mommy always sprays me and her with this funny smelling stuff. But I notice those black bity things dont bug me as much. A freind of hers sells it and said it was natural and ok for doggies too. I am so glad mommy cares for me. I used to get little bumps when those bity things bit me. Ouch!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


After mommy and daddy finish dinner, we are allowed to come to the table for some attention. They never give us any peoples food at the table, but after their bellies are full, they are always happy to give us some lovin's. Dumb Max has to get attention where-ever I am getting it. And he is a nibbler. So after trying to get daddys attention, daddy got silly and started trying to get his attention. Mommy grabbed the flashy thing again.