Sunday, September 19, 2010


My friend MOOSE if famous! His mommy sent his pich ear to a car tunist and got him drawed up. Go see it!
BARK! Sasha the Princess

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Presents and Pops

My furry doktor sent me a present. What is it mom? Can I open it? Please, please?

Hmm, what is this? Treats in the mail? Mommy took it away from me before I started chewing on it. She said it is a special treat that will make me feel better. It is called Deramaxx. Mommy gives me 1/2 of a treat a day. She said she can tell that I am getting up a little easier. The furry doktor said I should be able to grow to be an even older lady and going on my walkies will be a lot easier. HHHAARROOOO!!!
I was so excited, I left this nice present for mommy. She said it was disgusting!

To get even with me, she started making weird sounds with her feet! I did not like it at all, so...

I went outside and got daddy. He made mommy stop. But she kept laughing for a long time.

BARK! Sasha the Princess!

Note from mommy: So far no side effects from the new meds. We are so glad. I have been watching closely for any good changes, and the first week I was a bit disappointed. But then I noticed she is getting up a little faster, and she hasnt fallen backward as much as she was a couple weeks ago. She is still getting lame toward the end of her walks, but not falling down. Not sure how long or how much of an improvement we will see, but we are just happy that her pain is most likely more under control and her "issue" is gone. Would love to hear of everyone elses experience with Deramaxx.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baaarrroooo... My tummy is better!

Hi every furrie and human furrie. Sorry mommy has been so busy, she hasnt let me on the pooter to update everyone. My tummy and bum are back to normal. The furry doktor sent us some ant tie botics to help me feel better faster. And it worked. See I am back to chewing my bones and sleeping on my own bed without coverings.

Grammy and Grampa were so concerned, they drove out all the way from Arizona to check on their grandog. First I let them give me all kinds of lovins and attentions, then I showed them how well I was by chasing after my toys.

This morning during our walk, my back leggies got real tired and my bum kept falling down. Mommy had to help me home. I was so tired. Mommy is waiting to hear from the furrie doktor to find out when I can start my new ant tie flamitoree. She said I will feel like a pup again. I cant wait!
BARK! Sasha the Princess