Monday, December 29, 2008


My family came to spend Christmas time with us. Sasha was unusually well behaved. Although she did know exactly where to go to get her pettings, when mommy and daddy told her to go lay down. Besides the treats & squeeky toys that the grandparents brought, my sister seemed to be the hit with the fluffy doggie cube. Too small to hold down and tear the stuffing out of, and just the right size to toss and catch. Sasha enjoyed hers very much.

Even my "AWOL" neice made it for the visit. Both the dogs are almost her height but they loved her very gently. Sasha was showed off her manners, and stayed very calm and submissive. Maybe the red hair reminded her of her mommy.

Max got a little too carried away and let off some protective barks, sending him to his safe place quite often. Sasha kept her head low, and did a lot of sleeping (or attempting too) and showing off her "good dog" skills. Fortunatly no other dogs came walking by our house, so the family never saw her "other" side. She fooled them all.
Sasha's mommy-- Mindy Lu

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Before going to bed last night, mommy told us not to bark at Santa Claws when he came down the chimney. We were a little worried because the fire was still hot. We never smelled him, but when mommy and daddy woke us, we had presents to upwrap. Daddy helped me with my first one. I sniffed it, but couldnt smell a treat. Then daddy pulled out a package. It still didnt smell like a treat, but I was intrigued.
He and mommy seemed excited about it, so I gave it some more attention. I heard mommy say something about a "crazy" lady making it.
Max was able to open his own present. He will chew on anything put in his paws. He sniffed it for a bit, then started biting the present. See the picture of my cousin Scooby Doo all over the paper?
Max even opened the box all on his own. But since there wasnt a goodie in it, he walked away. Then mommy made it jingle and it got both our attention. So he took the package back to his bed to inspect it.
"hmmm, doesnt smell like a treat, but makes a fun noise"
"Let's see how it tastes"- Dumb Max, mommy had to tell him to "LEAVE IT!" before he would let go.
Then we found out the presents were clothes. We wondered why mommy and daddy had us naked all week. Mommy brought out the flashy thing and took pictures. Daddy was real excited about the colors. Mine is a girl color, so no one will ask anymore. As if I dont look like a girl with my pretty honey colored eyes!
Max got his in a boy color, and daddy really likes it. Not too many people ask if Max is a boy, because he has an extra part showing under his belly.
Then mommy pulled out some really big packages, and we could smell those ones. So we posed real pretty with our new clothes. Max has his new "forever home" tag on too.

Then she put the big packages at our feet and made us wait to open them. We were so good. Max doesnt like the flashy very much. But he waited patiently.
He LOVED his package!

I dont like sitting for long, but I did it as long as mommy asked, so I could open my goodie!


Mommy and daddy then kept taking off paper from other packages. But we just focused on our goodies. "Real good mommy!"
"Yeh, YUM mom!!"
"Chomp, Chomp, Chomp"

Daddy got some clothes too, and a bunch of other dumb boy stuff. But he seemed real happy. I couldnt smell anything yummy about it, so just kept...
"Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, slurp"
Merry Pawmas!
**Note from mommy: The collars were not made by a crazy lady, but a really nice dog owner/lover. Check out her website listed on the side view. The collars are beautiful, and she will work personally with you, for your beloved pet.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Mom has been rushing around for awhile lately. Bringing home lots of bags, then wrapping paper around them. Then they put a tree in the living room, which confused me, as I thought trees were in the ground outside. Then they hung stuff on the tree. I had to sniff each one, but nothing smelled yummy. Then all the paper wrapped stuff got put under the tree. Mom said we had to stay away from those, so we just lay close by and keep and eye on them.

Today mom came home with some things that smelled sort good. She let me sniff them as she put more on the tree. Now she says I have to stay away from them on the tree. And she seems a lot more relaxed today. I heard her tell dad "It is all done, lets rest".

I heard something about Santa Paw's coming tommorrow night. I sure hope he brings up some yummy goodies.

PAW!! Max the Dude!

Monday, December 22, 2008


The presents are wrapped and snuggled under the tree. The doggies are being good and not sneaking a peak. Sasha and Max are on Santa's "NICE" list. So all you doggies out there, Shhhhh, dont share the secret of their Christmas gifts. Santa will bring it on Christmas morning.

They already have another gift under the tree that they will model for you after Christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Love Sasha and Max's mom!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Mommy was out late again last night. When she got home, this is the site she came into. We were both laying exactly the same, hog tied (I planned it.. shhh dont tell her!) After the flashy startled us, We both raised out heads at the same time. Mommy thought it was pretty good see crow nigh zasion!
BARK! Sasha the princess

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Gramma came over again today. Actually she is a Great Gramma, like we are Great Danes! She was putting paper all over stuff. She asked if we would like to help-- Bow wow wow- yes! I gave her my nose to help her tape and tie bows. She said I was very helpful.

Max distracted her for a little bit while I...
snuck into her purse to look for some goodies. I couldnt find anything tasty, and all I could smell was a furry, but it wasnt in the purse.

Max was pretty sure that there is something in that box for him, so he stood guard for a long time and wasnt very helpful.
Gramma said I was the best helper EVER! BARK!
Sasha the Princess


Mommy said we got tagged so she had to take over the computer today. So I am going back to take a nap. BARK!

Waldo and Gus tagged us. They said the tag is to go to your computer archives and then go to the 6th folder and pick the 6th picture and then post it along with the story behind it. Here's the 6th pic in our 6th folder:

I didnt think I would ever post this picture ANYWHERE. But the story IS cute. My hubby and I got to escape for a few days and headed to Laughlin, to try out some Wave Runners (as he had never been on one). My bible study girls encouraged me to do something "spontaneous" with him. I joked about dancing on the side of the rode with him, and they challenged me to surprise him with this idea. The silly part, even after 6 years of marriage, I felt like a nervous silly girl, even thinking about doing this, and trying to plan the perfect "pull over" spot on the long drive. Finally in mid conversation, I told him "Pull over!". He thought I had lost it or something was wrong. I turned up the stereo real loud (disco was playing and he REALLY thought I was losing it now!) and told him to get out with me, then he figured it out and was happy to join me in a silly dance on the side of the road. After I explained what the story was, he let me get the camera on the hood of the truck to take a picture for "proof" to take back to the study girls. We got a good laugh, and ironically, just 10 minutes before, he had mentioned we dont "laugh" enough together. I hope this helped.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program... BARK! Not to be outdone by mommy's cute picture, I had to flash my belly to daddy and it got me all kinds of attention. This is one of my favorites! Belly rubs!Dumb Max still doesnt get it. BARK!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last week Gramma came over and her and mom were in the good smelling room all day. One of the treats mom put into the "off limits" room to keep away from us. A couple days later, Dad left the door open when mom was gone. The Princess said "Let's go see what goodies they left for us, after all, they did leave the door open for us, right". I told her I didnt think it was a good idea, but she went anyway. Later, dad came in and found the evidence all over the room, and the Princess not looking too good. I heard him call Mom and he said "Drunk?!" So dad took us outside for a long time. The princess was sleepy for most of the day, but then got ok again. Mom just laughed at us, after she got over worrying.

So this time I got to help mom in the kitchen. Here I am checking over the list of goodies for our baking. Looks like everything is there. Mom let me help her measure the rum. She said it is not good for doggies, and sometimes not good for hoomans either. I made sure she put in the right amount.
Mom let me inspect the package. I had to make sure she got it all out, and didnt leave any in the box. That little white thing looks pretty yummy.

Mom let me have a teeny tiny taste of the batter. She said that is the cooks treat when baking. I wasnt sure if I liked it too much.
But Dad sure like it!

I helped her put the cakes into the hot thing. I was very careful not to follow them too far in. They sure smelled good.
The Princess stepped into the room for just a minute to see what was going on. I told her to leave, as this was me and mom's time in the smelling room!

After dad got through with the goody bowl, he let me have a teeny tiny bit. But mom said doggies shouldnt have rum, and took it away to clean.

After a long time of the lair smelling really good, me and mom pulled the goodies out of the hot thing and they looked so good. Mom said I could smell them, but that was all. I am so proud of myself. I helped mom bake. She was pretty proud of me being such a good doggie too!
PAW! Max the Dude!
--Note from mom: Max did a great job. So good in fact, that he and Sasha later took all the boxes and eggs out of the trash, and inspected them to make sure nothing was left. Sorry, I missed the pictures on this. Evidence this morning shows that Max is the egg shell culprit. As for the previous rum cake snatching Sasha did, we watched her closely. She was a little lethargic, but alert and jumping around by time I got home. They must have stomachs of steel. Little peices of plastic wrap are appearing in the yard too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All that wet stuff stopped coming down for a little bit. Mommy said since the sun was peeking out, we could go for a ride. I was so excited. Mommy took me first. After running a few minutes, I stopped to leave a present in front Mommy and daddy's friend's house. Mommy said that wasnt very nice, and wrapped the present up and threw it away. Mommy said the view was so pretty outside, with the sno toppled mothins, so she told me to strike a pose for the flashy. I was so excited to be outside, I would do anything she asked.

The only thing that looked like sno was this, when we crossed the street. Nothing else white around us. And this looked pretty dirty.

PAW! Mom took me out next. She said something about us learning to "dance". Not sure what that means, but her pockets smelled good, so I sat and waited for what she wanted.

I couldnt quite figure out what she was asking me to do. She kept holding out a treat and backing away. I would walk to her, sit down and then lay down. But then she would back up, so I would stand up again. Then she put the treat behind her leg. Finally I went through to get it. But she is too short and almost fell. I just wanted the treat. I was so focused, I missed the two other doggies that walked by. Mommy was glad I didnt see them until later, because she had dropped my leash.

After earning a lot of treats, she asked me to strike a pose for her flashy. I felt she deserved it after giving me all those good treats.

Then the sky started to get dark again, so we rode home.
Time to start napping!