Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry I have been so silent. Mommy has been too busy to sign me on lately. First, I am much much better. We got to go to our friends house again, and she gave me some medicine and it helped. We also got to see some other big dogs. One was even bigger than dumb Max. He was very handsome. I gave him a bark, but he didnt even look at me.

The other night, when mommy and daddy were leaving, she gave us each a really cool treat. We got to lick that creamy light brown stuff from plastic containers. They were almost empty, but there was enough there to keep us busy. Mommy thought it was real funny and took pictures of us before they left.

Later that night, mommy let me drink out of her faucet. That is one of my favorite things. Who wants plain old stale water, when you can get the FRESH flowing kind. She felt bad cause we ran out of water while they were gone. I love when she feels guilty!

We also got good news! Sophie the German Shepard is doing much better. This morning mommy talked to her daddy on our walk (I kept a close eye on that Brownie to make sure she didnt make a sudden move on mommy) and he said she had some stitches but was doing better. Mommy and daddy rejoiced.

Last night I really impressed mommy. We were all hangin' in the backyard and that big mean boy dog started hurling insults at me. I seriously thought about going to the fence and telling him a thing or two, but then saw mommy watching. So I thought a little longer than went to give mommy a tail wag instead. She was so excited, she petted me and told me what a good girl I was.

I heard great gramma is coming to visit this weekend. She is so little, we have to be really careful walking around her. Dumb Max will probably bump into her and make her wobbly. But the good part is that we dont have to go into our crates when she is here! YEH!!!

Sasha- the Princess!

PAW!!! Finally got rid of the princess! Just wanted to jump in here and brag. Mom has been giving me lots of attention because I have learned to walk better. Mom started putting this "thing" around my nose and ears on our walks. She said something about a "Gentle Leader", but I dont think I like that name. Anyhow, it sure gets my attention. It is a lot harder to pull her around now. And boy, she can sure snap that thing to get my attention. It is easier to just stay next to her now, so she doesnt snap it. And guess what, now she loves on me a lot!! On our morning walk, I show off even more, by laying down at our "special spot" right away, and she rewards me with a head pat and biscuit. Then after she gets done reading that book she always reads, and putting her head down for awhile, she gives me lots and lots of love and tells me how good I am. Now I get why The Princess likes do be good all the time. I think I am going to keep trying this. Even after we get home, mom loves me some more. And when she tells dad how good I was, even he comes and loves on me. This is a pretty cool deal! Move over Princess, the Prince has arrived!!
PAW!!! Max the prince!


Anonymous said...

cool were they the frosty paws treats or something else?

glad you're feeling better sasha and got some of that yummers running water!

HawaiianDane said...

Oh Huey loves peanut butter too! He will lick the container till theres no more left! Definitely keeps them entertained for a while! Way to go on the progress with the Gentle Leader!