Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad Night!

First, Mommy and daddy picked us up on Sunday, after letting us stay at our friends place all weekend. We had so much fun! We got to play with all the other big dogs. Mommy's friend even video taped us playing, in case mommy didnt beleive it. And I was shocked to see Max get along with some little furries, with claws! He didnt even try to taste one!

Mommy and daddy have been real calm since we all got home. Max and I dont always see eye to eye, but we are happy to see them happy too. It is a good thing they are calm, because I had a bad day yesterday.

When mommy took silly Max for his walk, daddy fed me breakfast and left a note for mommy. But when she got home, she took me out with Max and I ate another breakfast. Then my tummy started feeling bad after mommy left. I held it as long as I could, but I started feeling worse. When I heard mommy come home, I barked "Hurry mommy, hurry mommy!". I was so glad she didnt get mad at me. She took me out back and very gently cleaned me up. It was a bit embarrasing, and the mean boy dog kept taunting me, but mommy kept me on the leash, so I couldnt tell him to shut up. When daddy got home, he cleaned my crate and mommy washed my blanket. They were so nice to me. Even Max licked me after they wiped me down. He kept smelling me too. Guess he isnt used to such a pretty smell.

Then mommy and daddy left again, and uh oh... my stomach did it again. I didnt want to mess up the rug, so I stayed in the dining room. I tried to warn them as they came in the door last night. Whatever they learned this weekend, I am so glad, because they were still calm. I felt so bad, but they gave me a pat on the head and took me outside again. After we all got settled down for sleep, it hit me again. I couldnt make it to the dining room this time. Something woke mommy and she came out to check on me. Then Daddy took us outside so mommy could clean. I gave daddy kisses to tell him how much I loved him. Then we all went to sleep. So far I feel better this morning. I heard mommy ask daddy to come home early to check on me. I am so glad they love me! I hope I feel better tonite too, because mommy and daddy are being so nice, I dont want to wake them again. Mommy looked pretty tired this morning.

--Sasha the Princess


archi ann said...

gosh sasha, i'm sorry your tummy is so upset. i hope it gets better too. mum cleaned my house out today so i've been busy messing it back up the way i like it!

Abbey said...

Hope you feel better soon Sasha...x