Friday, May 23, 2008


PAW!!! What was that all about? We were just laying in our "safe" houses waiting for mom or dad to get home, when all of a sudden, it got dark and we heard a lot of noise. It sounded like someone was throwing things at our lair. We barked for someone to let us out, but no one came. Then the noises got louder, it sounded like there was a dog way bigger than us in the sky barking at us. So we kept barking back. Finally, dad showed up and let us out. When we went to check out the parimeter, there was a lot of white stuff on the ground. Dad seemed excited and called mommy to tell her. It was really cold too.

When mom got home, she was even more excited, which got us excited. Something was going on, but we still were not sure what. Mom grabbed her camera again, and went outside, while daddy put our walking ropes on. Right then, the loud barking in the sky started again! I kept barking back, but this time the Princess didnt bark with me. It just kept getting louder and louder. Mom went out front and took pictures. I was afraid for her to be outside without us to protect her, and kept barking for her to come back in to safety. There was water coming out of the sky, and, OH THAT LOUD BARKING! I was really worried for everyone's protection. I kept checking the parimeters to make sure that loud sky dog wasnt coming into our lair! Mom and dad kept trying to get me to lie down and be quiet, but I had to make sure the Big Sky Dog didnt come near our pack. I dont know why the princess wasnt helping me. She just layed down next to mom and took all the lovin. I was so glad when the Big Sky Dog went away. But I wasnt too happy when dad took me leash off and told mommy that it was too wet to go for our walk.

Thank goodness this morning we got to go out and walk our parimeters and the neighborhood. All the smells were gone, so it was different. Mom was very impressed when my fan club showed up on our walk. A girl mom didnt even know, came running up to pet me and knew me by name (of course, I am The Prince after all). She said she saw the princess with dad a little earlier and stopped to say hi. This happens a lot, and I dont understand why mom is so surprised each time. Of course, I am happy to oblige and share my time to be petted. At least they know which pack rules the neighborhood. PAW!-- Max the Prince!

BARK! Yes, all the noise last night was very irritating. But after awhile it was silly to keep barking at it. Especially once daddy got home to protect the pack. I know he will take care of us all! Silly Max doesnt quite get that yet. He was whining and barking up a storm (hah, I made a joke!) and I kept trying to show him how to be calm like me, but he wasn't paying any attention. I was glad when it finally got quiet and he did too. This morning was fun to walk with daddy and see our fan club. I love when I get home and mommy gives us our Sasha or Max Masage. Ohhhh, it feels so good. It is worth getting up before the sun to get these. Mommy's claws are perfect for this job. BARK- Sasha the Princess!


meemsnyc said...

Wow, snow?

Anonymous said...

lakota was hiding under my feet - glad she's not as big as you guys or else i'd be sitting on her under me!

crazy weather huh?!!

Randi said...

HEY DANES! So lovely to meet you! I'm gonna link you on my bloggy too so I can stop by whenever I want!

me & my peoples just LOOOOVVVEEEE DANES! The bigger the doggie the better! & holy smoly! Your nails are LONG! Does your peoples ever take a nasty trimmer to them? I have that...stupid trimmer...

Can't wait to learn more about you two! Have you checked out the Zoo Crew? Go to my bloggy & find the names on the left side of the the bottom click on Zoo Crew & you will meet Kaiser (Dane) & his new baby sister Willow (dane too!) along with their other zoo critters!

So nice to meet you!

Love & Licks,