Saturday, May 17, 2008


Mommy and daddy both got home earlier than normal and she seemed in a really good mood. It was so hot, our tongues wouldnt stay in our mouth! She gave us these cold rocks to chew on. I liked mine alot. Dumb max would take his and then drop it on the floor, sniff it and walk away. I kept asking mommy for more. Finally Max decided to give it another try, then he really liked them. I just like to chew it into a bunch of little peices and leave it on the floor and watch it turn to water. But Max kept coming and picking up all the little pieces and eating them too. He REALLY liked those cold things! That made mommy pull out the camera again, and she kept taking pictures of us. Then she laid on the floor and we both liked that A LOT! So Max laid on one side of her, and I layed on the other, and she just loved and loved on us. We got so much love, we felt like we were going to Rainbow Bridge!

Mommy has been crusin' other blogs and she stumbled upon a new toy for dumb Max. When he eats, he gobbles his food so fast, then he tries to distract me so he can eat my food too. What a food hog. Mommy and daddy worry about him eating so fast, because of something they call bloat. I dont know what that is, but it sounds scary. Anyway, mommy brought the new toy home for him. I liked that we both got a new yummy biscuit too. That must be a fun store!

It was quite fun watching Max try and eat his food last night. Mommy had the camera out and was taking pictures too. It really did slow him down, and he had to chase his food too. I finally got to eat all my food in peace. Even when I was done, Max did still come looking to see if I left anything behind. He is such a dumb puppy- Sasha- The Princess

PAW!! I think that is the meanest toy anyone ever got me!! I have to try to get all my food from around those little things in the way, and plus the bowl keeps moving on me. Thanks a lot, Mango! What kind of friend are you?--MAX

PS-- Note from mommy--- Thanks a whole bunch Mango for the tip. Max will appreciate it when he lives longer- Mindy Lu! PS- if anyone else would like more info on the bowl, the link is: It "Slows the chow down!"


archi's mum said...

your mum would rather slow down your eating than you have bloat - trust me she did it cuz she loves you

hey mindy, diane told me you were right behind her in church so you know about archi :(

i just posted a final post with pics at her blog

thanks in advance for praying for me!

Paula said...

I just found your blog through Bella's, and am looking forward to exploring it more. I would love to exchange links with you. Check out to see my boy, Savage. If it's allright with you that I add your blog to my "Web Links" area, please leave me a note in my comments or guestbook. Slobbers to all!