Thursday, May 22, 2008


Mommy was telling us a story about a friend who had a cat with really big paws. She named her cat BIG PAWS. Max and I laughed. You want to see BIG PAWS? We will show you BIG PAWS!!I like holding mommy's paw. Her pawis the same size as mine. But my nails are longer than hers.

Max is always giving mommy and daddy his paw, even when they dont ask. Sometimes he hurts mommy or daddy when he paws them when they are not ready for it. His nails are shorter than mine.

People are always asking how big we are, so mommy took a picture of us with daddy to show how tall we are. My head reaches up to mommies hip, just perfect for petting me at her side. But Max can lay his head on her chest while she is standing. I prefer for her to lay down so I can lay on her.

That thing in the background is a moving sidewalk. Mommy and daddy have tried to get us on it. Max just tries to bite it. I don't like it so much. It makes a lot of noise and I really dont like it when mommy or daddy walk without me. It was fun eating the tasty peanut stuff while standing on it, until the sidewalk started to move. That really upsets me!
BARK- Sasha the Princess
PAW!!! Our friend talked to mom and warned her that even with the torture bowl, I shouldnt have my bowl on the ground. So she moved it back to the chair and the pictures she took of me were updated to show the correct way to feed us big dogs. I am so glad, as it is easier to get to my food now. I do have to admit, I am not as hungry anymore and it is funner to eat around the little knobs and watch what else is going on around me too while I chew. -- PAW! MAX the Prince!


Chef said...

Wow! And I thought I had big paws. Those are enormous!! Where'd you get them? I must get some.

xox Chef

archi's mum said...

yeah you kids are quite big, and i think O'Reilly is big!