Monday, May 26, 2008


Wow, we are so excited. Usually mommy goes away for the day after 2 days with us, but she is still home with us today. It must be a special day or something. She stayed in the masters lair a lot longer than usual. Daddy came out and let us go potty, then went back to the lair too. Finally he let us in to wake mommy. She was still on her mat, but daddy let us give her cold nose snuggles and mommy didnt seem to mind. Of course dumb Max kept trying to push me out of the way. I am glad he still hasnt figured out how to stand on his back legs, so he can reach mommy like I can. Mommy usually gets up after we give her the cold nose snugglies.

Mommy and daddy are very proud about how well behaved we are when he gives us the food lovin. Of course, mommy pulled out that camera again, and got us on tape. Wanna see how well daddy has taught us to wait?

We just found out who our partner is for the International Goodie Exchange, and now we need to get mommy to the store to buy some goodies. BARK! Sasha the princess!

PS-- Sophie the Shepards daddy stopped by this weekend to thank mommy and daddy for helping in the accident and caring to look for Sophies sister, Brownie. He was happy to report that Sophie is doing well and will soon be out of her crate to be active again. He said Brownie is now more leary of the street and sticks close to his daddy's side on walks near the street. He also said Brownie was very afraid of the Big Barking Sky Dog last week too! Max is glad to hear he is not the only scairdy dog!


Anonymous said...

wow you guys are super well behaved.

sometimes oreilly wakes me in the morning by putting his big wet cold nose in my face. makes me crazy!

Persephone & Buster said...

mindy lu!!! you are our gurlie for the great exchange!! could you please email us your email address so we can get some very important information??? the three irish blue dogs...
theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms. Blue

Welcome To The World Of Airedale Life said...

Please email us your email address and we will send you our mailing address..We are so happy to meet you. MY feet (jag) are as big as a Dane and I weigh 89 pounds. Ezzy my brother is a tiny boy at 54 pounds. We like anything we can destroy but because of Mom it is better to get us a nylon bone that taste like peanut butter but then again we Dales appreciate anything as long it is not fatting, LOL


Ezzy and Jag

HawaiianDane said...

Wow, what a great wait! Food can be so very tempting, and you two waited like perfect little angels! Way to go!