Friday, May 9, 2008

Gramma is here!

We love when Gramma is here. She doesnt make us sit just to pet us. She is the same size as us and it always patting our heads. When mommy or daddy are telling us to do something, she understands us and gives us lots of encouragement, which seems to upset mommy and daddy even more. Plus she has lots of interesting smells in that big bag of hers. She is sleeping in our room, but mommy and daddy told us we cant go in there. I dont understand, cause my "safe place" is still in there, so whenever I get a chance, I go check to make sure it is still there.

Max has been acting up lately when everyone is gone. He sneaks into our room or mommy and daddy's room and brings something back with him. I tried to tell him that was bad, but he just ignored me. Daddy got some news shoes last week, and they must have been pretty special, cause everyone made a big deal about how bright they were. Max went and got one and brought it out. After I barked at him, he left it alone. Daddy didnt seem to happy when he got home, but I was glad he didnt chew on it like he was going to. The next day, he brought out a plastic hanger from mommy's room. He made a huge mess all over the floor with it. The next day he brought a fluffy shoe out of gramma's room. She just laughed. That is why we like her around.

She has been staying with us alone a lot of the time. So we bark a lot to make sure no one comes in and hurts her. She goes from room to room a lot, and is always bringing out that long stick and pushing it around the floor. Our fur doesnt seem to float around as much.

Wait, Max is here. Since he has been real cool with me, I will let him chat for a bit- Bark- Sasha the Princess!

PAW!!! Max here, yesterday mommy came home and made something that looked real yummy! I kept trying to sniff it as she was making it, and she kept making me leave the YUMMY room! Then she dropped it on the floor for me! As I went to grab it, she pushed me away again. So I managed to get a white squishy peice from it, but she smacked me on the nose and made me drop it. And I couldnt beleive what she did next! She actually put it back on her plate and ATE IT HERSELF!!! How RUDE!! I thought anything on the floor was for us. I heard her ask Grams, "Did you clean the floor this morning?", when she said yes, mommy sat down and ate her yummy creation! I dont know if I like Grams being around now! PAW!!!

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