Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just found another blog, offering a fun International Goodies Exchange! BARK BARK BARK!!! They are pairing off all the packs and everyone gets to swap goodies. Now mommy does come home with some pretty good yummies, but we hear some other packs out there are getting some darned good yummies that we havent even sampled yet. I know mommy will want to join in the fun, so we are in! Are you in too? This is a picture of all the stuff I like. Please note, I am not into eggs, sourcream or mozzerella cheese so much. I liked the raw meat, flour tortilla's and left over pizza! This is an older picture before mommy and daddy got that new huge white cold thing in the yummy room. The old white thing was much easier to open and make my own meals while mommy and daddy were at work. Shortly after this picture was taken, I got my Safe house to stay in while they work. Now I take LONG naps.

This weekend another person came to our house and helped daddy with the yard. His name is Luke, and I met him before. He is a really cool young person, and Max likes him now too. We got to hang out in the yard with him and daddy. Luke was cool cause he dug into the ground like we do. I kept a close eye over his shoulder to make sure he didnt discover any goodies I may want to eat. He pet us a lot and was very calm. Later he came back with an even smaller person. She giggled a lot and when we were let into the house to meet her, mommy had to pick her up, or we might have bumped into her on accident. She was cool and wasnt afraid of us being bigger than her and all. Mommy sent us to our "safe" houses to sleep, while she and the little person played in the front room. We were pretty exhausted anyway, from all the yard supervising earlier.
We are meeting a lot of cool packs on this blog. I am so glad mommie got us on here. Hellow out there to all our new friends!
Bark- Sasha the Paw!


mhcowen said...

That mess!!!!! I wanted to laugh and cry for you all at the same time! I am glad you have a great fridge now:) Hey, sorry I did not call but thank you SO much for dinner! We enjoyed the Tater Tot casserole on Sunday...yumm. I will have to get your recipies:)

archi's mum said...

LOL silly puppy getting into the fridge :-) But hey it helps us know what you like!!