Saturday, May 24, 2008


When mommy came home with dumb Max's torture bowl, we smelled more than the bowl in that white bag she had. But she hid it. We found out why. There was a TREAT in it!! YUM!! Mommy gave us our treats last night before she left. I think she said good bye as she was walking out the door, but those TREATS had our attention.

Mommy has been going crazy with the camera latley. Even daddy thinks she is crazy. And it sure is tiring looking cute and pretty all the time. Sometimes I just want to put my head down and sleep. But I do admit, I look pretty darn snouzy in this picture. And hey, if it make mommy laugh, then I am all for it! This morning on our walk, the big mean dog came after me. But mommy pulled me aside, and daddy yelled for him to go away and he did. I always know daddy will protect his pack. That just shows me I really need to keep a close eye on the big mean dog, cause he is sneaky!

-Sasha the Princess!

PAW! Mom has been aweful lovey duvey lately. I sure LIKE IT! But I have a feeling it has something to do with it being cold latley, and she wants to snuggle up to warm bodies. But isnt that what us big dogs are good for?

Today there have been a lot of lots peoples walking in front of our lair . The princess and I have been barking and making sure they stay away. It seems to work since they all keep walking off . Mom said something about a Graduation going on, but we are just making sure that our lair and pack stay safe! Dad has been laying uder his truck all day, so we have had to be extra alert since Mom wont let us out there with all those people. But we we are glad when mom is home all day like today.


Anonymous said...

those are great bones! you need to tell your mum about archi's bunny rule which really should apply to all pets, though i break it too...

no photographing the bun while she rests!

Dutch Bun Rule

Paula said...

What an unbelievably cute close-up of the princess!